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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Making You Happier

The following is a copy of an email I've sent to Ron Weinland:

In your sermon yesterday, you referred yet again to a blog posting that gives North Carolina as the place where you grew up and 1950 as your year of birth. We both know that information to be incorrect. You went on to say:
"I would be happier if they got just a few things right once in awhile. They can‘t even get the most basic things right. Where I was born. Where I grew up. They put me in a different part of the United States. At least get that right. Get something right. They don‘t get any of it right. They don‘t care. "

Personally, I care about accuracy. The blog you reference is not my blog. Don't lump me in with "they". "They" is plural, and it's the one other blog that has the incorrect information.

I have a biographical timeline on you presented on a web page that's usually in the first page of Google search results for your name. I cared enough to make an effort to obtain and put up accurate information. For example, when I was looking for your date of ordination it was suggested to me that it had to be upon your graduation from AC. I did not accept that. Later on I found out that your ordination was almost 6 years after graduation. As far as your birth place, it's been reported to me that you were born in Colorado. Since I have no independent verification of that, I haven't published it. Could you confirm Colorado as your birth place? With multiple sources, I do have your birth date as May 30, 1949. So I did get something right, which should make you happy. You did not contradict the $381,000 price I gave for your home. Hey, I got something else right -- you should be ecstatic by now. (By the way, you can tell Laura to relax. I'm not hanging out in your neighborhood watching your house.)

Please look over the biographical information I've published and and provide the correct information if any of it is inaccurate. Perhaps you could supply a few more details, such as the dates you were promoted to preaching elder and then to pastor. And the dates WCG transferred you to Cincinnati and then to Erie. I have you down as growing up in western Kansas near Colby -- would it be more accurate to say Russell Springs? Do you have an exact date in 1997 when you were made a prophet?

I'd also like to confirm that, while you're doing business as the Church of God - PKG and actually filed papers to incorporate under that name, in reality your church's legal identity is the Church of God Inc, EIN 341799827.

I rather suspect that, while you won't admit it, you're really tickled to have web sites critical of you -- that gives you status just like your spiritual idol Herbert who also has web sites critical of him. I also suspect that despite what you said in your sermon, you'd really be happier if I have incorrect information. Then you could focus on the incorrect details rather than the really important issues. Issues such as the demonstrated failure of your prophecies. (If you want to talk about the 4th thunder, then you also need to talk about the other six thunders, starting with the first phase of the 5th thunder, all of which were to be sounding loudly by now, and even more so since the 2-day fast.)

It seems that time is of the essence for your response to allow me to update the biographical timeline. Fifteen weeks have already elapsed since you cursed me with a speedy death from the inside, so how much more time could I have to make updates? That is unless you really don't care whether I have the correct information.

Your caring critic,
Don't Drink the Flavor Aid


Tom said...

Ron moved to Erie, Pa in the mid 80's, I do not know the exact date, but he did take the place of Bill Jacobs. I believe Bill Jacobs is currently in the United Church of God.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

I believe he's stated that he was in Erie for 7 years, which would have put him there beginning about 1987. He also mentioned trials while in Erie -- wonder what those would have been.

I've actually emailed this to Ron. Will be interesting to see if he responds, I've stated the reasons he wouldn't respond.

Anonymous said...

Ron won't make any corrections because he doesn't WANT you to be right. It's easier for him to point out the straw man in his sermons so he doesn't have to answer the main points criticical of his claims.

Dill Weed said...

I thought Ron moved to Beverly after shoot at some food when up came some bubblin' crude, but that's just me.

Dill Weed - a perhaps not so caring critic

Music-Seed said...

born in western Kansas is incorrect it was Salinas..

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Music Seed:

I did not say he was born in western Kansas, just that he grew up there. I have not said where he was born, just that someone told me that he was born in Colorado, but as far as I was concerned that's unconfirmed information. Now you're telling me that he was born much further west, in Salinas CA. There is no Salinas in Kansas. Not saying you're wrong, but so as far as DDTFA is concerned the false prophet's birth place is yet undetermined.

Dill Weed:
Although you and I have the same basic opinion of this false prophet, we have different approaches in our blogging. You take a humorous approach and therefore need not care so much about facts. Nothing wrong with that, in fact I get a kick out of your posts.

But my approach is factual based with an occasional bit of humor. So I need the best facts I can come up with, and I need to care about accuracy.

Dill Weed said...


Your blog is the best debunking of RW that exists. Your thoroughness and attention to detail make it so. I and others apprectiate your efforts.

This is the place where RW is debunked so thoroughly and devastatingly that he can't make a response. RW would not want to draw any attention to this site. He'll attack anonymous straw men because they don't hit back. Know that we appreciate your efforts.

Undoubtedly, you have helped free people from RW's enslavement and should any come seeking here they will find a light that can lead them out of darkness.

Dill Weed

Mike Allen said...

You are doing well to do this all fact based. To do otherwise would be undermining your own work. As it is, you are debunking RW just as Dill Weed has posted.
I have not been back to these posts in a couple of weeks because I was needing a break from hearing RW and about him. Sometimes just talking about him makes me sick still.
I am still waiting (I'm sure in vain) for him to stop his preaching. Well, whether or not he does, we can all rely on you to debunk all that he says that is unfactual or prophesies which do not come to fruition.