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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weinland's Hovel of Humility

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has made it clear that he will not wear clothes made of actual sackcloth during his term as an end-time witness, but instead will be wearing the Sackcloth of Humility (it's spiritual).

The usual picture that comes to mind of a person claiming to be an end-time witness is of a nut such as Yisrayl Hawkins who has a compound near Abilene, TX with trailers filled with supplies to survive the Great Tribulation and who blathers on about the "nukular baby".

On the other hand Ron Weinland has a much more mainstream appearance and is more articulate in interviews. The picture of Ron on his website shows him wearing a normal suit not made of sackcloth. Weinland has a home to match that image.

Spokesman Witness Ronnie and Silent Witness Laura live in a home in an exclusive suburb in the greater Cincinnati area. This suburb is also home to professional football players. The Weinland's home was valued at $381,000 when they bought it and even at that price is not the most expensive house in the neighborhood. That price is more than twice the value of my house, which is not in a depressed area. Perhaps I should have picked a more prophetable, er, profitable occupation.

Of interest is the green vegetation around Weinland's property in this picture taken in mid-July 2008 made available to Don't Drink the Flavor Aid. I guess that it wasn't included in the 1/3rd of vegetation destroyed by the First Trumpet. Oops, wait. The timeline was rewound and the First Trumpet won't be re-blown until December 14. So there's still time for all the green to turn brown, and if it doesn't happen right away we'll have all the way until the Fifth Trumpet.

Weinland has claimed that he was cashing out his equity in his home to help fund his media blitz with Google Adwords promoting his books. Since an audit of the church finances is not available, this claim should be viewed with a great deal of skepticism. But even if true it indicates a lack of total resolve. Ron and Laura should have sold the house and moved to an apartment. If the cost of upkeep is not more than $4000/month it has to be close to that when you consider the principal and interest on a loan of that amount together with the property taxes and insurance and probably homeowners association dues.

With the question being whether Ron the Rebooter is drinking his own Flavor Aid or just handing it out, this suggests that he is just handing it out. As indicated by his lack of total resolve and willingness to move to a cheaper dwelling instead of staying in this nice home.

To the False Prophet: Before you get all "stirred up" about my publishing a picture of your house, remember that you published directions to it when you hosted a reception for Jeremy. Note that the directions to your house are not reproduced here -- that's not the point of this post.

See the next post for a view of the back of the house.


weinlandtranscripted said...

Too bad we cannot get a satalite view of the back of the house which includes several water containers which are suppose to be on the back porch. In one of Weinland's sermons in January, he made claims that the neighbors probably were wondering what those large containers were doing on his back porch. He should have placed a couple on the front porch as well.

Anonymous said...

1) Ron Weinland did what he said he would not do (change his dates)
2) Did not do what he said he would do (declare himself a false prophet and stop preaching)

This all just leads one to believe that his sole purpose is to continue keeping and attracting more tithe slaves to fund his nice lifestyle.

Here's one thing for sure: the two witnesses are not going to come from a wealthy suburb of Cincinnati.

Mike (EkimKS) said...

ILFPRW's house is fairly new and is not shown in Google's satellite database. In any case, the back porch is covered.

I imagine that Mrs. False Prophet made Mr. False Prophet take the water containers inside, as they are not in view in the photographs provided to DDTFA.

Anonymous said...

By the Way, Weinland does not owe for the house. He paid cash for it.

Anonymous said...

That should make his followers happy. Ron Weinland used $380,000 cash from his church to buy his house.
Maybe he should put a sign on his front door that says "To The Honor and Glory of The Great God".

Anonymous said...
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Mike (EkimKS) said...

The objective of this post was NOT to publish the False Prophet's address, phone number, or other contact information.

The best kind of contact to have with him is none. Hopefully more of his members will come to realize this.

Richard said...

We'll see if his witnessing gives his neighboring Cincinnati Bengals renewed vigor this season.

After all, we can't have too many Super Bowls left. Maybe two or three?!

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned in an earlier comment that he's not drinking the Flavor Aid, just passing it out. So, do you really think he has been storing water and supplies? I don't think he has.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys
Interesting blog u have.
You all do have some valid points about weinland.
I have been following him since febraury this year.
With the date change only time will tell if he is true or not.
He did say though, at the beginning of the 3.5 years the US economy will be collapsed or close to it.
Im still skeptical but for some reason i believe what he says.
anyway, we see what happens.
If after 2008, nothing happens, then he is false without a doubt.