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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weinland's Wrath

In response to my last post which described Weinland's rebuttal of accusations of using free labor from church members to build up his real estate equity, commenter Tom offered his personal experience with Weinland in Erie, PA:

It's interesting to note that Weinland defended the position that there was no wrong doing when he had various church members working and building his home in Erie. He simply made the claim that everyone was well paid. Ron did make the allegation that many ministers did hold work parties and milked the membership, but he took the higher road and would not think of behaving in such a manner and taking advantage of the expertise of the membership.

However, he failed to defend that he was untruthful with the membership about his departure and that he would be selling his newly built Erie home and moving to Toledo. I was a member in the Erie church and Weinland did have work parties and would ask for volunteers to come on Sundays while his house was being built. There were many who volunteered their time cutting timber in order to clear the lot for his home. My father helped with the clearing of the lot and was paid nothing. My father wouldn't have accepted any money, but there was not even an offer.

Weinland wanted volunteers and asked people during church services for their time and participation. Many members would not accept money for their labor considering that Weinland was their pastor. If the people would have known that Weinland was leaving the Erie area, their probably would not have been the urgency to help with the construction efforts of Weinland's home.

I have only one question, why would you sell your current home and build a much larger home, if you knew that you were being transferred?

Equity! Equity, and more Equity. Weinland has even boasted in various sermons that God has blessed him with the tremendous amount of equity that he has received from selling various homes over the years.

In my opinion it has always been about the money.

Ron Weinland even sold a church minivan with high mileage to a family in the Franklin church for $10,000. Remember Ron, it was a blue Dodge Caravan.

Ron do you remember the time in Franklin when you were very angry with the members who were talking during service and not listening.

Do you remember the location?

You rented a hall in Franklin called the Knights of Columbus for the weekly Sabbath.

Remember that you were so angry that you lost your temper and stormed out the entrance nearest the podium and slammed the door. Afterward you re-entered at the rear and returned to the podium to finish your sermon. Weinland, you can call us liars, but there were 300 people there that day that saw you angry and storming out of the service.

Ex-member Deb had nothing to add about building houses, but did offer her observations of Weinland's temperment:

'Tis not surprising to read of Ronald Weinland's habit of angry outbursts in the past- for me, that was the first Red Flag that he wasn't God's Final Witness, as he said/wrote.

I recall the one time I was at a PKG Sabbath service where he was present. He was having some technical difficulties getting the up-link. He was sweating profusely and fuming - you could see the 'smoke coming out of his ears'. I thought at the time, that the thing to do would have been to ask everyone to pray for God's intervention - thus becoming more calmed & centred. He got so overheated the windows at the front of the room had to be opened - this was in mid-winter and the weather outside was below zero.

Then there were all those sermons when he starts ranting and raving.

I have no doubt that RW is in this gig for the fortune & fame. A while back, I had wondered why Ronald made such a big deal of 'promoting' Laura over the elders. I am thinking it's cuz he's either added her to the PKG payroll or he gave her a hefty raise.

My speculation is that Laura was promoted over the rest of the church as a backup plan should he end up with an extended vacation in Club Fed courtesy of IRS CI. He could give her instructions during prison visits on how to handle the church to keep it together for his eventual release.

With respect to Weinland's temper, he seems to be able to rein it in during sermons when he knows he's being recorded. Several times cell phones have gone off during his sermons and he has just laughed it off. During his Feb 16, 2008 sermon he was interrupted twice. A babbling and then fussy child went on with increasing volume for about 5 minutes before Ron calmly asked that the child be taken out. About 20 minutes later, a woman interrupted him to ask a question. Ron calmly stated that there were to be no interuptions during services, and then went on to offer an answer to her question.

Tom's allegations about the free labor to build Ron's house in Erie are unsubstantiated, but then so is Ron's rebuttal that he paid everyone. When deciding which unsubstantiated statement is more credible, I remember this statement:

If by Pentecost.... I'm just going to to make this real clear to everyone. If by Pentecost it is not powerfully and abundantly clear that there has been a great deal of destruction that will clearly encompass a third of all plant life in the US, and at least the clear results of this mingled with blood, the death of very much animal life and the beginning of large numbers in human life, then I will stop preaching. Just so that all the critics and everyone out there will understand. I am true to my word in these things. OK? And for all the critics: If by the end of July and most likely around Pentecost, if nothing has clearly caused great destruction and death.... I will make it very clear that I was a false prophet. I will do exactly what I said I would do on all of those interviews that I have held. To do less, (snorts) well, would be quite insane.

This statement was made by Insane Lying False Prophet Ronald Weinland on March 29, 2008. When Pentecost (June 8) arrived, he continued preaching. And by the end of July, he had not acknowledged being a false prophet. Rather, by the end of June he had rolled out his 50th "truth" and his second timeline.

On top of that, there's also Ron's Total Resolve Cruise to consider. And Ron's Total Resolve Refinancing of his $381,000 mansion. Considering all this, I've decided whether or not to believe Ron over Tom, and I think you can guess whom I find more credible.


Dill Weed said...

The Weinland Witness has washed his hands of ROn the Witless Witness.

Dill Weed

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Weinland Witness blog can become a recovery haven for ex-Weinland followers. Weinland sure has messed up a lot of people's lives through his ministry. What he does is so antithetical to what the Bible teaches, but so many of his converts don't know that, or won't believe it. Sad really.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

I don't think that TWW would work well for a recovery haven. Citizen X has a heavy-handed policy for deleting comments critical of Weinland, and that wouldn't work well.

As it is, the Weinland Flavor Aid drinkers are abandoning TWW because of the false prophet declaration.

jack635 said...

Hi Mike,

I was a little stunned to stunned the Weinland Witness proclamation today. From what little I have read there, I did not expect the false prophet stuff.
After reading Citizen X's page I think he or she would probably allow people like us to comment(I could be wrong on this one). As long as a comment is not rude, provocative, or meant to instigate combative reactions, X seems to ignore the delete button. I am sure some of the followers of Weinlandism are still going to keep the debate going.

I guess debate is a poor choice of word. They do seem to have a haughtiness about them. Sort of like they are better than the garbage they are talking at.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

I read it differently. John G/Citizen X stated he was going to maintain the same commenting policy and keep the blog going as a haven for the deluded.

But the deluded are bowing out since his false prophet acknowledgment.

As far as the general attitude of the deluded, you've got that nailed. Ask them a question they can't answer, they start trying (pathetically) to put you down.

Steve said...

In regards to money Ron has etc...well i remember back in around late 2007 that Ron was telling us (when i was a "confused" follower-NOT a member) that he had a home in Switzerland all set up for him, his wife, & kids to "retreat" to when "things get bad" around April 2008 (but might not leave til perhaps june depending how fast things happen) & he will operate his site from there until god "tells him" to goto Jerusalem.

He has never mentioned any of that again however. So he probably has a nice log cabin in the mountains of the swiss alps to watch the world burn. I would bet if he thinks he is about to be arrested by the feds, this is where they will all go, unless switzerland is legally bound to send him back...not sure of their laws on that kind of thing.

Some of us were wondering if he was going to take us with him to be protected during the trib as a sort of "place of safety", but that idea was soon squashed because after being confused by the many many mixed signals Ron gave us about this subject, I spoke to him directly asking him if there was any "guarantee" that his followers would escape the troubles ahead...he said quite clearly...NO...and that "most of us will indeed die....horribly", however when he speaks publicly, he doesnt make it as clear as he did to me privately...which is why most have the wrong impression that to join Rons CULT, you will be safe/protected.

I even got an email from him once encouraging me to "obey God (in other words Ron) and you will be protected"...and then he tells me some time later as stated above, that "most of us will die"

Thought you may find all that interesting :>)

Steve said...

By the way Mike, i think (if you agree), that you should make a public notice of the fact that his members are NOT guaranteed to be protected and that infact "most of them will die"....that will hopefully wake alot of them up because most of them are atleast partly in his group because they think they will be safe.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

"that he had a home in Switzerland all set up for him, his wife, & kids to "retreat" to when "things get bad" around April 2008"

How crazy is that? 1) Believe Ron's interpretation of prophecy and "obedience" to God 2) Pay Ron, 3) Ron escapes to Switzerland and absconds with the money and continues to run a website, 4) followers of Ron are truly "Left Behind" to fend for themselves and DIE.

Now that's a religion I can get behind! Where do I sign up.

Mike A said...

Though I am moving past the point of name-calling to Ron, I am not past the point of being his critic. Nor will I be until he is either dead, in prison, or denounces himself finally as a prophet of God.
Unlike other false prophets who have only spoken in the generic title of "god", Ron has spoken in the actual name Yahweh. It is for this reason that his death sentence will have already been issued by the one True God.
It is only up to God to carry out this death sentence and will be in His divine way and timing.
Perhaps God will allow Ron to go on for a while longer to prove to all that everything he has stated will not happen in the way he has said it would.
Or perhaps his punishment will come after Passover. I personally would not partake in Passover after false witnessing and prophesying in God's name! To do so would be drinking one's own destruction!
We'll have to wait to see how God handles this - but know that God will handle Ron with a very heavy hand!
I will not feel bad for Ron or his family when Ron's end comes. They must know by this time what Ron really is. If they do not then they are ignorant, blind, and pathetic. Most likely whipped by Ron's tyrranical rulership over his household. His kids need to grow a backbone and break away - father or not!!!
As to the followers of Ron, all friends I had while in the church will always be my friends when they break from Ron's grips. When they need someone to lean on after realizing Ron is false, I'll be here for them.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...


While not a lawyer, my understanding is that the Swiss will not extradite for a tax evasion charge. But maybe that's not true, as the false prophet talked last fall about fleeing to the heart of the beast, Germany.

As far as Ron offering any protection to his followers, I and his other detractors realize that he has none to offer, and his followers would not be convinced anyway.

Steve, feel free to contact me via email (address on the picture of the mailbox to the right).

To a few of the other Mike's points: seems to me quite telling that the fact that all of the 5 other Armstrongite leaders are still alive in contradiction to Ron's prophesies for their deaths to occur early on as proof that he is a prophet.

It's too bad that your friends still in PKG have disfellowshipped you. Hopefully they will soon recognize Ron for the false prophet he is and resume contact with you.

Mike A said...

As I understand, Switzerland has no extradition agreements with any other countries. Nor do they cooperate with the U.S. as far as IRS investigations. This is the reason for the infamous "Swiss bank accounts".
They are and have always been an entirely neutral country in all matters. They will not change that unless something extremely drastic happens which forces them to change current laws.
I do not forsee this happening since all who go there to escape are ultra wealthy criminals who have planned most every aspect of their escape beforehand. These are not convienent store robbers.
I have no doubt after giving much thought to it that Ron and his wife will flee to Switzerland away from scrutiny and legal opposition to have a rich, peaceful life free of any legal problems. Perhaps he has set up a last minute type of flight to Switzerland for whenever it is needed so that he can travel there at a moments notice. One can only wonder.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

With a bit of googling, I was able to come up with a copy of the US-Swiss extradition treaty. But I am not a lawyer so I haven't studied it.

My understanding is that the Swiss will not extradite for tax evasion charges, but they will extradite for other types of criminal charges.

Anonymous said...

So would the CID charges be considered criminal charges under Swiss law? One bit of good news, at least.

Of course, Rotten Ron's got a ready-hidey-hole with Jeremy and the missus in Germany, so that's probably just obfuscation.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

PH, in reply to your question, read again this statement:
"My understanding is that the Swiss will not extradite for tax evasion charges, but they will extradite for other types of criminal charges."

It would depend on what the charges were.

Karen said...

I've personally heard Ron say from the pulpit that he was part of the 144,000 therefore would not suffer the tribulation. But the audience/membership listening to him weren't lucky enough to be counted in the 144,000 so they would have to suffer the tribulation.

The audience just continued to smile and shake their heads in agreement.