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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Great Pumpkin Passes Over

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Richmond VA, continuing his series on Passover. It was pretty boring, and Ron promises to continue this next week. The Passover service is to be delivered live at 8:15 EDT, Tues April 7.

On Monday Citizen X, after an over-abundance of caution, finally declared Ronald Weinland to be a false prophet. Several of the COG-PKG members who have posted comments there promptly declared that they were leaving the forum. The debate has become much more reasonable in the last few days, with Mal explaining in detail how Weinland has demonstrated himself to be false.

Nevertheless, some remaining there are not convinced. Nonnie stated that an anti-Wienland site accused Citizen X of "posting all the time under another name" probably in reference to comments I have made on this blog. I believe that Citizen X posted on the Ironwolf forum using the name "John G" but hasn't posted there since last May. While I have pointed that out, I haven't said that he was "posting all the time under another name". Nonnie was paranoid, thinking that Citizen X set them up. Personally I think that Citizen X has been sincere and has not played such games.

And one of the commenters there sees a parallel between Ron and Linus. Take a look and see if you agree. (Citizen X wasn't amused, and deleted the comment.)

This weekend is also the anniversary of Weinland's "If By Pentecost...." declaration in which Weinland promised to quit if his prophesies did not come true and by which he defined himself as an Insane Liar. It's also 8 weeks since the COG-PKG fasted for two days and prayed for destruction and death via an increase in the 7 thunders. So far none of them have materialized, and even the 4th thunder has lowered a bit with the stock market showing continued gains during the last 3 weeks. And now 14 weeks since the Spokesman Witness cursed me to die speedily from the inside.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weinland's Wrath

In response to my last post which described Weinland's rebuttal of accusations of using free labor from church members to build up his real estate equity, commenter Tom offered his personal experience with Weinland in Erie, PA:

It's interesting to note that Weinland defended the position that there was no wrong doing when he had various church members working and building his home in Erie. He simply made the claim that everyone was well paid. Ron did make the allegation that many ministers did hold work parties and milked the membership, but he took the higher road and would not think of behaving in such a manner and taking advantage of the expertise of the membership.

However, he failed to defend that he was untruthful with the membership about his departure and that he would be selling his newly built Erie home and moving to Toledo. I was a member in the Erie church and Weinland did have work parties and would ask for volunteers to come on Sundays while his house was being built. There were many who volunteered their time cutting timber in order to clear the lot for his home. My father helped with the clearing of the lot and was paid nothing. My father wouldn't have accepted any money, but there was not even an offer.

Weinland wanted volunteers and asked people during church services for their time and participation. Many members would not accept money for their labor considering that Weinland was their pastor. If the people would have known that Weinland was leaving the Erie area, their probably would not have been the urgency to help with the construction efforts of Weinland's home.

I have only one question, why would you sell your current home and build a much larger home, if you knew that you were being transferred?

Equity! Equity, and more Equity. Weinland has even boasted in various sermons that God has blessed him with the tremendous amount of equity that he has received from selling various homes over the years.

In my opinion it has always been about the money.

Ron Weinland even sold a church minivan with high mileage to a family in the Franklin church for $10,000. Remember Ron, it was a blue Dodge Caravan.

Ron do you remember the time in Franklin when you were very angry with the members who were talking during service and not listening.

Do you remember the location?

You rented a hall in Franklin called the Knights of Columbus for the weekly Sabbath.

Remember that you were so angry that you lost your temper and stormed out the entrance nearest the podium and slammed the door. Afterward you re-entered at the rear and returned to the podium to finish your sermon. Weinland, you can call us liars, but there were 300 people there that day that saw you angry and storming out of the service.

Ex-member Deb had nothing to add about building houses, but did offer her observations of Weinland's temperment:

'Tis not surprising to read of Ronald Weinland's habit of angry outbursts in the past- for me, that was the first Red Flag that he wasn't God's Final Witness, as he said/wrote.

I recall the one time I was at a PKG Sabbath service where he was present. He was having some technical difficulties getting the up-link. He was sweating profusely and fuming - you could see the 'smoke coming out of his ears'. I thought at the time, that the thing to do would have been to ask everyone to pray for God's intervention - thus becoming more calmed & centred. He got so overheated the windows at the front of the room had to be opened - this was in mid-winter and the weather outside was below zero.

Then there were all those sermons when he starts ranting and raving.

I have no doubt that RW is in this gig for the fortune & fame. A while back, I had wondered why Ronald made such a big deal of 'promoting' Laura over the elders. I am thinking it's cuz he's either added her to the PKG payroll or he gave her a hefty raise.

My speculation is that Laura was promoted over the rest of the church as a backup plan should he end up with an extended vacation in Club Fed courtesy of IRS CI. He could give her instructions during prison visits on how to handle the church to keep it together for his eventual release.

With respect to Weinland's temper, he seems to be able to rein it in during sermons when he knows he's being recorded. Several times cell phones have gone off during his sermons and he has just laughed it off. During his Feb 16, 2008 sermon he was interrupted twice. A babbling and then fussy child went on with increasing volume for about 5 minutes before Ron calmly asked that the child be taken out. About 20 minutes later, a woman interrupted him to ask a question. Ron calmly stated that there were to be no interuptions during services, and then went on to offer an answer to her question.

Tom's allegations about the free labor to build Ron's house in Erie are unsubstantiated, but then so is Ron's rebuttal that he paid everyone. When deciding which unsubstantiated statement is more credible, I remember this statement:

If by Pentecost.... I'm just going to to make this real clear to everyone. If by Pentecost it is not powerfully and abundantly clear that there has been a great deal of destruction that will clearly encompass a third of all plant life in the US, and at least the clear results of this mingled with blood, the death of very much animal life and the beginning of large numbers in human life, then I will stop preaching. Just so that all the critics and everyone out there will understand. I am true to my word in these things. OK? And for all the critics: If by the end of July and most likely around Pentecost, if nothing has clearly caused great destruction and death.... I will make it very clear that I was a false prophet. I will do exactly what I said I would do on all of those interviews that I have held. To do less, (snorts) well, would be quite insane.

This statement was made by Insane Lying False Prophet Ronald Weinland on March 29, 2008. When Pentecost (June 8) arrived, he continued preaching. And by the end of July, he had not acknowledged being a false prophet. Rather, by the end of June he had rolled out his 50th "truth" and his second timeline.

On top of that, there's also Ron's Total Resolve Cruise to consider. And Ron's Total Resolve Refinancing of his $381,000 mansion. Considering all this, I've decided whether or not to believe Ron over Tom, and I think you can guess whom I find more credible.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ron Googles Himself

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Orlando, Florida today. Ron blamed the difficulties with the Internet connection last week on his webmaster son. Jeremy was doing some maintenance on the church website at a critical time when the live sermon was getting started. Jeremy lives in Germany, so his sabbath was over when it's 2:30 on Saturday afternoon in Cincinnati.

I noticed that the sermon from two weeks ago (March 7) is still not posted. So I wonder whether that means strike two for Jeremy or that Jeremy has already been fired. And maybe strike three is the web site is not set up to allow Ron to be able to post a recording of today's sermon on the church website.

In reality, the "live" sermon audio is streamed from a different server, not directly from the church website. The church website only links to the streaming audio server, which was up and running at 2:30 PM EDT last Saturday. The church website problems had nothing to do with that.

Weinland cautioned his members against contacting others who left comments on the YouTube video he plugged a couple of weeks ago. According to Ron, some of his members encouraged others to get baptized.

The sermon topic was how to observe the upcoming Passover for all the new members Weinland claims to have. It might be interesting for all the different areas who meet regularly to compare notes and see if any have experienced a tripling in attendance as Weinland has claimed.

Ron did take an aside during the sermon to mention that he Googled himself. Apparently he ended up on the "Who Was Ronald Weinland?" blog post put up over a year ago by another blogger. He took great exception to that post giving the wrong birth year (our False Prophet was born in 1949, not 1950). He also claimed it stated that he was born and raised in North Carolina. Actually it doesn't say that he was born there, just that he was converted to Armstrongism while there. In reality, Ron grew up in western Kansas, attending college in Hays.

Weinland spent even more time rebutting the allegation (which is clearly characterized as an allegation) that he had his house in Erie built partially using free labor from church members. Ron claims that everyone was paid. I don't know whether or not the allegation is true, but I'm not accepting Weinland's claim that it's false. Just as I didn't accept his Total Resolve claim that he was refinancing his house. As far as I'm concerned, the verdict on his financial dealings with his Erie congregation is still open and the statement on the other blog remains an unresolved allegation.

I'll take this opportunity to plug my Ronald Weinland summary web page. On that site, I also have a biographical timeline for Weinland. While I can't guarantee it to be error free, I have tried to get reliable sources for what I put there. For example, it has been reported to me that Weinland was born in Colorado but since I couldn't confirm it independently I haven't published that information. Can anyone point to information confirming where he was born?

Ron, you claim that "they can't get things right". While I can't speak for others, I've done my best to be accurate, using WCG publications and your own statements. But if you have documentation showing that I'm incorrect then please provide it so I can be accurate. I'd also like to fill in a few more dates -- for example, exactly when was it that you were ordained as a prophet of God?

As far as your feeling validated because you have web sites critical of you as does your idol Herbie -- well, I'm ready to live with that to make information available to those who are willing to question your apocalyptic nonsense. Still doing that even though it's now 13 weeks since you cursed me to die from the inside, speedily.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ron's Total Resolve, Part 2

Ronald Weinland home frontFalse Prophet Ronald Weinland started his sermon of October 27, 2007 by asking what had changed since the Last Great Day sermon on October 4.

As discussed in my previous post Ron's Total Resolve, one thing that changed was that his bank account was several thousand dollars lighter from having taken Laura on a luxury 12-day Mediterranean cruise.

But his question was directed to his members, asking what they had changed in their lives to show Total Resolve for Ron's prophecies. He stated that they couldn't continue as before, that they had to change since time was short with the sealing of the 144,000 to happen in February, 2008 followed by the start of the Great Tribulation in April. No longer could one continue planning as under Armstrong for the end-time being perpetually 5 to 10 years in the future.

Ron claimed that he had been "running down the hill" since the Feast. This is a reference to the story of Gideon and his army of 300 who defeated Midianites, making noise by breaking their pitchers and blowing trumpets. However in Judges Chapter 7 there is no mention of Gideon's army running down a hill. Instead, they stealthily advanced to the edge of the camp and then simultaneously started making noise to simulate a large attack on the Midianites, throwing them into confusion.

Weinland stated that efforts to promote his prophecies would intensify in January of 2008, with members to show their commitment by beginning to proselyte their friends and family. The discussion soon switched to money. Since there was to be no organized Feast of Tabernacles in 2008, members were to send in 3/4 of their Second Tithe to finance his media campaign.

Ron started selling the idea that members should donate heavily, particularly those who were to be "sealed" as part of "the 144,000". In a discussion of whether or not to pay off your house, he said that it wouldn't matter if your house was paid off because your house could be taken from you regardless. He mentioned that he had a good deal of equity in his $381,000 mansion, and that he was trying to get a second mortgage to withdraw the equity for financing the promotion of his books. However he was having difficulty getting a loan because he was charging $35,000 to $40,000 each month on his credit cards -- that the church paid them off monthly did not impress the loan underwriter.

Ronald Weinland home rearRon mentioned that he was considering refinancing his mansion in order to get the equity. The following week (Nov. 3, 2007) he repeated his intent to refinance his house to get the equity. He mentioned this again in his sermon of Jan 5, 2008.

Tear a few more pages off the calendar, and in October of 2008, according to the web site for the county where he lives, Ron and Laura paid the annual property tax bill of $3715.13 on his $381,000 mansion directly to the county. Note that I said that Ron and Laura paid the property tax. Not a mortgage company. Ron and Laura paid it directly to the county. Daughter Audra did not pay the property tax on her house directly -- it was paid by her mortgage company according to the same web site. When I had a mortgage, I paid into an escrow account held by the mortgage company which then paid the taxes.

I did some research on mortgage escrow accounts. If your loan balance is less than 80% of your property value, then some mortgage companies will allow you to pay your property tax and property insurance premiums yourself, but may require paying an extra fee for the privilege. Otherwise, they require that you pay into an escrow account monthly. It does not seem to me that Ron would be allowed to avoid paying into escrow if he had refinanced all the equity in his house to spend on Google advertising.

Previously, I was rather skeptical of Ron's claims to be extracting the equity in his house to donate to his own church. This discovery pretty much confirms it for me that he did no such thing. Meanwhile, I wonder how many retirees showed Total Resolve following Ron's "example" by refinancing their house to give the proceeds to the church.

Money for luxury cruises. Money for equity. So much for Ron's Total Resolve.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ninetieth Day Take Two

False Prophet Ronald Weinland's sermon from Georgia was a few minutes late getting started due to technical problems. Guess they need to pray harder before setting up their equipment.

The sermon continued with a third of a series taking a break from prophecy and rerunning of his origin of Jesus doctrine that he introduced during the Feast of Tabernacles in 2005. I won't waste any more electrons here describing it.

Yesterday was a milestone date. It was the 90th day into the second 3 & 1/2 year Great Tribulation. During radio shows leading up to first aborted 3 & 1/2 year Great Tribulation that began last April 17, Weinland prophesied "nukular" explosions in US port cities within "45 to 90 days" or by last July 16.

Weinland's evangelist from Australia, Wayne Matthews (who threw down his pitcher by quitting his job a year ago), worked up a revised description of the timeline last summer after Ron reset the timeline. Here is a copy of what he circulated within PKG last summer:

1260 Days = Sunday 14th December 2008
The 3 ½ years of great tribulation starts at the blowing of the 1st Trumpet.
The 2 witnesses are set by God towards all the earth.
Satan and the false prophet begin the process towards the unity of Europe (5th trumpet) under the sway of the Pope - Catholic Church and for the final battle on the day of Christs return (7th trumpet)
2008 was “God’s Final Witness” to man
1st Trumpet: Hail, fire, blood, burning of the grass and one third of trees. The 1st trumpet announces what will happen over the 1st 4 blasts.
The blowing of the 2nd Trumpet will happen between 45 to 90 Days
45 Days = Wednesday 28th January 2009 - 90 Days = Saturday 14th March 2009
2nd Trumpet: One third of sea becomes blood. Nuclear attacks in port cities/USA
3rd Trumpet: One third of fresh water made bitter. Nuclear attacks inland
4th Trumpet: One third of the light darkened. Nuclear winter.
5th Trumpet: First woe – War inspired by Satan – 10 nations of Europe take USA.
6th Trumpet: 2nd Woe – Third of mankind killed by war (Russia and China unite)

23rd May 2012
Wednesday morning, the two witnesses are killed in the streets of Jerusalem 3 ½ days before the return of Jesus Christ (Jerusalem time)

27th May 2012 Sunday Pentecost
7th Trumpet is blown at sunset on the Sabbath of 26th May 2012
The return of Christ and the resurrection of 144,000 - First fruits
It is the time of the 3rd Woe - The Day of the Lord
The 7 last plagues will be poured out on Europe and the united Russia and China.
1st Plague: Sores
2nd Plague: Sea turned to blood
3rd Plague: Fresh water made bitter
4th Plague: Scorching by sun
5th Plague: Darkness and pain
6th Plague: Euphrates dried up
7th Plague: Greatest earthquake ever and hail
The beast and false prophet are destroyed physically
Jesus Christ stands on the Mount of Olives.
Finally the 6000 years of man’s self rule under the sway of Satan comes to an end and Satan and the evil angels are locked away for 1000 years.

If there were any nuclear weapons detonated in US port cities yesterday, the major news organizations are taking quite some time writing their stories.

Weinland learned some lessons from the failure of his first timeline and backed off from detailed prophecies including interim deadlines. In a later version of the timeline description that Wayne circulated in the fall, the 45 to 90 day deadline was removed.

Another of Weinland's vague deadlines relates to Yours Truly. It's now 12 weeks since the Insane Liar cursed me to die speedily from the inside.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weinland Says We're "In", Part 2

Since Weinland's curse against me did not take effect even though it's now the 12th week since he imposed it on me, I'm able to post the remainder of ex-PKG- member Mike Allen's response to Weinland's blog posting of last Friday. As in Part 1 of this post, Mike's response follows excerpts from Weinland's post.

----------------------- From Mike Allen -----------------------------------

The petitions that went up before God were not for the purpose that the destructive power be lessened (as this cannot be changed), but that the period of time of the actual physical suffering from it will be lessened, and that through this very process more people will potentially be able to be saved.

AGAIN, Ron is thinking so haughtily! Ron wants to think he and his followers are so powerful before God that they can change the decision He made at creation! They are so favorable before God that they can make Him decide to change even though God says about Himself, “I am the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow”.

it also includes an offer of saving many more who were part of the scattering in the Church after the apostasy in 1994 (who otherwise would not have been given such opportunity and blessing).

The haughtiness takes another step! Ron says here that he has the ability to convince God to go ahead and accept those who He wouldn’t normally accept into His Kingdom. Can a thinking person truly believe that a man has control over God’s decisions as to who He will or will not accept into His Kingdom?

Foolishly there are those who are quick to find fault by saying we are wrong or that I am a false prophet since physical destruction did not come at a time I had previously stated. It is easy to see, that without the understanding of “why” some matters of timing have changed, that some would doubt or ridicule what is true. Yet the time for the final 3 1/2 years has not changed at all. We are in it! We are in the countdown before the actual day Jesus Christ returns to this earth as King of kings. There are those who unwittingly and ignorantly seem to wish that destruction was already occurring and that great suffering was already here. But that will come soon enough!

To be honest, I know of no one who was quick to find fault with you Ron. You were not called a false prophet openly and on any kind of recognizable scale until your prophesies did not come true. Well, by God’s own definition of what makes a false prophet, you are a false prophet. If you have a problem with that then take it up with God, not me. He is the one setting the standards here, not I. As to the understanding of why timing has changed, we all have that understanding. I refer you back to my previous statement - God is setting the standards here, not I. God says that if a man prophesies in His name and that does not come to be in the time he says it will be then those were not God’s words. This is why you changed your timing - because it simply was wrong and not from God. The rest this statement of Ron’s deserves no comment.

It’s the economy, stupid!

The quote, “It’s the economy, stupid!” has been repeated much in recent years. When the economy is down, it does get the attention of people. This is the very tool God is now using at the beginning of this 3 1/2 year period that will help begin to humble people and prepare many more for greater humbling once the Second Trumpet has blown.

I have listened to the news religiously since hearing of Ron’s predictions so I could see if these things are happening or not. I have yet to hear or get word of anyone anywhere using the term, “It’s the economy, stupid!” Yes the economy is bad. Yes banks and other institutions are seemingly falling left and right. However, when you listen only to the bad side you come out thinking like Ron Weinland. The fact is that the economy and unemployment is nowhere near what it was during the Great Depression. In fact, I believe now that our unemployment may be (I am going by last figure and being generous on the low side) about 8-9%. Yes that seems bad but during the Great Depression the unemployment rate reached 20%. Remember the scripture I posted earlier?

Matthew 24: 21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

This first phase of destruction is one that hurts people financially and affects every facet of personal life, from food, clothing, housing, transportation, livelihood, etc. It is all encompassing in the daily lives of millions. The collapsing financial system of this world is only the beginning of a humbling process for mankind. This is why there are Seven Thunders that will continue to sound and increase in power and frequency. This is why there are Seven Trumpets to be blown. It takes much to humble the nature of mankind!

This is the first phase of destruction, Ron? How is this? Shouldn’t the first phase be the first and second trumpet? Should you not state these as the first phase? That is what you said in your book which you claim to be God’s inspired word - I’m just wondering. See, according to your God-inspired book, this would actually be the fourth phase. So, I ask, which is it? Should the silent witness correct you on your facts again?

We are witnessing the collapse of the United States, followed by the complete collapse of all governments of mankind. It has already begun. Nothing can change the course of what is happening. The merchants of the earth are beginning to mourn for what they see collapsing before them.

Nothing can change the course of what is happening except that which changed the fact that there was a new President when you said there would not be one. Yes the merchants are mourning at what is collapsing around them - of course they are! They are losing lots of money. This was predicted to happen in 2008, by the way, before you started prophesy hopping.

----------------- End of Mike Allen's analysis --------------------------------

Mike, thanks for sharing your thoughts with my blog. "It's the economy, stupid." was a statement James Carville used when conducting Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign for the presidency. I remember it from then, and I imagine it may have been recalled a few times during last fall's election season. Of course Ron will hammer on the economy, to divert attention from all the other six thunders that are silent. The economy, bad as it is, has nothing to do with Weinland's failed prophecies.

Ron, let's talk about the non-existing increase in all the other thunders since your followers endangered their health several weeks ago in your ridiculous 2-day fast. Let's talk about your ever-sliding and vague prophecies for the second trumpet, and the lack of evidence of the first.

Monday, March 9, 2009

God Gives a Bit More Time. Or Not

In this weekend’s sermon, False Prophet Ronald Weinland continued with his series on the origin of Christ. He took time to address the issue of the mention of “great tribulation” in Matthew 24:21. His explanation is that Matthew 24 refers to the period after Tkach’s apostasy of December 1994 and the breakup of WCG, and not the 3 & 1/2 year not-so-great tribulation we're in right now.

On Friday Weinland was a guest on Cincinnati radio station WLW’s Mike McConnell show (3/6/09 hour 2). During his introduction, McConnell stated that according to Ron we’re in the final 3 ½ years and it has nothing to do with the economy or politics. This statement was soon shown to be false -- with the economy being the only one of Weinland’s many predictions that could be twisted to be true, he spend a good deal of time discussing it.

McConnell referred to Weinland‘s promise in prior interviews to acknowledge being a false prophet and quit preaching. Ron’s response was that God gave us more time. According to Weinland, God didn’t “bump dates” but rather provided further revelation. Ron stated that he can’t admit to being a false prophet. Everything is going to plan.

Weinland said that the economy has already collapsed. Mike pointed out that you can still buy gas to put in your car and go to the mall. Ron responded that it’s a “prophetic collapse”, whatever that is. Hmm. How does a prophetic collapse differs from an actual collapse? Must be the kind that only Ron and his followers can see.

McConnell asked how God's revelations came to Ron. Ron tried to evade the question saying it wasn’t pertinent. Then he said the revelations came from God’s spirit directly into the mind. When asked how we can distinguish his revelations from the different revelations of others who make the same claim, here is his answer: “I guess we’ll have to wait and see if what they say comes to pass, won’t we? That’s the proof of a prophet, whether it comes to pass or not.” There we have it, indicted by his own words as a false prophet.

Ron credited the 2-day fast with delaying the onset of the Great Tribulation to give people more time to repent.

McConnell asked if Ron would come back on at a later time to discuss the economy. “You can call me anytime you want, and I’ll tell you exactly what’s going on in the world at that point”. Ron will listen to CNN that morning and then put his spin on current events, but no stake-in-the-ground prophecies will be provided. Ron learned his lesson during the first failed timeline.

The second trumpet was discussed. Ron said the 45 to 90 day period was out the window, and several times said that it could be “up to a year” later before “nukular“ weapons are exploded in US port cities. At the end of the interview, McConnell asked what was the next event to look for, and Ron said it would be "nukular" weapons going off. McConnell offered up “Within a year” which seemed to offend Ron: “I’m not going to give you a time frame.” McConnell reminded him of his prior statements, and Ron temporized that “ God might give you as much as a year, he might give you a little bit more. It depends on your response.” Mike stated that he was going to do nothing. Ron: “when they happen, they happen. Maybe you‘ll listen then.”

A theological discussion degenerated into a discussion as to whether or not God is a hairsplitter. Ron took this occasion to put down Catholicism.

McConnell asked “What if they’re living God’s way and they’re miserable?” Ron: “Well, that’s their choice.”

At one point during a heated exchange, Weinland let slip his primary doctrine: “Let me finish the statement. Everyone wants to pin me to the wall, without listening to what God has to say.” Ron, while your deluded followers think your words are God's word, no one else does.

At the end of the interview, McConnell gave out Ron’s URL over the air: “endtime2008.com” which redirects to “the-end.com”. Mike asked Ron if he’d given any thought to updating that to “09”, which went over Ron’s head as he didn’t answer.

In his sermon, Weinland claimed to have another revelation as a result of this interview. It seems that now 10% of all 3 of the thirds of both “the scattering” of WCG, and also that of “modern day Israel” will be saved from the Great Tribulation. He stated this in a confusing manner, and then followed up that people might not accept it. Then he repeated a point that God knows people’s minds and how they’ll react. But if they don’t react the right way the 2nd trumpet could be much sooner than a year. His statements are very confusing and contradictory. To get the full impact you’ll have to download the sermon and listen yourself. It’s about the last 10 minutes of the sermon.

Weinland posted a link to a YouTube video in which someone spliced Ron's blather about UFOs over some stock footage of war games. Weinland suggested that the members go there to rate up the video. A number of them have joined YouTube just to do that. There's a peer rating war going on in the comment area with a former prospective member who saw the light leaving comments which are promptly down-rated while the PKG members rate each other's comments up.

It's now 78 days since Weinland cursed me to die from the inside speedily. And only 6 more days of the 90-day period for the second trumpet (second time around). Citizen X has a blog post holding Weinland to this, we'll see whether or not he really will declare him to be a false prophet or give him another pass as he did when the first timeline failed.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weinland Says We're "In"

It had been several months since False Prophet Ronald Weinland posted anything on his blog website. But early Friday morning he put something up.

Recently exited COG-PKG member Mike Allen has taken time to provide his analysis. So I'm turning the remainder of the post over to Mike. He quotes Weinland and then responds.

------------------------------- From Mike Allen ---------------------------------

The petitions that went up before God were not for the purpose that the destructive power be lessened (as this cannot be changed), but that the period of time of the actual physical suffering from it will be lessened, and that through this very process more people will potentially be able to be saved (who can indeed live on into the millennial period that is rapidly approaching). This not only includes the possibility of many more people of different nations being saved, but it also includes an offer of saving many more who were part of the scattering in the Church after the apostasy in 1994 (who otherwise would not have been given such opportunity and blessing).

Ron is saying here now the opposite of what he originally taught by saying that God will now save more people than what He himself stated in His word, the Bible.

The prophetic destruction manifested in 9/11 was followed by a temporary shut down of Wall Street and the plunging of the Dow. It truly takes a lot to humble people, for how soon we all forget. People were shocked and horrified by those events that shook the economic world. Before 9/11 the Dow had been fluctuating between the 10,000 and 11,000 level.

Though there is no argument that the economy is in trouble, Ron is using here the same wording for what happened for what he calls the sixth seal as he did for the seventh seal where nothing happened! He said that the world will be shocked and horrified on the day that the seventh seal is opened - nothing happened on that day and no one was shocked or horrified! Now he is saying that people were shocked and horrified when the sixth seal was opened. The world was indeed shocked and horrified on 9/11 but it doesn't mean that it was the opening of the sixth seal. Perhaps it was only the first seal - or perhaps it was just a horrible occurence!

Much of the world of traditional Christianity, and even God’s Church, have long believed that this final time would begin with great destructive events that would immediately lead to the death of tens of thousands of people and then continue to escalate throughout the final 3 1/2 years. This period of time has often been referred to as “the great tribulation,” although the Bible makes no such statement regarding this final 3 1/2 years.

Ron, people believe that the Great Tribulation will immediately lead to the death of many people for two reasons. One is that the Bible says specifically what will happen at the opening of the seventh seal in Revelation 8. Therefore their thinking is well founded! Moreover, this period of time HAS been referred to as “the great tribulation” and the bible DOES make a statement about this 3.5 years. It just doesn’t say 3.5 years and “great tribulation” in the same scripture. However, if you want to play a semantics game with God’s Word - it’s your funeral, not mine! Here is what Jesus said about the 3.5 years coming at the end of this age.

Matthew 24:20-22 (King James Version)
20 But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the Sabbath day: 21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. 22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

Notice how Jesus said that this time will be like NO OTHER TIME IN THE WORLD’S HISTORY?

In regards to the days being shortened in verse 22, even Ron has said in previous sermons this means that it will not be allowed to continue past the point of total destruction. He now makes it sound as if this means that God is cutting shorter the 1,260 days of tribulation into a more suitable number for the sake of those who fasted on January 31st and February 1st.

The reality is that the Seventh Seal of Revelation was opened on November 14, 2008, and then 30 days later the First Trumpet sounded. This trumpet is prophetic in nature, yet it will also prove to be very physical in its complete fulfillment. It is prophetic in that it reveals the kind of literal, physical destructiveness that will follow in the fulfillment of the six trumpets that are yet to sound.

Ron, you have already gone against your own word on this two fold. The first time was when you failed to keep your promise of going back on the radio shows to admit being a false prophet when your timeline didn’t work out. The second time was when you changed your prophesy - you first said that all that is said in Revelation 8 regarding the third of the trees and all the green grass means just what it says though it only meant in the area of attack. Now you say it is some foolish spiritual meaning which no one can make sense of unless they have it from God. Ron, we already have it from God! It is called the Bible!

We now find ourselves three months into that final 3 1/2 year period of time, but thank God that these massive powers of end-time destruction have not yet been unleashed. The kind of suffering that will finally come to pass is horrific beyond comprehension. God is being merciful by temporarily holding back the day when the Second Trumpet sounds and massive physical destruction begins. As always, it needs to be understood that God is not bringing that destruction upon mankind, but mankind is bringing it upon himself (it will be caused by man). God is now holding back that time of massive physical destruction by not allowing man to start this process for a few more months.

Now this one baffles me a little - even coming from Ron. Ron says, “Thank God that these massive powers of end-time destruction have not yet been unleashed”. While I do thank God that these things have not been unleashed, the fact that they are not unleashed proves we are not where Ron says we are! God already stipulated at the printing of the Bible (most likely at the founding of the world) what things would happen at EXACTLY what time. So are you telling me, Ron, that God is a whimsical God who can willy-nilly change things set for thousands of years just because a couple hundred people go without food? HOGWASH!!!

This is all the result of God’s will and His purpose that is being worked out for this world, and although God has granted to offer mercy to more people in this end-time by bringing more to humility, the choice of repentance is still in the hands of those whom God humbles and grants mercy.

See, this goes right along with my previous statement. God did establish just how many He would pull through this Tribulation time at least from the writing of the Bible. If one believes this is true, how could the same thinking person believe that God is going to suddenly change the amount of people who he will allow to survive? Also, how can anyone know what God has granted mercy for until after the fact? If anyone can, it certainly would not be a man who’s prophesies have been wrong 100% of the time!


I expect to post more of Mike Allen's response later. That is unless Ron's curse on me finally takes effect and I die from the inside speedily.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Weinland on the Radio

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was back on Cincinnati radio station 700 WLW today. I've had a chance to listen to Mike McConnell interview him for the fourth time. But I do not have time this evening to comment further on it. Despite what the Insane Liar claims, I do have a life.

The interview is available on the radio station's website. Go to this web page and then download the MP3 file for 3/6/09 Hour 2.

Weinland also put up a post last night on his blog website. Pretty much more of the same.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ron's Total Resolve

Ronald Weinland Total Resolve Cruise Ship
In his Oct 4, 2007 Last Great Day sermon entitled "Total Resolve", False Prophet Ronald Weinland exhorted his members to show Total Resolve. He demanded that the members send in their second tithe to finance his book promotion since there wouldn't be an organized Feast of Tabernacles in 2008 as a consequence of the Great Tribulation. (Ron said the same thing about the 2009 FoT during the organized 2008 FoT, but planning is underway for yet another Feast this fall.)

Near the end of the "Total Resolve" sermon, he exhorted his followers:
Brethren, please, please, please understand that now we’re to pour everything we can into what we’re doing. And that’s between now [Oct, 2007] and January [2008]. Think about your life. Think about what you’re doing.

A week later, on October 11, 2007, he posted the following on his blog:

This new post is being made over my new satellite system with Inmarsat. After the Feast of Tabernacles was concluded on Oct. 4, the following Sunday my wife and I flew to Istanbul, Turkey, where we boarded a cruise ship to begin our cruise that we announced during the Feast.

Yesterday we were in Izmir, Turkey, that is the location of ancient Smyrna, which the apostle John wrote about in Revelation in the message to the seven churches (church eras). We took a tour that took us about an hour drive north of Ismir to the old city of Pergamum (another of the seven churches). The ruins of these ancient cities is quite profound when you consider they had no modern equipment to build the kinds of structures, that are even a marvel to modern day engineers and builders. Both John and Paul had been in these places and it was rather a strange feeling to walk in some of the same areas (now in ruins) that were so majestic in their day.

Today we are in port at Athens, Greece, and we will have the opportunity to visit the ancient city of Corinth.

On Oct 20, 2007 he posted an update on his trip, letting his followers know that he hadn't fallen overboard:

Today we are spending the Sabbath in Barcelona, Spain. We will be staying here until Monday morning when we will fly back to the U.S. The internet service on the ship was at a snails pace so I was not able to do much on the internet as I had hoped to make some postings to this site while we were traveling. The last I was able to make a post was in Athens since I was using my new satellite system, but after Athens I couldn’t us it any longer. I was on the wrong side of the ship from that time on since our side only faced to the north and the satellites were in the south. So much for technology, but obviously if I was on land there would not have been a problem.

This cruise was likely the 12-day Classic Mediterranean Cruise on NCL's Norwegian Jewel. The Norwegian Cruise Line still offers this cruise itinerary on a different vessel which includes the following ports of call: Istanbul; Ephesus (Izmir); Athens (Piraeus); Dubrovnik; Venice; Naples; Rome (Civitavecchia); Barcelona. The 2009 price of the cruise depends on the cabin type with prices ranging up from $1149 per person for an ocean view cabin with a porthole. But a porthole probably would not have allowed Ron to play with his satellite phone. A room with a balcony more conducive to satellite phoning is $1619 per person and a suite is $1799 per person. A check of airfare from Cincinnati to Istanbul shows the 2009 price to be about $800 per person. These are 2009 prices but I expect that the 2007 prices would have been similar. This vacation for both Ron and Laura together with two nights in a hotel room in Barcelona probably cost over $5000 after adding in other incidentals such as transfers to the cruise ship, drinks, taxis, tours($59 per person for Pergamon), and other miscellaneous expenses. But let's say that he managed to get discounts and the vacation was only $4000.

Ron gave an explanation for the purpose of this cruise:
With the heavy schedule of traveling during the summer and then the daily pace at the Feast of Tabernacles, Laura and I were both very drained afterward. Each year the Feast season has been this way with the kind of schedule we have, and that is the reason we try to take a couple of weeks off after the Feast. This year was by far the most draining so this trip is proving to be very rejuvenating to us.

Let's review. Ron and Laura needed to spend thousands of dollars to recover from the stresses of traveling by traveling yet more. They couldn't have possibly have rejuvenated from these stresses by hanging out in their $381,000 mansion on a country club golf course for a couple of weeks. Makes total sense -- as do all things about Weinland. Total Sense about Ron's Total Resolve. It's Totally Amazing that COG-PKG members agree with the sense of entitlement that Ron feels -- after all he and Laura are the two witnesses.

Just as it's totally amazing that it's now the 11th week since Ron cursed me to speedily die from the inside, but I'm still here pointing out his contradictions.