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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pitchers and Taxes

False Prophet Ronald Weinland's conducted a campaign in the fall and winter of 2007 to persuade his followers to throw down their pitchers by giving him their life savings. In his "What Has Changed? part 2" sermon of Nov 3, 2007, he convinced them that they didn't have to worry about taxes on their 401k distributions if they waited until January with this statement from the sermon:
Someone asked me this last week here, “If I withdraw a certain amount right now, I’m going to be penalized, by taxes and so forth.” But see when January or February [2008] come around you’re not going to be penalized. (snorts) The following year [2009] you don’t have to worry about it too much, do you?

That would be the case if what he'd stated on the last page of his book "2008 God's Final Witness" had actually come true:
By the fall of 2008, the United States will have collapsed as a world power, or it will have begun its collapse and no longer exist as an independent nation within six months after that time.

Or if his prophesies on radio interviews and sermons that the US would be so far down the tubes that we would not inaugurate a new president in January. But in December of 2008 Ron said that everything was delayed by at least 8 months. Guess what? While Ron has changed his timeline, the IRS has not and it is going to be collecting 2008 taxes after all, with filing due in a couple of weeks on April 15.

So to the COG-PKG members who threw down their pitchers, I advise you to consider well before deciding not to file your 2008 taxes. Failing to file is a criminal violation and you could end up with the enjoyment of being a target of a criminal investigation just like your favorite false prophet.

If you don't have the money to pay what you owe, you'll have to pay interest until you do. Not having the funds to settle up should not be a consideration for deciding not to file. It's better to file and avoid penalties and possible criminal charges on top of the interest. I would point out that any extraordinary contribution you've made should be considered a pre-payment of your first tithe. So you could take 10% of your income and apply it to your tax bill without sinning. After all, didn't Jesus say to render to Caesar that which is Caesar's? Even Ron has taught that.

Also, see this AP article on what to do if you owe more than you can pay right now.

If you don't have your financial records together well enough to fill out your 1040 and associated forms, you can get an automatic 6-month filing extension with Form 4868 if submitted prior to April 15. I imagine that Ron's lawyers have advised him to request a filing extension -- if not they're opening themselves up for malpractice.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, all the debts that members incurred in 2008 are coming due in 2009. I wonder how many will lose their house or their retirement savings because they gave their money to a false prophet who lives high on the hog and takes lavish cruises and travels around the world.
Q: Where the heck is all the money going that Ron Weinland is bringing in? Where's the accountability for the dollars spent? Transparency is Ron's enemy right now. His people would freak if they knew the truth. As always, the truth shall set you free.

jack635 said...

"a false prophet who lives high on the hog and takes lavish cruises and travels around the world."

Isn't that okay as long as he is being humble while on the hog?

Anonymous said...

This is a rather ugly affair.
People who listen to such as Ron would have to be rather obsessed with him to sign over 401K $$ or take equity out of thier house and start paying the whole ugly affair (term of mortgage) all over again...
But to accept that no penalties would come your way when 2009 comes is taking a real blind leap of faith in ol Ron.
For the poor, and I do mean "poor" now, who took Ron as a prophet and made great financial mistakes in accordance with his words I have great sympathy and pray for them to God!

Ron may be living high now but history has a way of coming full circle. Ron has already given himself a free ticket through the tribs by being Gods witness, no harm's gonna come to him, no sir. It's rather easy to call down wrath and fire upon the Earth when you yourself are immune and blessed.

Richardatf said...

The "prophesy" states "by the fall of 2008", not "by the end of the fall 2008". This means that the USA should have become a subjected nation by Sep 22, 2008 or at the very latest, six months later, March 22,2009, almost two weeks ago.
Proof that Weinland is a false prophet.

But watch, he will claim that our national debt to China qualifies us as not being an "independent nation".(this is not a prophesy, just my get feeling of what this liar will do)

Anything to sustain his lies, which have become patently proven to be false, by his own words.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

To my thinking, if I'm given a task to complete by a certain day, then I've complied if I finish either before the day or any time during the day.

Not defending Weinland. He's already proven himself a false prophet beginning in March of last year. This is just yet another of his failed prophecies, and if my interpretation of "by the fall" gives him a bit of extra leeway, it won't matter because he'll be an even falser prophet by then.

Since Ron reads my blog, I look for him to use your suggestion.