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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Good" "News" from Weinland

A new blog post appeared on Ron Weinland's web site this afternoon:

It was mentioned in the sermon this past Sabbath that a sermon would be given on Sept. 30th (Feast of Trumpets) that would explain the 50th truth given to God’s Church in these end times. Since some have been pouring out their hearts to God concerning this matter, God is now mercifully granting that this sermon be given this coming Sabbath.

[I doubt that "pouring our their hearts to God" has anything to do with this yet-another turnaround by Weinland. I suspect that some of False Prophet Ronnie's followers weren't willing to wait.]

This sermon will explain why the final three and one-half years of tribulation has not yet begun. It will explain why the final sealing of the 144,000 has not yet occurred. It is all very exciting, and this is indeed good news for God’s Church that this sermon can be given. I’m very glad and feel very blessed to know that I can now give that sermon this Sabbath and not have wait until Trumpets to do so.

So we won't have to wait until July 16 or even September 30 to get some more clues as to whether my speculated revised timeline with the Great Tribulation reStarting on December 14 is what the False Prophet is planning.

And while the following appears on the front page of the COG-PKG website:
Time is running out before the final Seventh Seal is opened and the world is plunged into the final tribulation for mankind.
the FAQs section still has the rescinded timeline that says that the Seventh Seal opened on March 18. Talk about an author of confusion.

I've noticed that Google is much less likely to return a sponsored link to the-end website for his fictional books. Hopefully that's permanent and not a glitch.


DennisDiehl said...

To the tune of "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing"

Come thou Ron of my delusions
Give me sermon now I say

Reems of nonsense flowing freely
Keeps me stupid day by day

Teach me some malodorous doctrine
Keep the money flowing in

Here's my brain,now take and seal it
What you're doing Ron, is surely sin.

Anonymous said...

"Since some have been pouring out their hearts to God concerning this matter, God is now mercifully granting that this sermon be given this coming Sabbath."

Translation: The brethren wouldn't give FPR until September to get some answers. All this stringing along has got to stop. There's mutany afoot here and I think Ron's days as pastor are severely numbered. I give him about another week before he's yanked from the preaching schedule.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Weinland is saying that Jesus Christ is not God. Wow.

"In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God."

Wow. Weinland is now an antiChrist. That's so dangerous!

purplehymnal said...

Weinland has been preaching unitarianism (non-divinity of the christ figure) since he started his little RRIF, otherwise known as the CoG-PKG.

Of course the fact that I posted Herbie's letters on the WW might indicate that Weinland got the bright idea to copy Herbie a little earlier than he was planning to. :-( We'll know for certain if he quotes any of the Herbal letters posted on the WW.