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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Following Ron

The audio of yesterday's sermon-without-a-title-or-a-scripture given by False Prophet Ronnie was posted on his church's website, and the title "Following God" was given to it.

At about 36 minutes into the mp3 file, Weinland refers back to Herbert Armstrong's change from a Monday Pentecost to a Sunday Pentecost. The point he made to his followers was that God gave Monday to his church (Armstrong) It would have been wrong for an individual to observe Pentecost on Sunday before God gave the "correct" day of Sunday to his church (Armstrong). This was followed by a claim that God gave the COG-PKG (Weinland) a new understanding of the timing of events.

This begs the question: when God gave the new understanding in 1994 to his church (Tkach), why didn't Ronnie follow? Hmmmm. No matter, the False Prophet's followers are already disposed to follow Ronnie as he turns on a dime.

As further insurance against loss of followers, he admonished them not to discuss the timeline reset among themselves. Another admonition was they they shouldn't worry about having to eat a little crow -- "Suck it up!!!" He expects that some would leave because of the reset, but only because they joined for the wrong reasons. And if they are not excited about the change, they are lacking spiritually.

Other justification he gave was that it gave a sense of urgency to start the Google Adwords campaign. The reset gives time for more training, including to his elders.

In my last post, I speculated that Weinland's new timeline would restart on September 30 (1335 days) culminating in Christ's return on Pentecost of 2012. This was picked up and quoted on another blog and forum without the disclaimer that it's my speculation and not an announcement by Weinland. It was further speculated by another that Weinland was influenced by another theological theorist.

Let me reiterate that it's my speculation based on "reading between the lines" of his sermon and doing a little math. I doubt that Weinland is using the theories of others. I think that although an Insane Liar he's not without intelligence. He's been searching for a way out of his failed prophecies, and he's had plenty of time to think of a way out of this quandry. And as he stated, it's not rocket science. Look for a reRevised Timeline in 2009 when the Revised Timeline falls apart.

I look for him to drop a few more hints over the next three months, and on the Feast of Trumpets (September 30) I expect him to reveal the timeline I've speculated to his followers -- "Surprise, you're all sealed in the 144,000".

I find the title to his sermon incorrect. It should read exactly the same as this post: "Following Ron". The whole sermon was designed to prevent his followers from thinking critically.


Gary said...

It's you that's beginning to sound insane my friend!

Ekimks (Mike) said...

I could be offended by that comment, but since it's from you I'm just amused.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that FP Weinland's Blog site no longer even mentions Laura as the second witness (he edited his April post).
Also, the home page of his church's website has been edited to say that the seventh seal is going to be opened shortly. No mention that we are in the great tribulation.

Richard said...

So let's see -- anyone who kept Pentecost on a Sunday before it was revealed to HWA was out of bounds?

Then mainline Christian denominations must have been jumping the gun for centuries, by holding Pentecost services on Sunday -- probably before Mr. Armstrong was even born!

Why didn't those 18th-19th century ministers realize Herbert Armstrong had to be born first? Why didn't the Holy Spirit TELL them so?

Why, it boggles the mind....

AMAZING said...

I hope people are smart enough to see his true colors now that he has backtracked on everything he has said. I must say I fell for his BALONEY and that was the most expensive BALONEY I have ever bought. When he posted his NEW TRUTH that was when it hit me..........How STUPID I was to listen to all his BS. He goes on and on about all his mockers. I bet his ears are really ringing now. Thank you for letting me vent, I know that many other people fell for his almighty crap and hopefully they see the light. This statement is for you RONALD WEINLAND I hope you get what you have wished on all your mockers, is it cancer Ronny? Your so puffed up with pride you make me sick and I know you are on the computer reading everything that people are writing about you because you say it all the time in your sermons, your so full of yourself. What you didn't realized is that you are the one telling the people about what is being said.... Isn't that AMAZING!