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Thursday, April 23, 2009


The discussion in the comment sections for the last couple of posts has degenerated . This is largely due to one Weinland follower who has posted a number of insults. When asked to back up his claims for the divinity of Ron's revelations, he responds with yet another insult. It's taking on the tone of a squabble in the back seat of a a car with a 6-year-old. "Did Not!" "Did Too!"

I don't believe that most of Weinland's followers are like that. In any case this one follower is giving the other followers a bad name. Particularly since he posts as "Anonymous" making it difficult for a visitor to this blog to understand that all of these negative posts are coming from just one individual.

I've taken a largely hands-off policy towards comments, but I see that I need to change that a bit and tighten up my comment policy. Two rules:

(1) No ad-hominem attacks against me or other commenters. The insults don't personally bother me after considering the source, but it effects the tone here. Mocking and/or criticizing the False Witness, the False Witnessess, or their mouthpieces is an exception to this, but a few facts should accompany the mocking and criticism.

(2) No anonymous commenting. While the form may allow it, I will clean up after. And if I liked your comment I will hate it when I delete it. You're not required to register although that is encouraged. Choose the Name/URL option and fill in a nickname that you'll consistently use when posting here. URL is absolutely not required.

If you're a Weinland follower there's no objection to you posting here. But provide a more substantive argument than of the sort "I believe Ron because of the 50 truths". Without preaching, substantiate that. And if someone has another argument, respond to the argument rather than insulting the other person. And if you have objections to my content, don't call it "slander and lies". (And look up the definition of the word "slander".) If you think something I've said is wrong, provide some facts rather than simply saying that I lie and distort. I actually have corrected an error in the past from a comment.


xHWA said...

What the heck, Mike?? Has it been like a week long full moon or something? It's like everyone's gone nuts on all the blogs.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Maybe the First Trumpet blew, a year late.

Dill Weed said...

Are we there yet?

Mike, anoymous keeps poking me! Tell him to stop it!.

Dill Weed

New blogspot address come May 1st:


Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Dill Weed, don't make me pull this car over!!!

jack635 said...

Mike, keep your eyes on the road!!!

Atrocious said...

He did it first!!! I didn't do nuthin!!! Ow! Don't touch me! Mike! He touched me!

Steve said...

It is a simple case of logic.

1: Logic dictates that if Ron weinland is Gods prophet and he speaks through him and ONLY through him (as is claimed), then purely in the logical sense (and indeed common sense), he can not make any errors either in his prophecies or indeed teachings/doctrine in general or the whole system of "divine guidance" is flawed and thus void.

2: If one still refuses to acknowledge the above then you are admitting subconciously that the God Ron claims he follows is also flawed or atleast in his communications ability or why would his God keep giving him false information and false prophecies?.

3: Another response to #2 above would perhaps be "we simply don't understand God's plan...this is why things did not pan out in april 2008 etc"....and also the common argument of "he is only human and therefore capable of errors as it is a continuous revelation". Again i reply and simply say: In reality there is STILL nothing that sets him apart (in the divine sense) from any other preacher or prophet as we could say the same about all of those people too and make tons of excuses for them.

Ron is therefore in PURE reality no different to anyone else attempting to interpret scripture who is capable of errors. Result= he is not Gods prophet/witness or every other preacher and false prophet are THE final witness also.

Result: He IS a False Prophet.

End note: As i have been watching the news about the Mexican Swine flu outbreak...i have no doubt whatsoever that Ron will use this to scare and manipulate his followers even more as do all the so called prophets of God. I hope some of you read all the above lol.