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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weinland Heads to the Gold Coast

False Prophet Ronald Weinland finished the first part of the Feast of Tabernacles in New Zealand and then headed today for Brisbane, Australia to finish up on the Gold Coast.

The emphasis has shifted back to prophecy. He indicates that he's going to start up his Internet ad campaign again, because it's better to spend the money now before it becomes worthless.

An interesting statement in his sermon: "If God had not given us the message for the 1335 days and the New Truth of understanding about the Feast of Trumpets of this year, if he had not allowed us to have that sermon, that was contained in the Feast of Trumpets, way in advance as he did, there would have been a lot of you, not a few, that would not have survived it. You could not have made it spiritually this far You would not be here today. I hope you understand that."

This statement confirms my earlier post in June that I believed that his followers weren't willing to wait for the "new truth". The sermon of June 28th announcing the new timeline earlier than he planned was primarily motivated by this and not by my scooping him by announcing the new timeline a week earlier. And God had nothing to do with it, either. It was just some tap dancing by the Insane Liar.

According to the countdown clock on my blog, it's now 29 days until the reopening of the 7th seal. Only 29 days for the other 6 Thunders to sound, and for a repealing of Duet. 18:22 to rehabilitate Ron as a Prophet of God.

1 comment:

Ophelia said...

I have a bit of news about Weinlands group. Another death, and there was no announcement, no obituary in the news paper, nothing about this death. This is from the Cincinnati area, the same area where 3 other deaths took place and there was also no announcement, no funeral, nothing.
Weinland is still keeping his followers isolated.