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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weinland's Spiritual Battle with the IRS

Back on the 5th of July, Weinland made some cryptic statements in his sermon. Later developments give us a perspective on their meaning. Press the play button to listen to these statements, the transcript that follows has time points for the MP3 file of the sermon downloaded from COG-PKG website.

1:12:44: My wife and I have been going through some anguish this week, that one day we’ll be able to share. That is one of the greatest trials we have had yet. Truly. But I can’t go through them. And things that just rip you up inside sometimes and tear you apart, that matches what happened when we left Worldwide and that was the worst.

1:14:07: So. Just to make a long story short. We could use your prayers. (laughs nervously) Because there are some spiritual battles going on out there, a warfare -- so stirred up right now, that it is truly astounding. We’ve talked about what an amazing thing -- right after the sermon that was given last Sabbath and about that being and about his days that are numbered. [speaking of Satan] Boy, when he lashes out, he lashes out. But, there’s spiritual wars that go on and effects us in different ways, and it draws us closer to God. Because God is the one that delivers us. Powerfully, powerfully so.

Ronald Weinland spiritual battleWhen bad things that Weinland predicted don't happen, it's spiritual. And when bad things that Weinland didn't predict do happen, that's spiritual too. He still hasn't told his followers about his IRS woes.

The IRS CID began issuing the summonses for records of the False Prophet's financial transactions the week after this sermon was given. I would infer from Ronnie's statements that he became aware of the criminal investigation during the week before the sermon.

I imagine that the IRS special agent investigating Weinland has been called many uncomplimentary things by the targets of her investigations. But I'll bet that this is the first time that she's been alluded to as an Instrument of Satan waging a spiritual war. On December 14 when the Insane Liar regains his Revelation 11:5 witness power, his likely first exercise of that power will be to call for the death of this Instrument of Satan.

When the Special Agent began her career in CID she probably had no idea that she'd be investigating a Prophet of the God of Abraham and also a biblical character -- specifically the Spokesman no less of the Two End-Time Witnesses of Revelation Chapter 11. The investigation may as well be terminated right now, because God is going to deliver the False Witness from the devilish clutches of the IRS. Powerfully, powerfully so.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Ron and his church people will start experiencing the Great Tribulation in 2009 as all their financial worries start catching up to them- those who mortgaged their homes and gave it to Ron and who didn't plan for anything after 2008, and Ron, who will have to face the music about his own fraudulent tax issues.
He should write a new book titled "2009- the Year the Piper Came Calling".

Ron knows that his days of pastoring a church are numbered (actually he's on borrowed time). He may have one last trick up his sleeve which is sure to stun his captive audience of a few hundred. When you've come this far as an insane lying false prophet, you won't go out humbly (by your own repentence), but will be forced to by either 1) his lieutenant deputy generals, or 2) the United States government.

jack635 said...

If this is a FACT:

"those who mortgaged their homes and gave it to Ron"

Ronald Weinland should be required to reimburse that mortgage money. There must be some kind of criminal or civil penalty against him. At the very least he is guilty of mischief. I'm not a lawyer, but how about fraud?

If any person were to become distraught over handing over their very existence to that con artist and then committed suicide in their grief, RW IS GUILTY of criminal negligence causing death.

I know we are allowed religious freedom, but surely there is some kind of law to protect innocent victims from this kind of FRAUD.

jack635 said...

Ronald Weinland is not a prophet. Unless you spell it profit.
Do not give any money to this man. You would do well to give your money to the poor on the streets, or the poverty stricken in your own community.

jack6435 said...

How about feeding and clothing your kids properly, instead of giving your money to Ronald Weinland.