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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Insane Lying False Prophet Ron Weinland

"Now in the US, there’s been fires, flash flooding, and tornadoes. There’s been State-Of-Emergencies in several counties. Any one of those could be the “beginning” that “will clearly encompass” the death of 1/3 of plant life." This is the best that anyone could come up with to address Ron's promise. On top of that Weinland's only blogging apologist claims that Weinland's critics distort his words. He needs to go back to school and learn the difference between "could be" and "will clearly". As far as the minor False Prophet, he offered no explanation. He did make one utterly ironic statement: "There's a demon world out there that likes to play games with human beings, and make people feel that they're special, that they have a special calling, a special purpose .....".

Ron, it's Pentecost and there is nothing happening that "will clearly encompass" the death of 1/3 of plant life. And you preached for two hours today on Pentecost. You did not stop preaching as you promised in your sermon of March 29. You are not true to your word. And you did less than to stop, so by your own definition you are insane.

At least you didn't announce any baptisms.

Insane Lying False Prophet Ron Weinland


Anonymous said...

I wonder what the mix of old xcgers and SYOS (Save your own skin) new converts he has in his church? Obviously his followers do not read their Bibles, nor do they follow what it says, because if they did, they would be ousting Ron Weinland immediately since is a false prophet (by his own words).

To do nothing less, is, well, insane.

Anonymous said...

Its 2009, Ron. Now what?

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Its 2009, Ron. Now what?
2009 God's False Witness

Anonymous said...

God said "beware of false Prophets"
I just received his latest book, never heard of him before, started to read it, not to sure about what he says, I will stick to the Bible
does he also know who the anti-christ is? if him and his wife are the "2 witnesses" then I really think he believes he knows the exact time Jesus will return to earth. In my opinion, he is a false prophet

Anonymous said...

Wow. A co-worker did a google search for end-time info and found a site that offered a free book. She brought it to work today and asked my opinion. I looked at it and felt it was not a good read for her. We googled the author, Ronald Weinland, and she agreed to give it to me to read over and mark any areas of concern. I started at 7 and now it is midnight- just finished the book. I can't recall ever reading such amazing blasphemy!
I am stunned. This man needs serious help. Leaves me sad for him and a bit angry at the lies he speaks. I do NOT think anyone should read his material at all. He is a false prophet if ever there was one. I find it hard to believe that people listen to him at all.

Will said...

Everyone who attended WCG should reas it. This is what the false prophet Herbert Armstrong set an example of what to do. Scare the he'll out of the people, they will then give you their money and you can go on a worldwide vacation for the rest of your life.

If your predictions fail, just move the date up and start scarring them again, a spiritual ponzi scheme,

John said...

I recieved his book 2008 Gods Final Witness, and Im not sure I should read it now. Many prey on the weak, and lonely, and Im not sure, if this is the case. We must be faithful to God, we never when we are being taken.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Hi John: I definitely recommend that you don't bother with Ron's book. But if you're curious, you may check my other page criticizing the book.

Whatever you choose to do, know why you are doing it. As you point out, there are many con men like Weinland out there to take advantage of people.

Christinme Smith said...

maybe ron is God's idea of a Joke Hehe
cud you imagine god sayin
Hmm I wonder
whom has the biggest ego that I can make the biggest prank of today
there he is weinland