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Sunday, December 7, 2008

One More Week

False Prophet Ronald Weinland delivered his sermon yesterday in the Netherlands. His title for it was "A Transition Between Eras". Supposedly the Laodicean era ended on on November 14 when the Seventh Seal opened, for the second time. If this is a transition, it's a transition between timelines -- his second timeline is a transition from his 1st timeline to the 3rd timeline to be rolled out when the second one fails so miserably that even his deluded followers recognize it.

Weinland claims to be bringing back the funds he stashed in Switzerland. Here is his explanation as to the reason for doing this from yesterday's sermon:
"..some of our “fans” misconstrue, they twist, and read into some of the things that they think that they know that’s been posted on some of the web sites, but they don’t know what they think they do. …. Because of 9/11 and people who try to hide funds in Switzerland, it should be understandable why primarily our government, speaking of the US, might be concerned with such a thing (and that definitely did take place)…"

So now the story he's trying to sell to the membership is that his "government problems" are a simple misunderstanding by the Department of Homeland Security. While anti-terrorism efforts would be concerned with the movement of funds that support terrorism, the concern would be for funds moved to the US or funds moved overseas to train terrorists. They're not concerned about funds moved overseas possibly to evade taxes. It's not DHS that's interested, it's the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS. The picture below is a copy of a summons the IRS issued in August for Weinland's financial records (including church records since after all COG-PKG is a tool of Weinland, with no oversight board that I've ever heard of):
Weinland summonsFor anyone who doubts the authenticity of this document, it's available for download from the US Federal Court system's PACER website.

A week from today on December 14 is when the First Trumpet blows according to Weinland. There has been some reader interest in this upcoming non-event, including an inquiry as to why there is not more discussion about this. The answer perhaps is fatigue. Back in April when the First Trumpet blew for the first time, there was quite a bit of blogging going on concerning Ron Weinland. Robert McNally had a long running series beginning in November of 2007 on his Ironwolf blog. Gavin Rumney noted the increased traffic to his Ambassador Watch blog in April. After Weinland's prophecies failed to materialize and Ronnie reneged on his "if by Pentecost" promise, most people recognized him as a false prophet as defined in Deut. 18:20-22.

Unfortunately, people are still being sucked into the trap of ReFail Ron's false prophecies, attracted by the Internet ad campaign he renewed in October. To make matters worse, according to Weinland he's using the repatriated funds to increase the budget for Internet advertising. I'm keeping the story alive for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear so as to understand what a Liar Ronald Weinland is and avoid the needless destruction to their personal relationships and finances that result from following this false prophet. Actually, the DHS should be interested in Weinland's transfer funds from Switzerland to the US, as it will be used to fund terrorism. What Weinland does to his followers is terrorism, not in the common definition, but in its terrifying results on those who seriously consider the message promoted by his Internet advertising.


Dill Weed said...

Ron also mentioned that some had given large amounts. One shudders to think what they are in for... as the truth dawns on them.

They're on hook, line and sinker.

Dill Weed

Anonymous said...

I don't think these false prophets care too much if their dates prove wrong. The game they play is that as each "doomsday" date approaches, they make greater demands on their terrified followers. Inter-personal boundaries are shifted- members are robbed of more of their rights. They gain more power over their followers. Abusive cults do it all the time. Sure they lose a few members with the false dates, but they overall gain more power. Narcissists prefer having a handful of followers under their thumbs, rather than having thousands of followers whose rights they must respect. Power and superiority is the name of the game.

Dill Weed said...

It might be time to start considering how ole Ron is gonna talk his way out of a second round of failed prophecies.

God is allowing more time to bring 'sheep' in?

Will there be a fifty first truth?

Will Ron repent in burlap sacks and ashes?


Dill Weed

Anonymous said...

There is no sanity with the insane. To RW, his reality is his dilusional insanity, and because of his insanity, he thinks he's the only sane one, the only powerful one, and everything and everyone revolves around him.

The sooner he gets put behind bars, the better.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Weinland's not insane. Crazy like a fox, yes. Insane, not so much.

The Two Witlesses don't believe a single word of what they're spewing. They're just trying to recoup what little of a retirement fund they can cobble together after wasting their lives in worship of Herbert W. Armstrong.