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Sunday, September 21, 2008

From Where Will Weinland's New Sheeple Come?

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was back in Cincinnati yesterday. A number of people from outside the area traveled there. Perhaps it was to hear the announcements that Weinland held back until after the streaming audio feed was shut down after the closing prayer.

According to a comment left on my previous post, the recording of the sermon has not been posted on the COG-PKG website. The secretive announcements or the lack of the sermon recording may lead some to speculate that Ron has fled or is about to flee the IRS, but personally I doubt that he will flee this year. The lack of a recording on the website is probably due to his technical incompetence, and he is probably waiting to have a portion of the sermon edited out. It seems one of the remote sites lost the web feed in the middle. Weinland probably knows how to edit out the opening and closing prayers but edits in the middle could be beyond him.

A good part of the sermon was spent in discussing how to treat new people, such as not overwhelming them with all the rules that Weinland imposes such as clean and unclean meats and second tithing. I'm wondering how he thinks he's going to get them. According to Quantcast, the traffic to his the-end website has fallen further.
The traffic volume is about where it was a year ago, coincident with the absence of paid ads for Google search results. He did announce a French translation of his book, so maybe he'll have an ad campaign in virgin territory in preparation for his exile.

One of the other bloggers concluded from last week's sermon that Weinland is now prohibiting perfumes at all Sabbath services, and that soap may be next. One statement could be interpreted to mean that they won't be wearing clothes at all. My interpretation of Weinland's statement last week was that it was to let people from out of town know that some in Cincinnati are sensitive to perfume odors. I imagine that Weinland's followers will bathe and use soap, that is those who haven't given all their money to Weinland to support his false prophecies.


Anonymous said...

Wow. The end of the world is coming [according to RW] and all that's circulating around the Internet is abstaining from perfumes. Yes, the final witness is doing such a smash up job. According to a previous sermon of his, he doesn't really give a flip about warning the world anymore anyway since they are moronic and don't get it.

Purple Hymnal said...

We "don't get it"? What don't we get?

Timeline #1 failed.

Now the False Witless has moved on to Timeline #2.

Deut. 18:22 anyone?

Anonymous said...

The only real "trumpet" that Weinland is ever gong to hear is the horn blowing to tell him and the other inmates to come back in from the yard when he's in jail for fraud, tax evasion, etc.

This guy needs to do the right thing right now! And that is to admit to his flock that he has been 100% wrong about everything.

He should really think about this. Every day that he proceeds with this charade just makes him look more like a crook and a conman. But if he admits that he was wrong and apologizes, then he may actually escape with something of a reputation. At worst he will just be a guy who was passionate and zealous, but misguided and mistaken.

Which would you want to be remembered as?

Poor Richard said...

Most that traffic in the middle of '08 was from us over at Ironwolf's forum. When we all lost interest, his traffic plummeted. Thanks Ron for all the fish!

Also, he has been banning perfume and scented soaps, etc., forever. I remember him doing that to us in his UCG congregation in Tooleedoo back in the late nineties. There is a couple or two who are very sensitive to smells and he asked us to not wear cologne or use scented shampoo before services.

Anonymous said...

Does he allow the women to wear make-up?

Did he have any special announcements that weren't part of the sermon he posted? I guess his time of "warning the U.S." is over now since he hasn't had any interviews recently. I'm sure that's because the only thing the radio hosts will want to talk about is his failed prophecies of April 17th.

Anonymous said...

I hope Weinland enjoys his travels to very nice resort locations on the dimes of his sheep. Hawaii?! Australia?! Geez. Maybe he can have postcards of these places while he is in prison for tax fraud. I am going to start my own church just to be able to travel like he does.

He alluded to new converts having to be "on their own" and have no contact with his church. Maybe because he knows he will have fled to escape his tax woes?

It's going to be a difficult time for the people in his church as they have to face their own lives the first half of next year when they begin to "wake up" and understand that they have been deceived by a manipulative, arrogant, haughty, false-prophet. They will also have to face the music financially as their debts are coming due because of their own stupidity for following this man.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mike (EkimKS) said...

Anonymous said at 12:12:
I would love for Ron Weinland to debate a well known Christian scholar on the foundation of his false prophecies- British Israelism. If he is a prophet, he should be able to hold his own, but since he is shrinking back and only talking to captive audiences, I don't think that's likely.
Weinland- go out and debate RC S****! You can't because you would never hold a candle to the brilliance of RC.
In fact, anyone who wants to learn the truth of historic Christianity should listen to Dr. S*****. http://www.xxxxxx.org/xxx.php

and then didn't think he'd said enough because at 1:08 continued:

I would think that anyone interested in knowing how we got our Bible Canon would watch this: http://www.xxxxxx.org/media_player.php?tabID=1&id=90.
to which the blog owner replies:
You're not going to use my blog on one religious exploiter to promote yet another religious exploiter. If you want to be exploited by him, have at it. But no recruiting here.

jack635 said...

My my....they are coming out of the woodwork.

Anonymous said...

First of all, RC S***** is not a religious exploiter. He's not your TBN-type tele-evangelist, but an academic, who tackles and explains historic Christian faith in an intelligent and rational way.

Secondly, of course you can delete anything you want on this blog as you are the administrator. My hope was that someone who was sniffing around looking for information about Weinland might listen to his lectures and see another side, one that is way more balanced. You obviously don't know anything about RC S***** nor have listened to any of his lectures.

Thirdly, I find that these anti-Weinland blogs have something in common. That is, it appears the administrators do not share an orthodox faith, but are apparently merely religious exploiters themselves, poking fun at Weinland while not offering anything other than faithlessness as an alternative. That's a shame because you could do so much more. I won't even read the vitriol that comes from Purple Hymnal's blogs anymore.

That being said, I have been a regular contributor (albeit anonymously) to this blog since April (on nearly every one of your blog posts). But, this is my last one.

jack635 said...

"That being said, I have been a regular contributor (albeit anonymously) to this blog since April (on nearly every one of your blog posts). But, this is my last one."

So you slowly slip into the crowd, tow the party line, and when you have been perceived to be one of the crowd you make your intentions known.
Any minister who glorifies himself or is glorified by his followers is not of God. In a perfect church a minister would read the word of God and then shut his mouth and sit down.
Your attempt to proclaim your RC S****** is the same method RW tells his sheep about new converts:
Don't jump on them and shove clean and unclean meats down their throat or ask them if they know about the second tithe. Slowly allow them into the church and they will learn by example.

The Weinland blogs discuss RW. I'm sure if you look you will find a anti RC S****** blog.

Ronald Weinland is a false prophet.
And you could be a liar.

Purple Hymnal said...

"I won't even read the vitriol that comes from Purple Hymnal's blogs anymore."

Nice to know you're still clinging to Armstrongism and its black-or-white mindset: The only thing that's changed is the theology.

BTW, I haven't updated the PurpleHymnal blog since I finished it, which was 2 months ago, give or take.

As for vitriol, there is a difference between spewing invective (what you just did there) and TELLING THE TRUTH.

That's all I did with my examination of how the songs in the purple hymnal were used for thought reform ON ME.

jack635 said...

I love that word "TRUTH"

And the truth shall set you free.

Mike (EkimKS) said...

To Mr Anonymous: Thank you for your support, although it's hard to have an idea who is posting here when everyone is anonymous -- and it would only take a few seconds to click the Name/URL button and type in a handle.

If your Dr. S does not perform honest work and lives off the tithes and/or offerings of his followers, then he is an exploiter, plain and simple. He may not be as egregious an exploiter as Weinland, but an exploiter he is nonetheless.

As far as my being an exploiter, I make no money off my blog. I don't even have Adsense ads. I make my living with honest labor. Talking about vitriol -- calling ME a religious exploiter. Gimme a break.

As far as an alternative to Weinlandism, nothing is definitely better. Nothing is better than any religion, but that's for each individual to choose. I haven't used my blog to promote a particular belief, if you're offended because I won't let you use it to promote your belief, then so be it.

Anonymous said...

PH- I apologize if I mistook you for the admin of Weinlandwatch, who I believe also to be the admin for "Armstrong Survivor". If that's not you, then I am sorry.

Anonymous said...

What? Mike blocks comments to the newest post about another "religious exploiter", Robert Ardis? You posted it YOURSELF- a headline for an "exploiter" false prophet.

Yet again, orthodoxy is trampled here. If you are anti-Christian, then just admit it on the front page of this blog- save those who are orthodox believers some time in not reading your other tributes to false prophets. As much as I despise Ron Weinland's false prophecies, I have an orthodox faith, and do not accept those, like you, who deny the faith.

jack635 said...

Ronald Weinland is a false prophet. --"If by pentecost... ...I will stop preaching"

And you could be a liar. "But, this is my last one"

Ronald Weinland is a false prophet and you are a liar.

Anonymous said...

Jack, when you post something that doesn't sound like a 4th grader, then let's debate. Your posts aren't intelligent enough to reply to. Think about that.

Anonymous said...

jack- you said at your blog jack635.blogspot.com "I am an honest, live Christian. I see preachers, ministers, priests etc deceiving all who will listen. I am the kind of person who has to comment on these deceptions by responding with the truth."

but you don't have the truth, do you? who's truth do you have? why are you exploiting your own theology here on this blog?

jack635 said...

Don't go away angry.........

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am not angry. I don't care about you or what you post, as I have mentioned.

jack635 said...

Then why are we discussing it?

Anonymous said...

"Then why are we discussing it?"

I am not, you are.

Mike (EkimKS) said...

OK, this is getting a bit tedious. Jack, let Mr. Anon have the last word with his ironic self-contradicting statement.

Anon, if you consider my mention of false prophet Ardis a tribute, I won't try to argue you out of that.

And you're right, I'm not an orthodox Christian -- I'm far from it. But I haven't promoted my particular views here and I'm sure not going to let you promote yours here either.

Jack, whose language skills you've mocked, has demonstrated himself capable of setting up his own blog. I suggest that you do the same, and on your own blog you can expound your own views as you see fit.

And then maybe you won't feel compelled to break your own promise by commenting on my blog. Don't let the door bang your butt on the way out.

Anonymous said...

What did I "promise" (nothing really), other than I said I wasn't going to "contribute" to your ongoing exploitations, which I haven't, and I was true to my word in that that you have not received any more comments from me "contributing" to your mocking of Weinland. I can't stand Weinland, but I also cannot stand those who have no real contribution other than mocking. What is this blod all about anyway? And, my follow-up post was not contributing to YOUR headline posts at all, but directed to another commenter. It was Mr. Jack who jumped in with his witless comments, instigating my response, as you did here as well.
This blog has been fun for five months, because of Weinland, but you are not fun. I doubt you were really ever a part of his church in the first place.

Mike (EkimKS) said...

On Sept 24, the anonymous one who has steadfastly refused to read my request for a nickname stated:
That being said, I have been a regular contributor (albeit anonymously) to this blog since April (on nearly every one of your blog posts). But, this is my last one.

Seems pretty clear that was a promise to be the anonymous one's last contribution to this blog, regardless of content. Maybe he's listened to Weinland too much -- twisting his own words in retrospect.

And somehow he can't figure out what this blog is about, despite having read it for 5 months. And hasn't been able to figure out whether or not I've ever attended Weinland's church. Somehow the blog is fun, but the blog owner is not fun. Hmmm. Oh well, I'm willing to leave that as a mystery.

Anonymous one, let me reiterate that you're able to blog on whatever you want to -- on your own blog. You can insult who you want -- on your own blog. And setting up a blog is free and not that difficult (maybe if you ask Jack real nice he'll tell you how).

Anyway, this discussion is off topic to the post, and is over. This topic is locked.