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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Ronald Weinland

Yesterday, False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in the Belgium/Netherlands area. Somehow his Cincinnati area elder Ralph Dowd found the resources to make yet another trip to follow Ron. Wayne Matthews and wife Christine from Australia were there as well, despite the fact that he was recently looking for employment.

Yesterday was also Ron's 60th birthday. Ron thinks he won't see his 63rd in his present body as he's scheduled to be resurrected from the streets of Jerusalem at sundown prior to the 27th of May, 2012.

In a moment of irony, he talked about nutcases. Weinland was all upset about being criticized for planning to attend the ideaCity luncheon on the Sabbath of June 20th. I don't think he was referring to one of his blogging critics either. Rather I believe that it was one of his members. He was so upset that he lost his place several times and had to be brought on track by someone in the audience. He mentioned this criticism more than once, and warned that it wasn't wise to criticize God's prophet, not a smart thing to do. Would bring things upon yourself to do that.

Hopefully the member critic reads my blog and will realize that he should not worry. Because here I am blogging away 23 weeks after Weinland issued a death curse against his critics.

My Ronald Weinland Summary Page has a new URL. It had been hosted at googlepages, but Google has decided to shut down that service. Thanks to Jack Said and Ambassador Watch for mentioning the new URL.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Laodicean Spelling Bee

On her fourth attempt, Kavya Shivashankar won the National Spelling Bee. The winning word was “Laodicean,” defined as "an indifference to religion or politics". With a CoG background, I've heard the word but must admit that I've had trouble with the correct spelling. And I'd never heard it applied to politics.

Congratulations Kavya. It's too bad that you don't realize that you are, ironically, in the Laodicean era and have a 90% probability of dying over the next 3 years. That is unless you recognize that Ronald Weinland is God('s Witness) and repent. Set aside your dream of becoming a neurosurgeon. Because even if you do survive "into the new age", that profession will not be required in God's/Ron's kingdom.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is Weinland FBARed?

False Prophet Ronald Weinland made a couple of references last year to his Swiss bank accounts. He mentioned their existence in his Last Great Day sermon back in October. The accounts had been established several years earlier with the funds to be used "for the Two Witnesses" and at that time he expected to soon move to Europe.

Then in December while in the Netherlands, he reversed this, claiming that he was closing these accounts and repatriating the funds to the US because the government suspected terrorism. He stated that he had come to understand the need to do this within the prior few weeks, inferring that it was a spiritual revelation.

Back in 2004 Weinland bragged : “... we put quite a bit of money over in a bank in Switzerland. And right now it’s – you know the Euro is -- as a matter of fact we spent some out of there and -- $30,000 as a matter of fact that we used out of those accounts. And you know what? Because of the value of it today, none of that’s really gone. It’s still there. It’s like we didn’t spend anything. If that makes sense to you.

It does make sense to me. I took a look at historical exchange rates between the dollar and the euro. For example, if Weinland put $220,000 into his Swiss bank accounts in euros during the Spring of 2003 when a euro cost $1.10, and then withdrew $30,000 at the end of 2003 or early in 2004 at an exchange rate of $1.25 per euro, then the Euros remaining in the accounts would have still been worth $220,000.

It is not illegal to have Swiss bank accounts. However, it is illegal to have a foreign bank account and not follow the reporting requirements. On line 7 of Schedule B for the 1040 tax return, the filer is to indicate whether s/he has an interest in or even just signature authority over foreign financial accounts with a total value exceeding $10,000 at any time during the year. If that's the case, s/he is required to file Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) form TD F 90-22.1 by June 30 of the following year. Unlike an income tax return, there is no provision for a filing extension. Also, there is no exemption of this filing requirement for churches.

From Weinland's statement, the balance in his Swiss bank accounts was worth well in excess of $30,000 in 2004 and therefore he would have been required to file the FBAR form. Since the euro fell against the dollar during the first part of 2004 prior to his statement, the money must have been there during 2003 in order to appreciate. Therefore, he would have needed to file an FBAR form for 2003 also. The penalties for failing to file can be quite severe. The penalties possible include:
  • a civil penalty of 50% of the account balance, or $100,000 (whichever is greater)
  • a fine of $250,000 and a 5-year prison sentence
Each year is considered a separate violation. IRS Criminal Investigation is the agency which enforces the filing requirements.

My speculation is that Ron closed the Swiss bank accounts down in December of 2008 so that he wouldn't be exposing himself to a filing violation for 2009. Perhaps after consulting with his attorney after the Feast of Tabernacles, he came to an understanding that he could be extradited from either Germany or Switzerland after all. Or maybe he did file his FBAR form for each and every year that he held the Swiss bank accounts -- what do you think?

The IRS is offering an amnesty program for those who haven't filed an FBAR form as required. It offers reduced penalties and the opportunity to avoid criminal prosecution. In order to take advantage of this offer, one must contact IRS Criminal Investigation prior to September 23 of this year. Sorry, Ronald -- this offer isn't available to you since you're already under investigation.

But the amnesty offer might be available to Laura or Audra, should their names have been on the accounts but they haven't filed the FBAR form. If they are candidates for this amnesty, they should contact an attorney for advice. To avoid a conflict of interest, this should be an attorney from a firm other than either the Horwitz Law Firm which represented Ron last year in his motion to quash the IRS summonses for his financial records or Wood and Lamping where his attorney has moved.

According to the IRS FAQ, for someone who had signature authority over an account for an employer and didn't file the FBAR form but otherwise paid their income taxes, there will be no penalty provided the filing is caught up before September 23. Time is running short.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weinland Says to Get Off the Pot

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Cincinnati yesterday after several weeks on the road. He's claiming that new people have joined his church including two baptisms yesterday. It's too bad they didn't check out Weinland's history of failed prophecies, contradictions, and broken promises.

Services on June 20 will be delayed at least one hour from the normal time. That's the weekend immediately after his appearance at ideaCity in Toronto. Ron wants to party a bit longer at a luncheon that's being thrown that Saturday as part of the event, so services will have to wait.

Information on Feast sites is to be published to the members. The "Information List", which was a mass mailing list to the members, has been shut down. It has been replaced by smaller lists which the elder "local" to an area is to administer. It seems that there is a password-protected site at which the members are to register to gain access to the feast site information. Access to feast site information is available only to those who have paid for it with tithes and offerings. Unlike last year, members will be allowed to transfer between different feast sites. Although we are 23 weeks into the Great Tribulation, Weinland says that he doesn't know for sure if there will be a feast.

It seems that Weinland's Witness Powers do not include self healing. Wednesday morning he passed out from back pain and required ambulance transport to the emergency room. But he claims that he has come to understand since his August, 2005 heart attack that he can't die yet because he has a job to do as he announced a few months after that. He used his back as a reason for sitting down while delivering the sermon, which seems to be his general habit now, particularly when addressing smaller groups.

Ron must be running low on funds, as he took time to address the fence sitters who listen to him weekly but haven't joined and most importantly aren't paying tithes. To those who question whether he is a Witness, he forcefully exclaimed: "YES I AM", and told them that they should "get off the pot". Actually, he wants them to do the other action from this earthy expression that he left unstated (would that be "holy s#$t?). I would like for them to get off the pot. I hope they do some research on Weinland before they turn over their brains and their money to him.

Weinland turns 60 next Saturday. Will I be able to observe it? Or will I die the speedy death from the inside that Weinland promised me 22 weeks ago?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weinland on the Appearance of the Two Witnesses

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has made many predictions. Here's one that he made back in 2004:

…I look ahead. Are we in another cycle? 1260 days? 1290 days? 1335? I don’t know. I have seen 2 very distinct cycles come out in the past. Are we in another one? I don’t know.

I believe we’re getting ready to go into one. I just don’t know what it is. When the time comes, God will show us what it is. But there’s a reason he doesn’t show it at different times. And so we go forward, we believe. And we’re going to do something. We don’t know what it is, we don’t know how great, how strong it will become. When things are going to shift again, when two witnesses come on the scene, we don’t know when that’s going to happen. But when they do, we know how much time we have left. Because they will not be made known, they will not be made manifest, they will not say and do what they’re going to do -- until the very last 3 ½ years. And then we know. There’s no doubt then when things are going to happen.

The following year, on December 17, 2005 while reading from a draft of his book "2008 God's Final Witness", he made an announcement. The final version in the book, only slightly edited from the draft he read in his sermon, is:
It is now with boldness, confidence and great clarity that I give to you what God has given me. I am to announce, through God’s direct revelation, that I am one of those two witnesses. The other witness will be revealed to the world during the time of the great tribulation—within the final three and one-half years of man’s era. During that period of time, we will, together, completely fulfill all that God has given us to witness to this whole earth.

Yet it was only a couple of weeks later that Weinland obliquely revealed in a sermon that Laura would be the Second Witness. It was clear enough to his church that she was the other witness, as he warned them against revealing her. So the two witnesses were made manifest to the Church of God -- PKG. Was December of 2005 the beginning of the final 3 1/2 years? No.

When the book was released to the publishers on November 14, 2006, was that the beginning of the final 3 1/2 years? No. (Not even though the book itself stated that it would be published during the summer of 2006.)

When Laura was officially revealed to the world in the waning hours of April 17, 2008, more than 24 hours after her job supposedly began the evening prior at sundown in Jerusalem, was that the beginning of the final 3 1/2 years? No.

When Laura was officially ordained a prophetess in Jerusalem on Dec 13, 2008, was that (or the following day) the beginning of the final 3/12 years? In case you haven't noticed the pattern here, the answer is "NO".

Poor Ronnie. He's blathered so much he can't remember what he's said, so he can't keep his story straight.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weinland, the Media, and another Date

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Vancouver, Washington yesterday. He spent about 10 minutes reading the latest post on his blog and discussing his upcoming engagement to speak at ideaCity in June. He followed up with a mention of visiting a website that discussed this in a catty fashion and accused Weinland of self promotion. Obviously written by a bitter person. According to Google, the only person who has posted any commentary on this event is Thielogical Bob. Sometimes I find Bob a bit smug, but never catty. Nor did his post mention anything about self promotion. I wonder what Ronnie is smoking.

Weinland claims this as a sounding of the Sixth Thunder (growing recognition of Weinland as a Witness). I have a feeling that Moses Znaimer is having Ron on as a bit of comic relief from his other 49 speakers. The Sixth Thunder will sound as loudly as it did when Ronnie was on Australian TV back in November. During the Australian program, Weinland was on about 5 minutes of the 27-minute program, and the rest of the time was spent criticizing him. Part of Ron's participation was clips of him walking city streets and through some kind of industrial site. The closest thing to a promotion of his book was a couple of brief clips of the cover of his book, with no information given on how to obtain a copy.

I won't be in attendance at ideaCity. The admission at the door is $4000 plus GST. With 50 speakers, that works out to $80 to hear Weinland. I can listen to him longer for free and even that's too much money.

We haven't heard much prophecy from the False Prophet since he rebegan his job in December. During the sermon he discussed that planning for the Feast of Tabernacles this fall is underway, with the list of sites to be made available once the elders have had a chance to review it for accuracy. He then followed up by stating he didn't know if it would be possible to even have one.

The graphic shown to the right is from a Google search that returned a sponsored link for Weinland's site. Looks like a prophecy with a date to me. The first five trumpets will have to sound very quickly if PKG is to have a feast in the fall and then complete the downfall of the US with the sounding of the Fifth Trumpet. But according to his book, the downfall was to occur no later than June 21, only 34 days from now.

I wonder if the speedy death from the inside with which Weinland cursed me 21 weeks ago will happen before the downfall of America.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Blast From the Past: Ron Weinland on the Bob Rivers Show

Back in September of 2004 through January of 2005, False Prophet Ronald Weinland was actively promoting his first book "Prophesied End Time" by appearing on various radio programs. His publicist booked him on the Oct 7, 2004 episode of the Bob Rivers Show in Seattle. A recording of this show is still available for download as an mp3 file (Right-click, then Save As). At the 30 minute point in the file, an excerpt of REM's "It's the End of the World" was played as an intro. Bob mentioned some recent hurricanes and some rumblings of Mt. St. Helens nearby to Seattle, and then the interview began.

Ronald Weinland stated that, unlike all the other quacks and weirdos, he is a Prophet of God and that the US would undergo increases calamities in the following 4 years. Two thirds of the US would die. While the following year saw the great Tsunami of December 2004 (not affecting the US) and Hurricane Katrina (which did affect the US), it was pretty quiet after that.

One ironic statement: when asked about his church, Ron said they didn't bother with buildings since they wouldn't be around very long. Yet it was the following spring when he moved into his newly-built $381,000 mansion into which he rolled a lot of equity he'd built up in houses through the years, including by some accounts on the backs of his Erie WCG congregation. While Ron insists that he paid for the labor of his Erie flock, there is some disagreement with that. But I digress (smack), let's get back to the interview with Bob Rivers.

Ron stated that copies of the book would be sent out free, and claimed that there would be no request for money. However, that was NOT true. A letter was included along with the books with a suggestion that contributions would be accepted, and of course the URL for the church website. However mild, there was a contribution request none the less.

Bob Rivers asked if the revelations of impending doom came from the jawbone of an ass or a (burning) bush. Ron didn't have a good response for that one and didn't answer. Bob's sidekick had a hard time holding in the mirth. They asked if he had a girl friend. Maybe they never heard the saying "There's a lid for every pot." In Ron's case it would be more proper to say "a lid for every crackpot".

After the interview and Ron hung up, Bob stated that he was the biggest crackpot they'd had on the show in 5 years.

This interview is not included in the ones that Ron put up on his website (surprise). I have a feeling that Ron began looking for a new publicist after this interview or at least chewed them a new one. I wonder if Bob Rivers and his sidekick have yet experienced their speedy death from the inside. Unlike myself, still criticizing this false prophet over 20 weeks since Ron reimposed his death curse on me back on December 20. (And shame on me for remaining anonymous.)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Deal for You, Ronald Weinland

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Spokane today. Since the stock market is heading up, he focused on the jobless statistics and prophesied a big fall. Later on he discussed the large numbers of people he's cycled through and discarded, calling it "a sifting".

Ron took time to take a shot at me. He called me a liar who won't give my real name. Someone who knows where he lives but whose name and address he doesn't know. And probably someone who attended god's house side-by-side in counsel blended sweet.

Ron, I have no apology for not "having the guts" to disclose my real name and where I live. I'm not the one of us who declared death curses on the other. Never mind your lame attempt to spiritualize away your curse because it hasn't happened quickly, not even 20 weeks after you re-pronounced it. That's right Ron. You tried to make it as though you only said it once, during your first timeline. But you repronounced it again in December.

While I've published photos of your house, I haven't published your address even though I obviously could have. I don't wish you physical harm despite your multiple death curses against me, but there may be others whose lives you've damaged who are not so generous.

As far as being a liar, you've clearly defined yourself as one by not keeping multiple promises that you would not revise your prophecies. I on the other hand, have tried to be accurate in my blog postings and web site. I've even sent you an email asking you for corrections, but you haven't bothered responding. Delete - delete delete?

As far as having attending WCG together "side-by-side in counsel blended sweet", we may possibly have happened to walk to the big top side-by-side from the camping area in the piney woods at your first feast. But it certainly wasn't "in counsel blended sweet" as that was my last feast and I didn't want to be there at all while you were slurping down HWA's Flavor Aid. I rejected that false prophet, but you've idolized him and surpassed what he was in terms of egregious behavior even though you've impacted a small fraction of the people he has. (Fortunately fewer people, yet still too many).

Ron, as far as my being a bitter scorner delighting in my scorn, I'll tell you what. Keep all the promises you made in aaaall those interviews and in aaaaall those sermons that you would admit to being a false prophet and stop preaching when your prophecies failed. Acknowledge to your followers whom YOU have betrayed that God does not speak to you. Apologize to Kirrily, to Mike Allen, and to others who have and are still following you for misleading them. Make a full accounting to all your followers for your financial dealing and make amends as best you can. While you're at it, do the same with the government for anything you may have held back and make Cesar happy with you. Stop the distribution of your books and make the announcement that you are a false prophet on all your web sites. Do all that, and I'll take down my web sites. After all, there are plenty of other false prophets to torment. Do we have a deal, Ron?

Somehow I have feeling we'll both be still at it on May 28, 2012.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

An Ode to Ronald Weinland

The following poem was written by a recently departed ex-member of COG-PKG and provided to Don't Drink the Flavor Aid:

Poem to Ron Weinland

Your words full of wisdom
They made perfect sense
The warmth of your smile
The safety in participation with you

Growth in mind, in spirit
The reality of where we were headed
No fear, just anticipation
Our days were full of tomorrow, not today

Our loved ones feared
But we were not diffused
Tomorrow was what mattered
Most friendships passed away
New ones were forged

Our past was what shaped us
Our present was reforming us
Our future was set
If only we did not give up

To conform, to transform
To allow the change, to see the change
Our lives in the present, only to prepare
Prepare for the Kingdom of God

We were fed, we were clothed
Nakedness in mind and spirit was not experienced
Friendship and warmth in preparedness
We were not alone

We had each other
We were prepared, ever learning
Steadfast, immovable in our belief
We were special, we knew what was to come

Arrogance of mind, of attitude
We did not see it in ourselves, only others
It was all around us, never in us

Looking down upon others
Calling it something else
Knowing ‘The Call’ wasn’t theirs – yet
Hoping that day would come

Their eyes were shut
Ours were open
Their minds were closed
Ours were enlightened

They could not see
We saw clearly
They were in deception
We were in truth

Attitudes shifted, timelines changed
Things were suddenly unclear
Was this still the truth?
Did we fail to see?

We repented, we were wrong of course
We stood firm
We did not give up
We wanted, had to have, total resolve

Time went by
We adjusted our attitude
Looking forever inward
Knowing we must not doubt
Life went on

One day it hit
One day was all it took
To look into the eyes of others
The feeling of superiority suddenly recognized, obviously unfounded
It was shocking to see what we had become

Questions needed to be asked
Questions were not answered
We were told we could not longer see
That God was no longer with us

Friendships forged through separation from the world
Ended, were broken
No longer part of the truth, we were told
Suddenly, we were alone

We had the truth, we would not let go
It was only our leader
It was only our belief
He was not who he said he was

Looking for a teacher
Looking for food, finding none
The mess that was WCG
So many daughters, so who is really the whore?

The 10 is what we have now
The basic, the unchanging, Gods Law
The truth is what we seek
The truth is still not found

Time passed
Healing was slow
Time to recover
Time to awaken

The pain, the agony
True humbling took place
Brought to nought
The foundation was all that remained

A counterfeit is barely recognized from the true
First you must know what is true
Who is true
By what they say coming to pass, not failing

Acknowledging we believed a lie
Believed a witness, a prophet
Consumed with his own truth
A truth he believed was given, he was never giving up

A witness, a prophet
Believing his own self
Believing what was ‘given’
Until the end

We wish him no harm, no foul
Only wishing, hoping that no others are hurt
The hurt we carry with us,
The hurt we can hardly bear

What we saw in him as humility, became arrogance
What we saw as steadfast, became delusion
What we saw as the truth, was actually his own truth
What we saw as belonging, was actually being lost

Cursing who he believes as being the blind
To death
The mockers, the deceived
From his point of view, are not they too – potential Children of God under PKG?
Yet – they are cursed to die

True humility
Is admitting when you are wrong
Those of us who left, were humbled, we admitted our error
Those who remain, ignore their pride
Its harder to leave, than to stay
It’s harder to admit you are wrong, than stay in deception

We were taught pride is our ultimate enemy
We thought pride was far from us
Pride in fact, was what we lived, what we were, what we became
Leaving brought us true humility
True knowledge of Pride

Admission of being wrong
Not easy, not safe
Pride is what prevents
Acknowledgment of being wrong.

Pride is Ronald Weinland
We see you
We still love you
Just stop – let the people go

You are not the truth
You do not have the truth
You are wrong
You are false

The pain you have caused was not intentional
The agony you yourself bear is great
Just acknowledge you’re wrong
Don’t let your pride win.

Pride is what you are
Pride is what you became
Pride is you’re here and now
It will not be allowed to be your future

The End is nigh
That, we still believe
But yours must be closer

We forgive you
But this lie can not continue

May 6, 2009

Thank you for sharing this, Kirrily. You are quite generous in spirit -- more generous than I or others would be in this situation. If only one particular person would heed your plea to reexamine what's going. I believe that you've communicated to me some the essence of your journey so far through this cult, although I won't totally understand it. Even though you're no longer a member, you may have a distance left to travel, but I hope the path gets easier as you go further along.

In keeping with Kirrily's generous spirit, there is a moratorium on mocking Ron in the comments section for this post. (Other posts remain open for that.) I believe that there is plenty to discuss about the effects of Weinland's cult on its members, and that's what this thread is for.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sheriff Ron Rides with his Posse

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Denver today. He delivered the sad news that Vicki Snowdeal died from her cancer, despite his visit there last Sunday. Vicki will have a funeral on Tuesday, unlike some others who chose not to have one. The Spokesman Witness will be officiating, so he can tell all her relatives that Vicki will be resurrected on May 26, 2012. But they won't see her because they'll die a horrible death unless they repent and follow Ron. I hope none of them follow the suggestion to make a memorial donation to the Church of God - PKG.

Those nasty people in Cincinnati interrupted the flow of the sermon by calling Laura to complain of varying volume. Probably was really Shawn Christal's fault. When he prayed for the Internet connections for a sermon a year ago, the entire feed went down. In any case, I had no problems so the effect of his opening prayer today must have been redirected.

It seems that a number of the converts gathered last year by the Google Ad campaign have been robbing Ron by not paying their tithes. He's been looking at year-end and quarterly reports and mourns the loss of expected funds from certain people. Names have been taken and rear ends are about to be kicked, either by Ron or one of his elders.

Fellow blogger Dill Weed has moved to a new URL, so if you've bookmarked his site be sure to update it.