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Monday, December 22, 2008

The More Mockers, The Merrier

We have a new blog about Weinland joining in the mock fest. "Dill Weed" has started a blog which he calls "The Prophet Who Failed". That must be to distinguish Weinland from all the prophets who passed, and here's a complete list of them:

Take a look at Dill Weed's blog. He has a photo of Ron in his younger days before he lost his hair and needed to resort to wearing a cap. He's demonstrating his fire-breathing abilities using the same orifice from which he issues his End-Time Witness prophecies and curses.

Propeller Hat Ronald WeinlandAnd for those without blogs who are members of the Ironwolf forum and want to join in the fun, here's a thread to do just that. Or while you're here, you're welcome to leave a comment on my blog. Given Weinland's track record, if you mock him you'll live to be 100.

Also, Jack has something to say about the curse.

It's been about 55 hours since Rotten Ronnie pronounced his death curse on me (for the second time, the first was on April 19), that I'm to die speedily from the inside. I'm still alive and mocking, so it looks like "speedily" is not expressed in seconds or minutes.


Anonymous said...

I a question...

And I don't say this sarcastically. I really am curious. Has Ronald Weinland been verifiably correct in ANY of his predictions or prophecies thus far?

Has he got ANYTHING right?

If he has, I would really like to know.

Den said...

Yes...he has stated that he is "quite insane," so that counts


Dill Weed said...

LOL, Den.

Thanks for the hat tip, Mike.

I'm snitching the pic of Ron with the funny cap.

Merry Xmas, all

Dill Weed

Anonymous said...

It will be fascinating to see how he handles himself when Obama is sworn in.

Anonymous said...

And Merry Christmas to everyone here!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why he calls death to his mockers. I seriously think it is repressed anger from some hazing he got at Ambassador when he was a little twerp there.

I think from now on, since Ronnie is SO good at making his "prophecies" out to be 1) not prophecies (election) or 2) spiritual (all of the so-called "trumpets"),
people need to ask him *directly* and *specifically* about what he really means when he speaks. Don't let him get away with changing the interpretation of the CLEAR perception that he intended to create when he said it. Does he mean literal death or spiritual death? Does he mean literal destruction or spiritual destruction? Does he mean the exact day or a period of time? Whenever the doofus opens his mouth, let his followers ask him pointedly to commit to what exactly he means when he says these things. Make him commit beforehand, that way he has no room to wiggle around when his crazy prophecies don't happen.

You have to trap the liars in their own lies. They will not admit to their own lies because they are, at their heart, con men.

Mike (EkimKS) said...

Has Ronald Weinland been verifiably correct in ANY of his predictions or prophecies thus far?

About the only one that's true is the one I'm fulfilling. He predicted he would be mocked.

Even the one "thunder" he predicted that seems a little bit true isn't really. He predicted that a little after April 17th the dollar would be worthless. And actually the opposite is happening with deflationary pressures. Sure costs a lot less to fill my gas tank.

Anonymous said...

You know, I doubt the great prophets of old belly-ached as much as Whineland. His entire sermon sounded like a woe-is-me, pity-me, cry session.

Weinland Watch said...

"His entire sermon sounded like a woe-is-me, pity-me, cry session."

Far cry from his thunder-and-blunder days from Timeline One, then.

It's something, at least.