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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weinland Says to Get Off the Pot

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Cincinnati yesterday after several weeks on the road. He's claiming that new people have joined his church including two baptisms yesterday. It's too bad they didn't check out Weinland's history of failed prophecies, contradictions, and broken promises.

Services on June 20 will be delayed at least one hour from the normal time. That's the weekend immediately after his appearance at ideaCity in Toronto. Ron wants to party a bit longer at a luncheon that's being thrown that Saturday as part of the event, so services will have to wait.

Information on Feast sites is to be published to the members. The "Information List", which was a mass mailing list to the members, has been shut down. It has been replaced by smaller lists which the elder "local" to an area is to administer. It seems that there is a password-protected site at which the members are to register to gain access to the feast site information. Access to feast site information is available only to those who have paid for it with tithes and offerings. Unlike last year, members will be allowed to transfer between different feast sites. Although we are 23 weeks into the Great Tribulation, Weinland says that he doesn't know for sure if there will be a feast.

It seems that Weinland's Witness Powers do not include self healing. Wednesday morning he passed out from back pain and required ambulance transport to the emergency room. But he claims that he has come to understand since his August, 2005 heart attack that he can't die yet because he has a job to do as he announced a few months after that. He used his back as a reason for sitting down while delivering the sermon, which seems to be his general habit now, particularly when addressing smaller groups.

Ron must be running low on funds, as he took time to address the fence sitters who listen to him weekly but haven't joined and most importantly aren't paying tithes. To those who question whether he is a Witness, he forcefully exclaimed: "YES I AM", and told them that they should "get off the pot". Actually, he wants them to do the other action from this earthy expression that he left unstated (would that be "holy s#$t?). I would like for them to get off the pot. I hope they do some research on Weinland before they turn over their brains and their money to him.

Weinland turns 60 next Saturday. Will I be able to observe it? Or will I die the speedy death from the inside that Weinland promised me 22 weeks ago?


jack635 said...

The witness powers dont seem too powerful. A prophet of God has to be taken to hospital by ambulance? Here is an example of how RW is not under the priveledged protection of God.

RKPDRMR said...

I would think that as time goes on, RW will be talking a whole lot more about "Getting off the pot" and "Paying your tithes" as he knows his time is getting short.

Also, regarding new people, and the two baptisms: I had a friend that I knew for 10 years when we were in WCG, and then we went to UCG during the split. I myself left UCG recently, and I just heard that this friend of mine, along with another family member, is now involved in RW's group. And I am just befuddled as to why (or how) a seemingly sensible guy that I've known (or thought I knew) for such a long time, could come to believe in someone like RW.

It seems like, once a person can be convinced of a lie, it somehow paves the way for another lie, and then another. And the farther it goes, the easier it is to convince them of even more outlandish lies.

Jack635 commented earlier that it's
twenty-first century sorcery.
I think he's right.
It IS possible to cast a spell on someone, especially when it is in the Name of God.

Anonymous said...

"It IS possible to cast a spell on someone, especially when it is in the Name of God."

Fortunately I've had no experiences with getting sucked back in, after being an ex-member for well over a decade, but the quoted sentence above instantly provoked an unsettled horror in me, for reasons I can't quite grasp.......

JFF said...

Ron certainly seems enthralled by "Potty" talk.
One should expect something more edifying from a minister of the great Creator'
He seems to think it draws him closer to his flock as "one of the guys"

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

It IS possible to cast a spell on someone, especially when it is in the Name of God.So when do you think Weinland's curse on me will take effect?

jack635 said...

Ron's curse will take effect on you.........never. Nothing that comes out of the mouth of Ronald Weinland has any merit. You could get more sensible information from the village drunk.

Richard said...

"We are all witnesses." -- Nike advertising promoting LeBron James.

RKPDRMR said...

When do I think Weinland's curse will take effect? Absolutely never.
That's not what I meant. What I meant was how someone like RW can use the Name of God to get people to follow him and give him their money just like HWA did with so many people. And like I mentioned in my first comment how I was befuddled that someone who I knew for a long time, who I thought was a sensible person could follow someone like RW, inspite of his failed prophecies. It seems to go beyong reason, so the best way I can explain it is that it's like putting a spell on someone, all in the Name of God. When I look back, I've gotta say that HWA had me, and a lot of others, under his spell, so to speak, by using the Name of God.

Que said...

"Many friends and relatives of those who get entangled in a cult are usually very surprised that the person could ever fall victim to, what seems to them, to be 'an obvious con'. Such things are said like 'How could an intelligent person like you fall for such a group', or 'Can’t you see that you are allowing yourself to be brainwashed!' Such reactions from the relatives and loved ones of those caught up in a cult are understandable reactions to the sudden change in behavior seen in the individual. But although such reactions are common, experts in the field of psychology and human behavior have observed that the majority of those who become entangled in a cultic system are usually above average intelligence, idealistic, and from generally good family backgrounds. The truth is, it is not the fault of the individual in joining the cult, rather, powerful mind control techniques have been employed which bypass the persons ability to critically evaluate and question the group that he or she has come into contact with. People do not 'join' cult groups, they are 'recruited' into them." (Info from Spotlight Ministries, UK.)

Straight Angles said...

Mike, Did you notice what Ronny says at 56.00 mins into sermon. Ironically he could very well be speaking about himself.

Notice how quickly he covers his foot prints by stating that he and his church are not effected by this mentality. He more or less uses the old God's Church/chosen people are the exception line.. Just in case a penny should drop among any of the congregation.