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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

All the Timelines

As pointed out by a commenter on my previous post, there is yet another false prophet taking advantage of the happenstance of 1335 days between today, the Feast of Trumpets, and Pentecost of 2012. A breakaway splinter from Six-Pack Flurry's Philadelphia COG, Church of God's Faithful is headed by Robert Ardis who considers Flurry to be Laodicean. Ardis is also prophesying the return of Christ based on this 1335-day framework but with variations.

Clicking on the graphic above of Ardis' timeline will expand it to be readable. Ardis' timeline has the two witnesses beginning their 1260 days of prophesying on December 10 instead of Weinland's December 14. Apparently (unlike Weinland) Ardis doesn't consider lying dead in the streets of Jerusalem for 3 1/2 days as actual testimony. Ardis's Great Tribulation doesn't begin until April 4 of next year. On Pentecost of 2012, there's a first resurrection and Christ doesn't return with the 144,000 until Trumpets of 2012.

So with Ardis' prophesy, it appears we have some time to be clear that he's a false prophet. On the other hand, James Malm has prophesied that the man of sin will be revealed today. I just wonder how widely this man will be revealed -- will he be revealed to everyone or just James?

But perhaps Ardis was the first to develop a timeline around the 1335-day interval between Trumpets 2008 and Pentecost 2012, as his book "Whoso Reads Let Him Understand" was published in 2003.

With Malm's Witnesses beginning their jobs around October 26, Ardis's on December 10, and Ron and Laura on December 14, that could be interesting. Perhaps we could arrange for all three pairs of witnesses meet after Dec. 14. They could have contests of plague-bringing-down and turning water into blood. And maybe for a finale they could all breath fire on each other.


Mizpeh said...

A very entertaining post!

The video description/text says:- "God's Church has assumed that "time, times, and ½ time" in Revelation 12:14 equals 1260 days. This assumption is in error! This was a preconceived idea that prevented a proper count of some very important times that lie directly ahead! The calculations for each of the numbered periods (1335, 1290, 1260, and 1150 days) when applied to 2008 - 2012, can be remarkably connected to the appointed times of Gods Holy Days."

A careful listening to his videos and his written material suggests that he is not dogmatic about the 2008-2012 timeline.

Maybe it is a unfair to label him a false prophet based on what he is showing us. Let's "watch this space" - it should be a very interesting few months .....

Mike (EkimKS) said...

A careful listening to his videos and his written material suggests that he is not dogmatic about the 2008-2012 timeline.

I must admit I didn't have the patience to listen to the entire presentation. The parts I sampled seemed pretty dogmatic. But every smart false prophet will throw out a few disclaimers he can point to when it fails to materialize.

Given the general failures of prophets, I'm going to prophesy that he'll turn out to be a false prophet. So one of us will definitely be a false prophet.

Anonymous said...

Why do we need a prophet?

jack635 said...

"And maybe for a finale they could all breath fire on each other"
So last one standing is the real one? I can just imagine all three of them burning each other to ashes with none standing.

Rob said...

Thank you for that comment Mizpeh. I'm a Robert Ardis fan (and a CGF member). The CGF does not claim 100% certainty on the timeline - but so far it's correct. I think it's likely to stay correct, but if not, as Mr. Ardis himself has said many times... "Time will tell, and truth will stand!"
I have also made a few comments on my own web page, commenting on some of the splits. You may care to check out my church of god page using the Name/URL link I've given here.

Mizpeh said...

>Anonymous said...Why do we need a prophet?<

Well, what immediately came to mind when I read this was "Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." (Amos 3:7).

Rob makes a good point here "Time will tell, and truth will stand!" - if this 2008-2012 scenario is correct, we won't have to wait long to know!

Eventually God's time will come to put an end to this evil society - the two witnesses will be here and the speculation and scoffing will be at an end.