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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Redux Ron, Four More Days 'til the Restart of the Great Tribulation

Here we are nearly at the start of the second go-around for Spokesman-Witness-to-be and False Prophet Ronald Weinland and his trusty sidekick, wife, and Silent-Witness-to-be Laura Weinland. In only four days, on December 14, they again don the sackcloth of humility and resume their jobs as the Two Witnesses.

Let's review what happened the first time around on and around April 17th. There was a good deal of interest, as Gavin Rumney noted the record web traffic on his Ambassador Watch blog in his Wiener Effect post. For the occasion, Ron took Laura and the Harrells on a jaunt to Jerusalem. Ron posted his Passover sermon and his regular Saturday sermon from Jerusalem -- it wasn't clear why he took the other three people with him as they were not allowed to stay in the hotel room while he recorded his sermons. He made a special point to announce Laura as the Second Witness on his blog on the 17th of April, although it was very late on the 17th with that day remaining in only a few time zones before the technically challenged false prophet was able to accomplish it.

Other events at the time that Weinland made much of were the pope's visit to the US and a minor earthquake that happened in southern Illinois. Supposedly Satan was going to influence the pope powerfully beginning on that day, but the only unpopelike thing the pope did was to apologize for the sexual abuse perpetrated by his priests.

Leading up to April 17th Weinland appeared on British talk show host James Whale's program and prophesied nuclear detonations in US port cities within 45 to 90 days after April 17th. On March 29th he made his infamous "if by Pentecost" declaration which included prophecies for the destruction of plant and animal life by that time as the result of the First Trumpet. He also prophesied that no new President will take office on January 20th.

His only exercise of his Witness Powers was to declare a curse on his critics and mockers -- supposedly we're dying slowly from the inside out. I guess it's very very slow since I'm still alive and blogging. After April 17th he made no new prophecies. He only gave one interview after that, on May 2 on WLW's Mike McConnnell Show. (His appearance on Australian television recently was taped last winter. Well, actually summer down there.)

This time around the false prophet is taking a lower key approach. No trips have been indicated for December 14 so he'll probably be in Cincinnati. He's indicated in a recent sermon that it could be up to a year before the Great Tribulation is evident, and has backed off on his "no new President" prophecy saying that it wasn't a prophecy.

And we'll see if he reimposes the death curse on me.

One thing that is the same is his Internet advertising. According to Alexa, web traffic to the-end.com is nearly the same level as it was back in February. And the uninformed and doomers are still being sucked in by it. Hopefully the merry-go-'round will stop somehow before Weinland starts up his third timeline.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how very con-veenient for Ronald that the "Great Trib" may take another year to manifest - wonder what his source for that is??

I heard him 'predict' several times that no new president would take office - can't remember is it is in his book or not - now he's back peddling on that one as well - TRULY AMAZING!!! and SICK, SICK, SICK

Thanx, Mike, for continuing to "shine a light" on this - may save some folks a big hassle

Once sucked in

Dill Weed said...

Ron and Laura Weinland’s 1260 day ministry foretold in the Book of Revelation begins 12/14/08!

The Great Tribulation is upon us!

Momentus times, indeed!

The Two Witnesses of Revelation’s ministry is to the whole world – warning, condemning and punishing with the power God has granted them. Ron and Laura have a big job to do!

This is no time to keep one’s light under a basket. No, indeed!

The eyes of the world and the glorious hosts of heaven – and the Grand Host of Heaven himself will be watching!

Johnny Harrell, the PR person for the Two Witnesses of Revelation, has his work cut out.

Since the ministry has a message that needs to be delivered to the whole world, I have some suggestions I hope will be helpful.

1. Oprah – Yep, that’s right, Oprah. Where better to kick of this ministry? She’d probably agree to multiple shows. I suspect this would happen rather easily since Ron and Laura will both be imbued with God’s power. What a stage to announce and perform powerful acts and harsh judgments!

2. Late night and morning talk shows – Undoubtedly, there’s a wide audienced here. Interviews with Matt Lauer, Harry Reasoner, etc. could keep everyone up to date on the fulfillment of Ron's prophecies. For actual physical events, news crews could be dispatched to report - especially for any doubters. This seems like a no brainer to me.

3. Barbra Walters – Need I say more?

4. Specials – Undoubtedly, as Ron’s prophecies and his powerful works begin to be noticed there will be an opportunity for special TV shows. I imagine by this time cable and network executives will actively be seeking out The Two Witnesses.

Ron, its time to let your God given light shine!


Dill Weed

Anonymous said...

The Jehovah's Witnesses still had a following even after their failed prophecies of the late 1800s. I'm sure people will continue to listen to Ron. Don't know why, reaelly. He's not very interesting unless he makes bold statements (which are always later recinded or changed).
Ever notice how many "prophets" have sprung up after Armstrong died? What's wrong with just being an evangelist or plain old minister?

Dennis said...

What's wrong with just being a plain old minister? Good observation.

Churches and men obscessed with Revelation can't be just ministers because all the players in Revelation are so stupendous and important. There are NO average people to pastor in Revelation.

They are either the special Jewish virgin guys who don't mess with women and make up the 144,000 (yes they are all male) or the Jews of the dispora from every nation. Good jewish Christians, but not great one and could use a bit of cleaning up (letters to the seven Jewish churches in Asia)

Notice none of the seven churches are Pauline Churches. No Corinth.

What if someone could show Ron and his ilk that the Book of Revelation IS a failed Jewish rant against the Romans that had beseiged Jerusalem and the Gentile Paul who, to them, had corrupted Jesus teachings into Gentile lunacy?

The seven headed beast is Rome and the False prophet that Ephesus and other churches found wanting, who said he was a jew, but was not, was Paul. Even Paul said all Asia had forsaken him (that's where these seven churches are) but of course, Paul never thought he might be the problem. They were the problem not him.

I'll give you a date that is set in stone on the Book of Revelation.

September 8, 70 AD. That's when the Book of Revelation became a false prophecy that did not come to pass or lead to any return of Jesus to save the Jewish Christians from Rome or Paul's Gentile Christian heresy.

Rome won along with its adoption of Paul's Gentile Christ, who is practically a polar opposite to the Jesus of the Gospels.

angel said...

Sorry Dennis, but you're way off base. Saying you believe Rev. literally or symbolically is one thing, you're taking it to a whole new level.

Believe what you want, but your date is set in the same stone that Ron's are - your credibility disappeared when you called the book of Rev. a false prophecy based on your date of Sept. 8, 70 AD.

Date-setters never learn....

jack635 said...

Hopefully the merry-go-'round will stop somehow before Weinland starts up his third timeline.

Yes, there are only four days till trumpet time, and 21 days till Prophecy 2008 rolls over to Prophecy 2009...

Dill Weed said...

As far as End Time date settting goes, Ron is a unskilled hack.
JWs have finally gotten it right after hacking away for years. After setting many dates for The End and watching them come and go, the JW oligarchy cut loose their latest measurable date - the generation of 1914. It was said that when they were all gone The End would come. Their were several adjustments to this to extend the time – all the while keeping the urgency for believers cranked up. That kept up membership and new recruits coming in. Now, The End is always right around the corner dates can be implied and discarded as needed. Its less effective, but avoids embarrassment of failed predictions. Membership is down for JWs.

Keeping The End near, but ambiguous is key. If you can keep people’s fear whipped up you can shape their behavior. Ron may not have learned the folly of setting exact dates. He’s tied to a date now and he has a limited time to extract himself from it. Because he was so specific and makes the outlandish claim of being one of the Two Witnesses he has made it that much more difficult for himself. I don’t believe it will be possible for him to extricate himself from those claims. It’s likely that his movement will die with him. It may mutate into something else. COG seems to splinter better than Hollywood’s breakway glass. So, we’ll see.

It is O.K. to mock false prophets.

Dill Weed

Anonymous said...

Our parents and then later, WE, continued to follow the false prophet HWA.....even after his prophecies didn't happen....


I say...Ron will still have followers as long as he has breath.

Mike (EkimKS) said...

I'm afraid you're right. My father is still hooked on Armstrongism despite the prophetic failures and the abuse. At least he's not following Ron.

Weinland Watch said...

In re: the third timeline: Given the way things were hyped, pre-Pentecost, with the Great Trib starting in conjunction with Passover, I'd say it's likely he's just going to rinse, lather, and repeat with the third timeline.

Third time lucky, Rotten Ron! If the Feds don't catch up with you first.........