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Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Deal for You, Ronald Weinland

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Spokane today. Since the stock market is heading up, he focused on the jobless statistics and prophesied a big fall. Later on he discussed the large numbers of people he's cycled through and discarded, calling it "a sifting".

Ron took time to take a shot at me. He called me a liar who won't give my real name. Someone who knows where he lives but whose name and address he doesn't know. And probably someone who attended god's house side-by-side in counsel blended sweet.

Ron, I have no apology for not "having the guts" to disclose my real name and where I live. I'm not the one of us who declared death curses on the other. Never mind your lame attempt to spiritualize away your curse because it hasn't happened quickly, not even 20 weeks after you re-pronounced it. That's right Ron. You tried to make it as though you only said it once, during your first timeline. But you repronounced it again in December.

While I've published photos of your house, I haven't published your address even though I obviously could have. I don't wish you physical harm despite your multiple death curses against me, but there may be others whose lives you've damaged who are not so generous.

As far as being a liar, you've clearly defined yourself as one by not keeping multiple promises that you would not revise your prophecies. I on the other hand, have tried to be accurate in my blog postings and web site. I've even sent you an email asking you for corrections, but you haven't bothered responding. Delete - delete delete?

As far as having attending WCG together "side-by-side in counsel blended sweet", we may possibly have happened to walk to the big top side-by-side from the camping area in the piney woods at your first feast. But it certainly wasn't "in counsel blended sweet" as that was my last feast and I didn't want to be there at all while you were slurping down HWA's Flavor Aid. I rejected that false prophet, but you've idolized him and surpassed what he was in terms of egregious behavior even though you've impacted a small fraction of the people he has. (Fortunately fewer people, yet still too many).

Ron, as far as my being a bitter scorner delighting in my scorn, I'll tell you what. Keep all the promises you made in aaaall those interviews and in aaaaall those sermons that you would admit to being a false prophet and stop preaching when your prophecies failed. Acknowledge to your followers whom YOU have betrayed that God does not speak to you. Apologize to Kirrily, to Mike Allen, and to others who have and are still following you for misleading them. Make a full accounting to all your followers for your financial dealing and make amends as best you can. While you're at it, do the same with the government for anything you may have held back and make Cesar happy with you. Stop the distribution of your books and make the announcement that you are a false prophet on all your web sites. Do all that, and I'll take down my web sites. After all, there are plenty of other false prophets to torment. Do we have a deal, Ron?

Somehow I have feeling we'll both be still at it on May 28, 2012.


Mark said...

"Later on he discussed the large numbers of people he's cycled through and discarded, calling it "a sifting"."

Sounds like these people already sifted out Ron Weinland a while ago. Ron has just now gotten around to taking them off the church rolls. I am sure he took the time to send them some type of official notification laced with threats.

Anonymous said...
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Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Anon 9:19, I hated deleting your comment. But as per the commenting rules, Anonymous commenting is not allowed.

Straight Angles said...

Mike, If I'm not wrong Ronnie also suggests that minds such as yours are 'sick' because you think you know it all.
He says scorners such as you just can't think right. It blows his mind why people would want to understand demon minds like yours. He compares a mind like yours to those of mass murders.
I'm beginning to understand why some of the Weinland defenders are such angry individuals. Listening to his latest sermon and the first I've heard for some time, he does carry alot of anger within himself. As their IDOL he endorses hatred. Weinland expresses his hatred for selfish people with alot of passion in his tone.

I did like how he can understand how people thinks he is 'NUTS'.


Dill Weed said...

You gave him a picture of your mail box. How much information does he need?

Dill Weed

Luc said...
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Luc said...

I always wanted to be cursed by Ronnie, I'm jealous.

Actually I'm just testing to see if I can comment on your blog using Safari instead of firefox.

Whisper said...

"Since the stock market is heading up, he focused on the jobless statistics and prophesied a big fall".

Stocks are in fact heading upward again, most propabably to level off around 10,000 eventually and work from thier... 14,000 is a unreasonable number and will not be attained again for a long long time... and hopefully next time it will be attained as a real indicator of our economy and not proped up by faulty aspirations...

But... here's the stats:

May 1st - 8th = +407
All of April = +561
All of March = +550
All of February = -944 (ugly month...)
All of January = -772 (another ugly month...)

But things have turned, this is not a fluke or a short change, it's 3 solid months of 500 +/- point changes and wallstreet investors are coming out of T-Bill hiding holes and investing again... there is daylight and it is slowly becoming brighter :-)

Job statistics are supprisingly less damaging than predicted for April... but still down. But that train IS slowing and will come to a halt. As wallstreet re-invests and money moves from secure shelters to the more lucrative market more need of jobs will appear and $$ starts flowing.

The 4th thunder is actually receeding, the volumne is being turned down. Right now, today, America is becoming stronger financially, not weaker. What will happen tommorow is un-known, but the indicators are pointing upwards...

Now, how does this all fit into Rons picture exactly? Without the 4th thunder reverberating loudly what other thunder or trumpet is sounding with clarity?


Dill Weed said...

Seems like I remember ole Ron speaking of the Thunders say, "Always increasing, never decreasing." or maybe that was his wishful thinkg out loud about tithe income.

Dill Weed

hmm... said...

Very interesting.....
Keep up the good work Mike

Anonymous said...
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Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Once again, although I had no problem with the comment I had to delete it, since as stated right above the comment entry box:
"Anonymous Commenting is not allowed"
All you have to do is put a nickname, either in the body of your comment or select "Name/URL" and fill in the "name" box, (URL is nor required).