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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Will He or Won't He?

Nothing has happened in the few days since my last post to indicate that False Prophet Ron Weinland's predictions of agricultural disaster will come true. And today is the big day: Pentecost.

So the question is: Will he? Will he be true to his word? Will he stop preaching? Will he make me into a false prophet?

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My answer: He won't. But only a few more hours to find out for sure.

His sermon of June 7 was a bit subdued. He rushed through and completed chapter 5 of "2008 GFW". No big rail against his critics this week -- perhaps he doesn't want to give us any attention for fear his flock will.

The good news is that no baptisms were announced. On the other hand, some of his claims about the popularity of his web site compared to those of competing splinters are confirmed by Alexa. So while the bucks he's throwing at Google Adwords is paying off in terms of traffic to his web site it's not paying off in terms of new tithe slaves. Look at the bottom line Ron. Time to end this silly Google campaign and give the money back.

The only interesting point was when he stated that there were no rainbows before Noah. Amazing. I'm wondering if the laws of physics changed, or if the world was so dry that there was insufficient moisture in the atmosphere to create a rainbow. Actually, no, I'm not wondering. I'll set this next to the "aliens" nonsense that he's still promoting.


Richard said...

I've heard other ministers (SDA and COG) claim there was no rain before the flood.

They say God watered the ground with a mist. And Doug Batchelor of SDA's "Amazing Facts" has said Earth had a different atmospheric content before the flood. More oxygen, I want to say -- but I'm going by memory on that, which could be incorrect.

Anonymous said...

I can confirm being taught the same nonsense in the WCG.

purplehymnal said...

Yep it's official: Gap-toothed Gap Theory is alive and well, in the Churches of God.

Church of God: Teaching Intelligent Design and Gap Theory waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before those harlot daughter protestants latched onto it!!

Oh wait......