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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Blast From the Past: Ron Weinland on the Bob Rivers Show

Back in September of 2004 through January of 2005, False Prophet Ronald Weinland was actively promoting his first book "Prophesied End Time" by appearing on various radio programs. His publicist booked him on the Oct 7, 2004 episode of the Bob Rivers Show in Seattle. A recording of this show is still available for download as an mp3 file (Right-click, then Save As). At the 30 minute point in the file, an excerpt of REM's "It's the End of the World" was played as an intro. Bob mentioned some recent hurricanes and some rumblings of Mt. St. Helens nearby to Seattle, and then the interview began.

Ronald Weinland stated that, unlike all the other quacks and weirdos, he is a Prophet of God and that the US would undergo increases calamities in the following 4 years. Two thirds of the US would die. While the following year saw the great Tsunami of December 2004 (not affecting the US) and Hurricane Katrina (which did affect the US), it was pretty quiet after that.

One ironic statement: when asked about his church, Ron said they didn't bother with buildings since they wouldn't be around very long. Yet it was the following spring when he moved into his newly-built $381,000 mansion into which he rolled a lot of equity he'd built up in houses through the years, including by some accounts on the backs of his Erie WCG congregation. While Ron insists that he paid for the labor of his Erie flock, there is some disagreement with that. But I digress (smack), let's get back to the interview with Bob Rivers.

Ron stated that copies of the book would be sent out free, and claimed that there would be no request for money. However, that was NOT true. A letter was included along with the books with a suggestion that contributions would be accepted, and of course the URL for the church website. However mild, there was a contribution request none the less.

Bob Rivers asked if the revelations of impending doom came from the jawbone of an ass or a (burning) bush. Ron didn't have a good response for that one and didn't answer. Bob's sidekick had a hard time holding in the mirth. They asked if he had a girl friend. Maybe they never heard the saying "There's a lid for every pot." In Ron's case it would be more proper to say "a lid for every crackpot".

After the interview and Ron hung up, Bob stated that he was the biggest crackpot they'd had on the show in 5 years.

This interview is not included in the ones that Ron put up on his website (surprise). I have a feeling that Ron began looking for a new publicist after this interview or at least chewed them a new one. I wonder if Bob Rivers and his sidekick have yet experienced their speedy death from the inside. Unlike myself, still criticizing this false prophet over 20 weeks since Ron reimposed his death curse on me back on December 20. (And shame on me for remaining anonymous.)


Dill Weed said...

Ron has GOT to do more radio interviews!

He more fun than a barrel full of retarded monkeys! (apologies to retarded monkeys everywhere)

The Jaw bone of an ass link (It wasn't working):


I don't think Ron knows just how funny he is.

Dill Weed

Thorum said...

Great find!! I suppeth from the cuppeth one more time!!! Thanks!!

Atrocious said...

Well, I listened to the part where they were interviewing Ron, and it IS ludicrous. I mean, that was almost 5 years ago and NOTHING has happened as he said it would and yet...and yet he STILL says he's God's true prophet. Very scary. He's VERY delusional, greedy, and a whole bunch of other adjectives that's too many to list. Of course he's a laughing stock. Sheesh!

Mark said...

I have been following this blog for over a year now, and have contributed a lot of anonymous comments in that time. I expected that Ron Weinland, after his prophecies did not come true, would do the right thing, the Christ-like thing, and say that he was wrong. But, contrary to his own words in his sermons, and contrary to all those proclamations on all those interviews, it comes down to this. He is a liar. That's it. He's a liar, and a liar cannot be trusted with anything, let alone human lives (i.e. spiritually leadership or financial stewardship).

Ron Weinland, contrary to your bloated self-indulgent ego, I would not even consider you a man. You have no character, are not Christlike, and obviously do not represent any quality of God, who you say you are in obedience to. You are what I consider a "little man", a person who has to act big to compensate for something deeply disturbing in your life. Nothing in your life is real, or has meaning anymore. Your entire existence is a lie that you keep perpetuating, but to what end?

You who follow Ron Weinland, and believe his falsehoods and concocted stories of God, do you feel good that you are also living his lie? How much do you have to give to keep this man afloat? The bottom line is, you are enabling a man who is, by his own words, a liar and insane. He said it himself, yet you dismiss it. Why? I guess that is because you are also the type to believe anything.

On a more sympathetic side, Ron Weinland suffers from a form of psychosis called megalomania. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megalomania. Remember, by his own words, he considers himself insane. and so should you.

Mark said...

On a lighter note, do you think Ron Weinland is expecting any product tie ins for the upcoming Hollywood movie about the end the world called 2012?

Mark said...

Sorry, I can't resist. This is Ronald Weinland in a recent interview. http://www.thisistheend.com/

Atrocious said...

Mark, you can add narcissistic to that megalomania disorder. Also, how about pathological liar, schizophrenic (he hears voices; i.e. the voice of "god"), psychotic (is not in reality) and yes...he is definitely INSANE!

Anonymous said...

Weinland insane? Don't believe a word of it. Crazy like a fox, maybe, but definitely in full possession of all his faculties: THEY ARE ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY.