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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thinking Differently

Wayne Matthews COG-PKG EvangelistFalse Prophet Ronald Weinland is taking a break from delivering false prophecies during this season of foot-washing and eating matzo bread to let his evangelists deliver the DoUB sermons. Johnny Harrell is to deliver the sermon on the last DoUB next week.

Evangelist Wayne Matthews delivered the first and second sermons. Matthews was formerly in the United Church of God. However, I do not believe he was a UCG minister and was perhaps at most a deacon. His first sermon for COG-PKG was delivered in July of 2007 and the following winter Ron ordained him as evangelist.

Wayne threw his pitcher down by quitting his job over a year ago, prior to the beginning of the first failed timeline, to work on content for the church website and to help manage all the recruits attracted by Ron's Google ad campaign. Matthews mentioned being described as brainwashed during his exit interview. But it seems that Ron is not paying him for his efforts and resolve. Wayne has asked his former employer for a reference because he has to get another job due to the late start of the Great Tribulation.

At about 51 minutes into the MP3 file for the April 9th sermon on the church website, he spoke about the change in thinking required to think differently.

I wanted to refer to something that has meaning to me personally, and I’ve had to reflect on it. So -- once we had declared a particular timeline earlier in 2008. And then in late June, God in his mercy revealed to us the true timeline of the return of Jesus Christ. That had an impact on me as well. Because we, individually, had to accept error in our thinking. We had preconceived ideas, of which we still have in many other topics we’re not aware of yet. But that was one thing that we had to go through.

Now I did come to see in time that I also, like everybody else, had to challenge my own thinking. How could this be? What was I really thinking? As God revealed the truth to me through the 50th truth, I came to understand that the problem was me, that I had preconceived ideas ,and that I did not like being wrong. It was a painful experience to go through. It went through a process and I saw it reasonably quickly what was wrong. But it took time to continue to mature -- and that’s still a lifelong process.

I then started to see that unless God in his mercy had revealed to me and to the church the 50th truth, there was a strong possibility that in my pride that I may not have been around. Because God had to keep me in the truth and provide his spirit to keep me in the truth. And at that very point of time, it was difficult thinking to accept it and believe what God was giving to the church. In other words: if we had in any way doubted the 50th truth, we just were simply declaring to God that we didn’t believe him -- we did not believe that this was his true church. Which is a shameful thing. Which is simply pride within us. It was our own pride, we don’t like admitting that we were wrong and that God is right.

Well as time went on, I began to realize that: yes, it is true that a lot of the church may not have continued. Those that were called, may not have continued if God in his Mercy had not shown us the 50th truth.

Well to me it is no different than now when we entered the tribulation. If we hadn’t have gone through the experience of the revelation of the 50th truth, and to have gone through those experiences, those thought processes -- how could we have ever have handled the process we are in now in relation to the tribulation? Because of preconceived ideas of the Great Tribulation, and what we had conceived in our minds. We are in tribulation. And if we hadn’t have gone through the 50th truth, I would be thinking myself. Well I was very thankful, I’m thankful that I’ve went through the experience of the revelation of the 50th truth. And all of the inward thinking, the battles and the challenges that I had faced. So that now that I’ve entered this time of Great Tribulation, with a maturity, with an understanding. And it is a wonderful blessing that I acknowledge that I was wrong.

This is an example of the self delusion necessary to continue following an Insane Lying False Prophet. For another example, refer to "When Prophecy Fails".

In today's sermon on lying, he makes some ironic statements:

Lying is the outcome of people being right in their own eyes, and then stubbornly holding to their own viewpoint, regardless of the evidence to the contrary. ... when you get into a state of lying, one lie leads to having to tell another. [about 2 1/2 minutes into the MP3 file]

.. If they reject that Ron and Laura Weinland are the two end-time witnesses, the prophets of God. If they reject these things, YOU are living a lie, and rejecting the truth, thereby rejecting God, by rejecting the truth. .... you will surely die during the next 3 years. [speaking to the members of other Armstrongite splinters about 1 hour and 16 minutes in the MP3 file]

I think that, should Weinland's IRS problem result in an extended vacation in Club Fed, Wayne could hold COG-PKG together using the direction relayed to him by Prophetess Laura from her visits to the Spokesman Witness at his vacation resort. He's demonstrated his ability to speak, and also his willingness to distort his thinking and "think differently". But Ron, if this happens, then this time you probably should pay him a salary.


Diil Weed said...

I got nauseated reading what this guy said. What a stooge. He ate the whole 50th slice of blogna Ron served. I wonder how the 51st slice will go down? I gotta hand it to Ron, his church is a laugh factory.

There was poster 'think differently' at the Weinland Witness. This guys sounds just like him. Sheesh.

Dill Weed the Irreverent willing subjecting himself to Ron's sermons just for the laughs.

Have a great weekend, Mike!

Seeker Of Truth said...

If anyone, in any way doubted... they were simply declairing to God that they didn't believe Him, and if they dobted that this was his true church, it's a shameful thing.

So I'm wondering... does that mean that the noble Bereans were declairing to God that they didn't believe him when they checked the scriptures daily to see if what Paul said was true? Should they have felt shame?

This is a clever, or not-so-clever, technique to trick the believer. If the believer doubts you, just tell them they are doubting GOD, and throw in a good dose of "shame on you". This should make them question THEMSELVES if they have doubts about you, instead of questioning YOU, the leader.

This brings me back to something I often ask, which I will get to in a moment.
I was watching a movie last night in which someone was running an experement and had predicted the outcome, but when his prediction was prooving to be false, he tampered with the experement so that he could be right.
He wasn't interested in the facts or in learning. He was only interested in being right... which leads me to my point:
This holds true in science, relationships, beliefs etc.
Why would you want anything BUT the truth?
Obviously, everything else is a lie.
What's the point?

Mike Allen said...

This is a great point that Seeker of Truth made! There can only be one truth. The bad thing is that there are so many people out there who are willing, and quite good at, construing the truth to fit their own "new version" of what is truth. Their misconstrued "truth" is no longer truth. It becomes a lie but passed off as the "new truth" to however many people are gullible enough to accept it.
By the way, what the hell is "new truth"? You can't actually have new truth, has anyone ever thought of this? When it comes to God who is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, you cannot have "new truth"; you can only have additions to the same existing truth already established!
Furthermore, what ever additions being provided by God through His servant(s), will even be worded in that manner since God will NEVER misrepresent Himself. Nor would He ever allow one of His servants to misrepresent Him - or if they did, they would quickly become His ex-servant!

Dill Weed said...

New Truth? That's what replaces old Truth.

Dill Weed

Mike Allen said...

I just realized when looking at Wayne Matthews picture here a second time that he looks like a young version of the mortuary worker from the old horror movie, Phantasm. Anyone ever see that movie? I don't know that he looks like him, he just reminds me of him for some reason. Maybe it's the eyes.

jack635 said...

Wow! I remember RW saying back in december, "there are going to be some surprises". I didn't know he would let another person speak in his place. Surprise!

I've never heard this Wayne Matthews guy, but after listening to him today, he has definitely had more than his share of Flavor Aid.

"one lie leads to having to tell another"
That certainly applies to RW's statement about how he would stop preaching by pentecost and declare himself a false prophet.

Now what really got me today was WM's blanket curse to all of humanity that does not believe in the PKG....Y'all are gonna die! (and a double curse for the mockers)

"you will surely die during the next 3 years."

So, while I believe I was exempted from the speedy death of the mockers curse, it seems there is no way out of inclusion with the latest curse.

But there is no power behind the cursers. And that's a good thing.

P.S. I highly recommend listening to Dr. Lifton's lecture.

The Mislead and the poor said...

Well, Ron is allowing his disciples to speak because he definately knows his time is short. Weinland is definately questioning his own belief and the validity of whether or not he is God's end-time witness. If I have to guess, he has has already come to understand that his second time-line is nothing but a complete failure. He hasn't figured out how to unlease the 3rd time-line and keep control of his unfortunate followers.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the infamous "50th grapefruit". Ever notice that no matter how many grapefruits you have, you can still keep adding more? You can never have too many grapefruits.

jack635 said...

Mike Allen
"just reminds me of him for some reason. Maybe it's the eyes."

Maybe it's the eerie feeling of death emanating from the deception that proceeds from his mouth.

Anonymous said...

yes, I here what you are saying about the bloggers on the weinland witness blog. Think Differently, Maritimes Canada, and others were elders in the cog-pkg organization. They were sent there to defend Weinland and left after Weinland was declared by the host to be wrong.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

I have a pretty good idea who one of the posters on TWW is, and he is not an elder but rather someone who just recently started drinking the Flavor Aid. I rather doubt that any of Weinland's elders posted there, but if you have anything more than a hunch, please share it with us.

As far as "think differently", that is a theme Weinland has used in sermons in the past as well.

Steve said...

If Ron went to prison, it would certainly cast more doubt (or atleast i hope) that he was THE prophet...how can he do what he is alledgedly supposed to do if he is locked up?

Also to Mike Allen, YES lol i remember the phantasm movies...i love them!