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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ron Recycles

For the last Feast sermon given this afternoon on the Last Great Day, False Prophet Ronald Weinland showed his lack of preparation by reminiscing about the past and recycling sermons of years'-past Last Great Day sermons. Most of the time dealt with last year's "Total Resolve" sermon. His delivery was plagued by technical problems, with several disconnects of the WiFi used to connect with the members in New Zealand. The recorded file also has a number of momentary dropouts.

He mentioned that more than 500,000 copies of his books have been published. Ron claims to have spent almost $280,000 in one month at the height of his Google ad campaign last spring. And also claims a membership of 3-4 times what it was at the last Feast of Tabernacles, which if true would be in the ballpark of 1000-1500 members.

Weinland indicated that he would be restarting his Google ad campaign soon. As last year, he mandated that members send in 3/4 of their second tithe for the Google ad campaign instead of keeping it to attend the holy days. Another repeated declaration was that there will be no organized feast next year. I hope he's right. Except my reason would be that he has no members for which to organize a feast, or perhaps he's a resident of Club Fed.

Weinland confirmed the rumored Swiss bank accounts, stating that the money was put there beginning several years ago for the "two witnesses" (Ron and Laura). His expectation is they will be in Europe before long, possibly also spending time in Australia and New Zealand. Germany was also mentioned as a possibility.

With the added membership there are more pitchers to be broken and more money for the Swiss bank accounts. Time to run down the hill again.


Anonymous said...

The False Witless's membership statistics are a complete and utter fabrication; at the height of the first timeline coming to a head, I was averaging at least three to five emails a week from people who were almost sucked in, or who didn't get sucked in, thanks to reading sites like IW and Shadows and mine.

Since Pentecost 2008, I think I've fielded a grand total of TWO.

Where are these thousands of members Weinland is claiming? Only in his mind.

Owen Bytheway said...

What city does Weinland live in? I think we should drop some bumper stickers on that city!!! They will say "I cut one in Rotten Ronnie's oxygen tent!"