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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ronald Weinland's Power

A few weeks ago, an exiting COG-PKG member posted a message on a forum that included the following "First, if Ron & Laura Weinland and/or the church leadership has anything to do with a nuclear blast they will turned over to the local state police/FBI in Kentucky and Ohio."

And then last week someone who is apparently still in the COG-PKG sent a letter to Bob Thiel with this screed:
"Are there signs you are seeing that your [sic] not sharing? Such as personal health. And if personal health, will you admit so that others that you have effected may start to repent. Can you be honest with your audience about your personal health? Hope you can humble yourself and repent from your blindness and destruction you have been spewing as an instrument of Satan."

The first statement would be in reference to Weinland's prediction of "nukular" explosions in US port cities by July 16, and the second statement relating to Weinland's death curse on his critics. These members obviously believe that the false prophet has extraordinary powers.

What of his "powers"? According to Revelation 11, both the Spokesman Witness and the Silent Witness are supposed to be prophesying every day of the "Great Tribulation". Yet in his sermons it's "god progressively reveals" and statements disclaiming that he is a fortune teller. What prophesies has Weinland put out?

According to Revelation 11, the "Two Witnesses" are to have the power to stop the rain. Those living near the False Prophet's base of Cincinnati would like for him to exercise a bit of this power.

According to Revelation 11, the "Two Witnesses" have the power to turn water into blood. A constructive suggestion for the use of this power has been ignored. Instead, Weinland ridicules those who want to see physical signs.

The only power he's claimed to exercise is the speedily slow death from the inside of those who mock him. There's no indication that any of the bloggers criticizing Weinland are suffering. We only have the claim that it's happening from Weinland -- a man who's a proven liar, still preaching even though it's after Pentecost and the First Trumpet is not "abundantly clear" (or even slightly clear).

Speaking of death threats, those specific ministers such as Rod Meredith who were predicted to die early in the Fifth Thunder are still alive -- each and every one of them. And Meredith at the age of 79 is no spring chicken.

To the followers of Ron Weinland, the only power that he has is the power that YOU have given to him. YOU are the one who has given him the power to separate you from your money, your family, and reality. Hopefully you will soon have ears to hear and eyes to see the delusions in his messages. And that when you do you will remove his only power.


Anonymous said...

The webbots are predicting something big July 8-9.

WhatIf said...

Do ya think that's where Ron got his premonitions from...? 'Cause the ones I read sound an awful lot like what he's been saying, with Revelations super-imposed on it.

Just a thought.

Richard said...

I had a health screening this week, and my vital signs are very good -- except I'm a bit overweight.

Thank God for that. I'm praying, too, Mr. Weinland -- in thanks for the gift of health, not as you might be doing for the spread of cancer.

Anonymous said...

Ron Weinland is delusional!!!! He is not from God; he is from the father of lies........Satan.

Don't want to open a blogger account. Just call me Sis. I do know the true & living God. Ron does not.......Ron idolizes himself!!!

sara said...

I have been telling my daughter since she first told me about this guy,that no one can predict the future except God!!!! This man is not God, although i believe in his mind he is. This is very dangerous, and frightening for young teenagers to be listening to. Do not let one man tell you what he thinks is going to happen to you if you don't follow him. That is a big spotlight showing you he is false. Live your lives the way God would want you to, and treat others the way you would want to be treated. Please stop getting all worked up about this man who is only trying to scare you into his church and wallet.