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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No Humility Back Here, Either

Ronald Weinland's humble homeIn my last post, Weinland's Hovel of Humility, I showed the front of Ronald and Laura Weinland's house. The view from that angle is somewhat misleading. Large windows and entrance-way lead to the impression that the house is smaller than it is. This photo shows the rear of the house and gives a better perspective as to its size. Notice the wing that extends to the rear from the far side of the house. The covered porch (no barrels of water in sight) is behind the garage on the nearer side of the house.

I estimate that the False Prophet's house is at least twice the size of the house in which I grew up along with four siblings. With blue collar wages, that was the best my father could do after tithing to another false prophet, Herbert Armstrong. It's too bad that productive members of society allow such leeches to deprive their families for such unworthy results such as to buy an over-sized house for only Mr. & Mrs. False Prophet to live.

The median price of a home in Cincinnati is $162,500. At $381,000 the Weinland home is worth more than twice the median. I wonder how many of Weinland's followers have a home valued significantly (say 25%) above median. And how many that do have homes have mortgaged them to the hilt in support of Weinland's insane prophecies, in contrast to owning them free and clear as indicated by a comment (if true) to the other post.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how so many of us "back in the day" and many still today think it is perfectly OK for an executive minister of a church to have a lifestyle so far and above the average tithe-paying member, all coming from those same tithes that should be going to preach the gospel.

In Malachi 3:8 when God declares you have robbed me in tithes and offerings, He is not talking to the members, but to the priests (ministers) for misusing the tithes that were set apart for God. Yet, so many ministers beat the brethren over the heads with this scripture to force tithe paying, when, in reality, it is directly talking to how they use the money that they get.

Ron Weinland's people need to take notice of this.

DennisDiehl said...

Ministerial housing was always a pain in the ass for the average minister. Some lived in Castles however and I figured they were selling drugs or something on the side. I went to visit two ministers in Atlanta, still well employed in their own churches and just had to wonder how they do this. The one had his garage full of radio controlled airplanes. Looked more like a hanger than a garage.

I borrowed money from the folks to get into a house so the family and kids would experience a sense of place. Small to very average homes like I grew up in. I rented on dumbass larger home when I came to SC but should have just gone with an apt. Moved to smaller home in the area however.

Compliantly moving evertime the church said to, it did nothing but break the bank and hurt the kids. I just returned from visiting my folks who live in the same house they bought 65 years ago. Slept in the bed I grew up with as a child, little has changed. That would have been fine with me.

In hindsite, I resented all the moving for Jesus that WCG could inflict upon ministers. Mostly stupid moves and usually to move one guy who had driven the congregation nuts to somewhere else they didn't know where to put him and give the congregation a break.

It was fun however inviting back all the problem people who were disfellowshipped for smoking, being too fat, drinking, asking questions, dating hominids outside the church etc.

'ol Ron has quite a spread for his home.

PS I now live in a one bedroom apt with my cat scotch, my 12 guppies, my stone tool and artifact collection and Faith.

Those crazy windows of heaven are stuck!

Anonymous said...

Does Ron Weinland talk about a place of safety? Maybe he would consider his mansion in the Cincinatti suburb as a safe house for everyone in his church.

I'd be even willing to donate a bunkbed and track suit.

Anonymous said...

According to one of the early radio interviews, Weinland was saying that the church had no plans to flee.

Now that he's rebooted the timeline, and it's clear for (most) all to see that he's only in it for the money, it's apparent why the church "has no plans to flee".

That would be a waste of money that Weinland believes belongs in his own pocket.