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Monday, June 30, 2008

A Message to Weinland from an Ex-Follower

Ron, I know you're reading my blog and I wanted to make sure that you see the message from one of your ex-followers originally posted as a comment to an earlier post:

"I hope people are smart enough to see his true colors now that he has backtracked on everything he has said. I must say I fell for his BALONEY and that was the most expensive BALONEY I have ever bought. When he posted his NEW TRUTH that was when it hit me..........How STUPID I was to listen to all his BS. He goes on and on about all his mockers. I bet his ears are really ringing now. Thank you for letting me vent, I know that many other people fell for his almighty crap and hopefully they see the light.

"This statement is for you RONALD WEINLAND. I hope you get what you have wished on all your mockers, is it cancer Ronny? You're so puffed up with pride you make me sick and I know you are on the computer reading everything that people are writing about you because you say it all the time in your sermons, you're so full of yourself. What you didn't realize is that you are the one telling the people about what is being said.... Isn't that AMAZING!

Ronnie boy, I hope the author of this comment is only one of many of your members who will come to the realization that they're not following God, they're following you. And come to the understanding that you're full of .. toxic waste.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's Not Rocket Science

The Insane Lying False Prophet Ron Weinland has made it official. My speculated timeline is his new revised timeline. Jesus Christ is to return on Pentecost of 2012.

September 30, the Feast of Trumpets, was to have been when his return is announced. But Ronnie violated that by announcing it today. Hanging on to his membership is more important than making the announcement on the required day. Maybe he'll buy time on national TV to announce it to the world on that day.

He went beyond my speculation, tying in the "son of perdition" to Joe Tkach who died 40 weeks or 280 days after his infamous sermon of December 17, 1994. And from Christmas 2007 to Trumpets 2008 is 280 days. Not feeling bad about missing that one. Unlike ILFPRW I have to work for a living.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pentecost 2012: Who was the First to Predict?

I've presented my speculation as to how Ron Weinland will revise his timeline, with the 1335 days starting on September 30 and ending on Pentecost of 2012 (May 27).

If this is the False Prophet's revised timeline, I'm not really the first one revealing the timeline. A web site called The Shining Light presented pretty much the same timeline back in November, with a few variations in the middle such as that the 1290 days are at the beginning instead of the end.

Anyway, Weinland has promised on his website to reveal all this Saturday.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Good" "News" from Weinland

A new blog post appeared on Ron Weinland's web site this afternoon:

It was mentioned in the sermon this past Sabbath that a sermon would be given on Sept. 30th (Feast of Trumpets) that would explain the 50th truth given to God’s Church in these end times. Since some have been pouring out their hearts to God concerning this matter, God is now mercifully granting that this sermon be given this coming Sabbath.

[I doubt that "pouring our their hearts to God" has anything to do with this yet-another turnaround by Weinland. I suspect that some of False Prophet Ronnie's followers weren't willing to wait.]

This sermon will explain why the final three and one-half years of tribulation has not yet begun. It will explain why the final sealing of the 144,000 has not yet occurred. It is all very exciting, and this is indeed good news for God’s Church that this sermon can be given. I’m very glad and feel very blessed to know that I can now give that sermon this Sabbath and not have wait until Trumpets to do so.

So we won't have to wait until July 16 or even September 30 to get some more clues as to whether my speculated revised timeline with the Great Tribulation reStarting on December 14 is what the False Prophet is planning.

And while the following appears on the front page of the COG-PKG website:
Time is running out before the final Seventh Seal is opened and the world is plunged into the final tribulation for mankind.
the FAQs section still has the rescinded timeline that says that the Seventh Seal opened on March 18. Talk about an author of confusion.

I've noticed that Google is much less likely to return a sponsored link to the-end website for his fictional books. Hopefully that's permanent and not a glitch.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Following Ron

The audio of yesterday's sermon-without-a-title-or-a-scripture given by False Prophet Ronnie was posted on his church's website, and the title "Following God" was given to it.

At about 36 minutes into the mp3 file, Weinland refers back to Herbert Armstrong's change from a Monday Pentecost to a Sunday Pentecost. The point he made to his followers was that God gave Monday to his church (Armstrong) It would have been wrong for an individual to observe Pentecost on Sunday before God gave the "correct" day of Sunday to his church (Armstrong). This was followed by a claim that God gave the COG-PKG (Weinland) a new understanding of the timing of events.

This begs the question: when God gave the new understanding in 1994 to his church (Tkach), why didn't Ronnie follow? Hmmmm. No matter, the False Prophet's followers are already disposed to follow Ronnie as he turns on a dime.

As further insurance against loss of followers, he admonished them not to discuss the timeline reset among themselves. Another admonition was they they shouldn't worry about having to eat a little crow -- "Suck it up!!!" He expects that some would leave because of the reset, but only because they joined for the wrong reasons. And if they are not excited about the change, they are lacking spiritually.

Other justification he gave was that it gave a sense of urgency to start the Google Adwords campaign. The reset gives time for more training, including to his elders.

In my last post, I speculated that Weinland's new timeline would restart on September 30 (1335 days) culminating in Christ's return on Pentecost of 2012. This was picked up and quoted on another blog and forum without the disclaimer that it's my speculation and not an announcement by Weinland. It was further speculated by another that Weinland was influenced by another theological theorist.

Let me reiterate that it's my speculation based on "reading between the lines" of his sermon and doing a little math. I doubt that Weinland is using the theories of others. I think that although an Insane Liar he's not without intelligence. He's been searching for a way out of his failed prophecies, and he's had plenty of time to think of a way out of this quandry. And as he stated, it's not rocket science. Look for a reRevised Timeline in 2009 when the Revised Timeline falls apart.

I look for him to drop a few more hints over the next three months, and on the Feast of Trumpets (September 30) I expect him to reveal the timeline I've speculated to his followers -- "Surprise, you're all sealed in the 144,000".

I find the title to his sermon incorrect. It should read exactly the same as this post: "Following Ron". The whole sermon was designed to prevent his followers from thinking critically.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ron Resets, and a New Plan B

In today's sermon-without-a-title (and without any reading from the bible) False Prophet Ron Weinland expanded on his website post of Thursday and definitely withdrew the 45-90 days prophecy regarding the second trumpet. He stated that the 1335 days have not started and neither has his job as Spokesman Witness. ShadowsOfWCG has more details as well.

In spite of this, he did not admit to being a False Prophet. Nor has he indicated that he will stop preaching and repent as he promised on March 29. It does not appear to me that he's executing the "Plan B" leaked to the Internet a couple of months ago. Rather, he is moving expectations to December, and to the "Jubilee Truth" to be revealed on the Feast of Trumpets (September 30).

The False Prophet spent some time responding to his critics, even mentioning WeinlandWatch's Drinking Game. He even reiterated his threat to his mockers, even though he's not presently one of the two witnesses given his timeline reset. A good deal of his sermon was spent preparing his followers for the ridicule they may face from friend, family, co-workers, etc. He read several letters, including from followers who still believe him despite his failed prophecies.

His Google Adwords campaign continues -- a search on "Nostradamus" will still return a sponsored link for "the-end" website which promotes his toxic books. By moving expectations to December, which is still 2008 he can still use "2008 God's Final Witness" in another timeline.

> speculation on <
Reading between the lines and doing a little math here is my speculation as to the Insane Liar's new Plan B with a new timeline and what his new 50th "truth" is:
  • September 30, 2008 is the Feast of Trumpets. It will also be the Day of the reSealing of the 144,000 (1335 days)
  • November 14, 2008 is the reOpening of the Seventh Seal (1290 days)
  • December 14, 2008 is the reSounding of the First Trumpet (1260 days)
  • May 27, 2012 is when Jesus returns -- on Pentecost.
The 50th "Truth" will be a new understanding of the significance of Pentecost, making it the day of Christ's return. How convenient. The 50th Truth about the 50th Day. Between now and then look for Weinland to make frequent mention of Pentecost to lay the groundwork for this new "truth".

The Google Adwords campaign will continue, perhaps with renewed urgency after September. And if I were one of the Armstrongite ministers prophesied to die in the First Phase of the Fifth Thunder, I'd watch my back, at least up 'til November 14th.

>> speculation off <<

It's pretty clear that the False Prophet Ronnie show is going to continue, whether with the previously leaked Plan B, my speculative Plan B, or some other Plan B. This is unfortunate, since it will continue to harm the majority of his followers who will probably stick with him, and the additional new followers that he'll suck in.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New "Truth"

After a two-month hiatus during which the Spokesman Witness was to have been prophesying every day according to Revelation 11, False Prophet Ron Weinland has finally put another post on his blog site today. I'm quoting the post in its entirety below since he likely will delete it as he has all the posts before April 17. Interspersed are [my comments].

Weinland's post:
Some have asked why there have not been any recent postings on this site. The answer is, I have had nothing pertinent to report. I have been doing what others are doing: “waiting.”

[We already knew that you've had nothing pertinent. And that's still the case.]

As I have stated before, I am waiting until July 16 to see whether the Second Trumpet has been blown by that time, which falls within the 90 days I have referenced. [In other words you'll hang in there on the off chance some terrorist happens to make your Second Trumpet prophecy true.] In addition, God has been showing me things concerning the First Trumpet that will be carried out throughout the time of the first four trumpets. [You mean that your prophecies haven't materialized.] However, I have also known that I was not yet to be speaking about those things and I am only now beginning to “see” why. It is because this is for a later time. [No, it's because you've been pulling all of your prophecies out of your other end.]

Since the timing of what I had stated as being the moment when the First Trumpet was blown (April 17), we have seen no clear evidence on a physical plane of the fulfillment of that trumpet, although it has been stated that such things will be revealed throughout the timing of the entire first four trumpets. [You've only stated this recently. In your blog post of April 3 which you've deleted, you said "The process of all that will occur, with the sounding of the First Trumpet, will begin on April 17th and continue to increase in destructive power (consequences) for the following seven weeks.]

Yet, it should be stated again that “nothing” has been seen as evidence on a physical plane concerning this first trumpet, and there cannot be until later in December. So what has happened since April 17? We do clearly see an intensity in the thunders, but only in the thunders. Earthquakes are increasing in magnitude and frequency on a global scale. [Care to back that up with some actual data? I doubt that.]

The destructiveness from weather is growing far more intense with record numbers of tornadoes. Drought conditions are worsening in some areas of the country, yet others are being flooded. Again, the repetitive nature and frequency of these events is what is important to see. Such events have always been part of the human experience, but the escalation in frequency and heightened magnitude of these events occurring so often is what this thunder is all about.

As far as global economic upheaval, every day there are more reports of serious economic problems in banking, brokerages, large corporations, commodities, transportation, etc. We are now getting very close to a total economic collapse.

Such bad news is becoming so common now that people don’t even seem to take notice, but view it as simply a little glitch that will someday go away and no longer affect us. People are truly becoming complacent about bad news and the true realities of life that are before us all.

[Proof texting the headlines. We could debate whether they really are intensified thunders. But first, what about the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Thunders? Tell us about them. When is the First Phase of the Fifth Thunder going to happen? These were supposed to be sounding loudly when the Seventh Seal was opened on March 18th.]

Although there is a marked increase in the thunders, there is still no physical evidence in the trumpets. And even though I have stated July 16 as a kind of deadline for the Second Trumpet, I am now deeply convinced that nothing concerning the trumpets will have occurred by that time. [A "kind" of deadline? What different "kinds" are there? I can think of two: Firm deadlines. And the fake deadlines that false prophets put out there and then move later when they don't pan out.]

This is not pleasant to have to address, as all of us have planned our lives on such timing. [No, not all of us. Just your deluded followers.] If the second trumpet sounds, with nuclear explosions in port cities, then everything will indeed be fully in line with what I’ve stated in the last interviews and in some sermons. But I do want to state again, I no longer believe that to be the case. [Yep, it's the second kind of deadline -- the fake deadline of a false prophet.]

The bottom line is, I must follow what I believe God is showing me. [God is showing you? No, it's reality.] If I have jumped the gun in a couple of interviews and interjected my own understanding into the timing of events, and have thereby been presumptuous, then I will repent and move forward. [No, it wasn't some offhand comments in the pressure of a couple of radio interviews. You followed up the James Whale interview by preaching a sermon on it. Seems to me you mentioned something to the effect that inspired revelations came out of the James Whale interview.]

I have stated all of this because during last Sabbath’s sermon some scriptures I was reading became magnified in meaning (revealed by God), but what was given to me was not pertinent to that sermon. Each day since this past Sabbath, God has been giving me more understanding concerning the timing of events that I now believe I am to address in the Church, but I cannot do so until after July 16. All this will be explained in sermons after that date. [Gotta leave open the faint possibility that it will come to pass after all.]

There is a lot unsaid at this time because there is too much to address in this posting, and these things must be addressed in their full context through sermons that will cover the subject. [Ron has to leave himself some wiggle room and additional time to make up the revised story.] The bottom line is that I know I am a prophet of God and God’s minister under Jesus Christ, who is the head of the Church of God, the Body of Christ. [But still not the widespread recognition that you've prophesied. A prophet in your own imagination.] As such, I have a job to do and I am going to do it. Some will take great delight in some of this because they do not “see” what God is doing and “why.” [Your use of quotation marks around "see" is quite appropriate. More appropriate would be either "hallucinate" or "imagine" without the quotes.]

If what I have now been given to see over the last few days (and I am deeply convicted of this already), then there will be a very big issue addressed on Trumpets of this year. It will be the 50th truth (of major basic truths) God has given His Church in this end-time. [Come on Ron. If you have new "truth" you should not keep it to yourself. Don't make us wait. Set the "truth" free.]

Some of you who read these postings have not been listening to the sermons on the Church website (www.cog-pkg.org). It would be wise for you to begin doing so if you want to understand these things and if you want to begin to truly grasp where we are in time. [Well, I've listened to them and I can tell you that listening to his sermons with the intent of actually accepting what is said would be quite unwise.] There is so much being revealed on a spiritual plane [the only way it could be spiritual is if you drank to much spirits.] that cannot be covered in such postings as this, and you should not rob yourself of such insight and experience. [Insight???? Gimme a break. You're going to make it up as you go along, just as you have been.]

Because of what God has been giving me over the past few days, I now know that I am to resume the trips Laura and I make to scattered areas, and such trips will be planned all the way up to mid-December. [So I guess we'll have an election in November after all. And you'll be able to travel despite the complete economic collapse.] All of you need to begin adjusting your thinking as you plan ahead. You need to expand your planning by several months, which will be explained in future sermons. [Your critics need make no adjustment in thinking, just your deluded followers. I hope they haven't sent you all their money on the expectation that they wouldn't need it.]

This end-time is not easy to address in our lives, and it can be very difficult to make adjustments according to what God gives to us, or may even withhold from us, until His timing and purpose. This is often done for our good, our training, and our growth. God knows what we need and when we need it. It is our choice to follow. So as always, “We follow God!” [No, you're not following God. You're following an Insane Lying False Prophet.]

I don't see this as the beginning of Weinland's "Plan B" leaked by "W" a number of weeks ago. I see it as a different "Plan B" that doesn't involve Weinland's stepping down, turning over the church to his "evangelists", and repenting. I think Weinland intends to hang on to his pulpit and as many of his followers as he can. And get even more if he can. The Google Adwords campaign continues, though he has trimmed the number of words that generate a sponsored link to the toxic website the-end which promotes his books.

There no "New Truth" exposed in Weinland's post. It's just the old truth that Weinland is a False Prophet. Hopefully more of his followers will realize it and leave.

Other bloggers on ILFPRW's latest by J, WW, & Bob.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ronald Weinland's Power

A few weeks ago, an exiting COG-PKG member posted a message on a forum that included the following "First, if Ron & Laura Weinland and/or the church leadership has anything to do with a nuclear blast they will turned over to the local state police/FBI in Kentucky and Ohio."

And then last week someone who is apparently still in the COG-PKG sent a letter to Bob Thiel with this screed:
"Are there signs you are seeing that your [sic] not sharing? Such as personal health. And if personal health, will you admit so that others that you have effected may start to repent. Can you be honest with your audience about your personal health? Hope you can humble yourself and repent from your blindness and destruction you have been spewing as an instrument of Satan."

The first statement would be in reference to Weinland's prediction of "nukular" explosions in US port cities by July 16, and the second statement relating to Weinland's death curse on his critics. These members obviously believe that the false prophet has extraordinary powers.

What of his "powers"? According to Revelation 11, both the Spokesman Witness and the Silent Witness are supposed to be prophesying every day of the "Great Tribulation". Yet in his sermons it's "god progressively reveals" and statements disclaiming that he is a fortune teller. What prophesies has Weinland put out?

According to Revelation 11, the "Two Witnesses" are to have the power to stop the rain. Those living near the False Prophet's base of Cincinnati would like for him to exercise a bit of this power.

According to Revelation 11, the "Two Witnesses" have the power to turn water into blood. A constructive suggestion for the use of this power has been ignored. Instead, Weinland ridicules those who want to see physical signs.

The only power he's claimed to exercise is the speedily slow death from the inside of those who mock him. There's no indication that any of the bloggers criticizing Weinland are suffering. We only have the claim that it's happening from Weinland -- a man who's a proven liar, still preaching even though it's after Pentecost and the First Trumpet is not "abundantly clear" (or even slightly clear).

Speaking of death threats, those specific ministers such as Rod Meredith who were predicted to die early in the Fifth Thunder are still alive -- each and every one of them. And Meredith at the age of 79 is no spring chicken.

To the followers of Ron Weinland, the only power that he has is the power that YOU have given to him. YOU are the one who has given him the power to separate you from your money, your family, and reality. Hopefully you will soon have ears to hear and eyes to see the delusions in his messages. And that when you do you will remove his only power.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Insanity Continues

If there was any wiggle room for when Weinland would stop preaching (to allow that possibly the First Trumpet would become "abundantly clear" in the few hours remaining on Pentecost after he preached), the False Prophet used all up of that wiggle room. He gave his sermon as usual. He blathered on for a few minutes about his March 29th promise, something to the effect of not wanting to satisfy his critics and that the First Trumpet was starting, we just couldn't see it yet. Not worth the effort to transcribe.

So much for "powerfully and abundantly clear". Insane Lying False Prophet Ronald Weinland.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Insane Lying False Prophet Ron Weinland

"Now in the US, there’s been fires, flash flooding, and tornadoes. There’s been State-Of-Emergencies in several counties. Any one of those could be the “beginning” that “will clearly encompass” the death of 1/3 of plant life." This is the best that anyone could come up with to address Ron's promise. On top of that Weinland's only blogging apologist claims that Weinland's critics distort his words. He needs to go back to school and learn the difference between "could be" and "will clearly". As far as the minor False Prophet, he offered no explanation. He did make one utterly ironic statement: "There's a demon world out there that likes to play games with human beings, and make people feel that they're special, that they have a special calling, a special purpose .....".

Ron, it's Pentecost and there is nothing happening that "will clearly encompass" the death of 1/3 of plant life. And you preached for two hours today on Pentecost. You did not stop preaching as you promised in your sermon of March 29. You are not true to your word. And you did less than to stop, so by your own definition you are insane.

At least you didn't announce any baptisms.

Insane Lying False Prophet Ron Weinland

Will He or Won't He?

Nothing has happened in the few days since my last post to indicate that False Prophet Ron Weinland's predictions of agricultural disaster will come true. And today is the big day: Pentecost.

So the question is: Will he? Will he be true to his word? Will he stop preaching? Will he make me into a false prophet?

Inquiring Minds Want to Know:

Weinland Watch

Shadows of WCG

Ambassador Watch

Church of God News

My answer: He won't. But only a few more hours to find out for sure.

His sermon of June 7 was a bit subdued. He rushed through and completed chapter 5 of "2008 GFW". No big rail against his critics this week -- perhaps he doesn't want to give us any attention for fear his flock will.

The good news is that no baptisms were announced. On the other hand, some of his claims about the popularity of his web site compared to those of competing splinters are confirmed by Alexa. So while the bucks he's throwing at Google Adwords is paying off in terms of traffic to his web site it's not paying off in terms of new tithe slaves. Look at the bottom line Ron. Time to end this silly Google campaign and give the money back.

The only interesting point was when he stated that there were no rainbows before Noah. Amazing. I'm wondering if the laws of physics changed, or if the world was so dry that there was insufficient moisture in the atmosphere to create a rainbow. Actually, no, I'm not wondering. I'll set this next to the "aliens" nonsense that he's still promoting.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ron Weinland's Revenge on a Critic

Ronnie boy, your curse on me to die from the inside out, like your prophecies, has fallen flat. Your lame attempt at a mind game on your critics by suggesting last Saturday that some of us are having health problems is not working either. Do you really think that your critics are superstitious primitive people who would be influenced by your statement to suffer psycosomatic symptoms? Your critics are inherently skeptical of your statements. Now if you had said the sun was going to come up tomorrow morning, then given your prophetic track record we might start worrying.

On March 29 you made your declaration quoted on a number of blogs:

"If by Pentecost I'm just going to make this real clear to everyone. If by Pentecost it is not powerfully and abundantly clear that there has been a great deal of destruction that will clearly encompass a third of all plant life in the US and at least the clear results of this mingled with blood the death of very much animal life and the beginning of large numbers of human life then I will stop preaching.

"Just so all the critics and everyone out there will understand. I am true to my word in these things. OK? And for all the critics if by the end of July and for most likely around Pentecost if nothing has clearly caused great destruction and death I will make it very clear that I was a false prophet. I will do exactly what I said I would do on all of those interviews that I have held; to do less, aah well, would be quite insane.

Ron, on April 3 you followed up on your blog with this statement: "The process of all that will occur, with the sounding of the First Trumpet, will begin on April 17th and continue to increase in destructive power (consequences) for the following seven weeks."

Today is the 49th day beginning April 17 and the end of that seven week period. And Pentecost is this coming Sunday. Your version of the First Trumpet has not materialised. It is not powerfully and abundantly clear that something has started that will clearly encompass 1/3 of all plant life. It's not even weakly and slightly clear. In fact, there isn't even a hint.

I hereby prophesy that you, Ron Weinland, will not be true to your word and stop preaching. I would even be willing to accept a brief statement at the beginning of the services next Sunday announcing the termination of your preaching after which you indeed stop preaching. Permanently. Otherwise you will have shown that you are not true to your word, and you will define the state of your sanity.

So there you have it, Ron Weinland. Your opportunity to gain revenge for all the times that I've called you a false prophet. You can make me a false prophet, and all you have to do is keep your word. Ron, do the right thing and be true to your word. Make me a false prophet.