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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pentecost 2012: Who was the First to Predict?

I've presented my speculation as to how Ron Weinland will revise his timeline, with the 1335 days starting on September 30 and ending on Pentecost of 2012 (May 27).

If this is the False Prophet's revised timeline, I'm not really the first one revealing the timeline. A web site called The Shining Light presented pretty much the same timeline back in November, with a few variations in the middle such as that the 1290 days are at the beginning instead of the end.

Anyway, Weinland has promised on his website to reveal all this Saturday.


Anonymous said...

This is like watching a car accident in slow motion. Turning right, then left, then right again, hoping to regain control.

My prediction? I think ILFPRW will lose about a third of his herd after Saturday's sermon.

Mike (EkimKS) said...

I think it's a bit optimistic to expect that Weinland will lose a third of his followers. And I hope that none of those who leave will migrate to another Armstrongite splinter such as David Pack's.

Anonymous said...

Word has it, UCG and LCG ministurds have been circling like sharks for months. No doubt sniffing for blood in the water, as the PKG hemmorhages victims, newly-released because of the insanity.

James said...

Dear sir
Your post regarding Pentecost 2012 has come to my attention. I want to thank you for your honesty in mentioning theshininglight and our material on this subject. You have our gratitude and appreciation.

You may find it interesting to visit our REVELATION page http://www.theshininglight.info/id65.html and compare it with RW's books. James Malm

Mike (EkimKS) said...


I want to make it clear that I myself did not get the Pentecost 2012 date from your website. Rather, I inferred it from hints given in Ron Weinland's sermon of June 21. It was a few days later that I stumbled across your site. Whether or not Weinland got the 1335 day relation between Trumpets 2008 and Pentecost 2012 from your website is something you'll have to extract from him.

Whether or not you are trying to build a following similar to what Weinland has is not quite obvious from your website. Perhaps not, or perhaps you are more subtle. If your Internet ad campaign to sell your theological notions is funded totally from your own assets is one thing, if you've duped others to help you then that's another.

Weinland has used search terms such as "2012", "Nostradamus", and "stock market crash" to market his ideas. Would you be willing to share the key words in your ad campaign? Would you be willing to reveal the source of funding for your Internet ad campaign?

But even if your tactics are less toxic and more sincere than Weinland's, in the end you will be revealed, as Weinland already has been, to be a false prophet. But hopefully without having damaged any lives the way Weinland has, separating people from their money, their families, and reality.

Mike (EkimKS) said...

I heard back from James Malm, and the following is his reply:
Dear sir

I do not have, nor do I represent any corporate organization. I am not trying to build a church. I am trying to warn the church and public. I do NOT claim to be a prophet. I am just sharing what I have been led to understand. I know full well that you do not agree with the doctrine that I present. I do think that it is unwise to prejudge things, it would be much better to follow the advise of Gamalel and take a wait and see approach. Time and events will truly reveal all things. Thank you for explaining where you got your information from. I have no idea where Ron got his new position from. I do know that there have been about 8,000 visits to my Weinland page and that I have received a number of letters from his people. At least one of them mentioned RW's dates. My key words are based on reaching the Church of God, they feature the words Prophecy and the Church of God. According to Quantcast theshininglightlight.info has become one of the leading COG websites. My funding has been largely from my own pocket. On my donation page I publicly declare that I draw absolutely no wages for my efforts and that 100% of all donations will go directly to advertising and maintaining the website. Because of people like RW and others, most have adopted a wait and see approach and there have been very few donations. This is to be expected. If God is in this, He will take care of things. If He is not, then it will come to nothing.

If you would take a look, you would see that I am constatntly trying to get people to think and question. Because of this and my rejection of a bullying, dominating type of church government, I stand rejected by the leaders of the various COG groups. I would suggest that it is a mistake to tar everyone you disagree with; with the same brush. In any case, you did mention our site and I still do thank you for that. I am anxious to avoid any possible connection between myself and RW. He may feel that he has had some new inspiration, but I have been adressing the possibility of 2012 for many months and I have not proclaimed anything else and then changed. Further, I do not declare that my position is the inspired Word of God. Let each reader, judge for himself as time and events and God's Spirit, reveal the truth.

Also for your information, I use the Biblical Calendar, not the Rabbinic. The Feast of Trumpets falls on 2 Oct this year, not 30 Sep. The dating I present has absolutely nothing to do with the Feast of Trumpets and is simply a countback, 1335 days from Pentecost 2012. The COG's and RW have almost no understanding of the Festivals. You might find a look at our festival pages an eye opener, at least you will see how different we really are. Theshininglight in MOST DEFINATELY NOT AN ARMSTRONG CLONE.
Sincerely James Malm

Thanks for your response to my questions. I am taking you at your word that you are sincere and do not have nor are seeking a following to build a church. I just hope that should future events seem to support your predictions and thus attract people who want to be your followers, that you will maintain this attitude.

For those interested, a wait-and-see approach is the best. And don't be too quick to assume any event proves Malm or any other end-time prophet correct.

For myself, there are too many end-time predictions to sort through them all. Yes, bad things will happen in the future -- in addition to the ordinary natural disasters, the world economy could collapse under the weight of high oil prices, a terrorist could get a nuclear weapon and detonate it, nuclear war could break out in Asia or Asia Minor.

Even if these things happened, it wouldn't prove anyone's end-time theory but all the various false prophets would latch on to them.

The fact that Weinland is still on his feet selling his Seven Thunders nonsense despite the warning of Revelation 22:18 disproves the whole book.

AggieAtheist said...

"I use the biblical calendar not the rabbinic." ???

Sounds like a member of Dankenbring's splinter.