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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who Can Say?

A comment was left by a follower of Ronald Weinland in reply to my last post:

Who in this world knows what is exactly the real truth of God? No one in this world understands who God really is, but everyone assumes the worst of RW because no one wants to admit to themselves, WHAT IF RW IS SAYING THE TRUTH? WHAT IF HE TRULY IS GOD'S FINAL WITNESS? Who out of everyone can say for a fact that RW is a false prophet? Because he claims to be God's witness doesn't mean he's not human and is without making a few humanly errors. Not one human being is perfect and that includes God's witness.

I'd like to address a few points here:

"Who in this world knows what is exactly the real truth of God?" That is a question which troubles many and which allows them to be deceived and exploited by those who claim to have the answer, such as a false prophet who claims to speak for God. And each of them has a different answer.

"Because he claims to be God's witness doesn't mean he's not human and is without making a few humanly errors. Not one human being is perfect and that includes God's witness." Let me state that Weinland's faults do not make him a false prophet. The IRS criminal investigation does not make him a false prophet. Even if he is convicted of tax fraud and sent to jail would not make him a false prophet. (The fact that he could be put in prison would show that he is not an End-Time witness capable of defending himself against those who would do him harm). Ron's $381,000 home on the golf course does not make him a false prophet. His hypocrisy in urging his follows to show Total Resolve after sailing off on a luxury Mediterranean cruise does not make him a false prophet. These do not define him as a false prophet, although they define him otherwise.

Where in the Bible is there a prophet whose prophecies failed to materialize, but whose revised prophecies did? The closest example in the Bible is that of Jonah. When his prophecies failed, but only when the people of Nineveh repented, Jonah did not come up with a new prophecy. Rather, he went off and sulked. And Jonah was a reluctant prophet in the first place, not the false reluctance of Ron Weinland who quickly became accustomed to his role as "a prophet of the God of Abraham".

Has the US heeded the words of Ron Weinland and repented? What about the thunders that were supposed to come and humble us? Even now, nearly 3 months after you fasted for two days straight and prayed for death?

"Who out of everyone can say for a fact that RW is a false prophet?" Let me answer that, quoting someone whose authority on the matter you should respect, who answered the following questions:

“Well, what if Ron Weinland and what he says doesn’t come to pass in April? What if these things don’t happen in 2008?"

The authority's answer: "There’s really a simple answer -- he’s a false prophet." And who is this authority? None other than Ronald Weinland himself, in his sermon "Stay the Course", December 29, 2007. Listen for yourself at 1 hour and 2 minutes into the MP3 file on the church website. (download link).

Right after that, Weinland continued on saying:
I get tons of email every day from people saying ‘We’ll, I guess in 2009 you’re going to be saying this or saying that, or trying to explain to people..” No, I’m done. Just to be real candid with you, so people know and people understand, ……, again that’s the only answer. There is only one answer. …. The world is not like that. You know people who are doing what is not right and they claim certain things or say certain things about what is given to them, and it doesn’t come to pass -- then they have to madly change everything and do something else. Or say ‘God showed me this, and I just didn’t understand this, or God has revealed this to me now, and blah blah blah blah. ’ Because when it comes down to it, it’s about the paycheck. It’s about what are they going to do from here on out.

So in addition to Weinland's other faults we can add "Liar" -- even the prophecies which he can control do not come true. Let's not ignore the fact that I'm replying to you, even now 122 days after Weinland laid a curse on me to die speedily from the inside.


Anonymous said...

Mike, God can work with His prophet any way He feels like it. You limit God with your puny, physical thinking. Your words are meaningless garble. God only has one church and it is COG-PKG. God's true church will always be around. Too bad you can't accept God's truth. Even if time were to go on, God's church and Ron successors would outlive you, your children's children and so on. You're too blind to even see that.

Que said...

I have always thought that a *true* prophet and his flock would behave much like Jesus was reported to behave, For example: calm, patient, understanding, very quick to help the poor and injured, and assertive when necessary - but not aggressive.
People who read this blog will no doubt be aware that RW threatens the critics and mockers with a very slow death. That is one example of behavior that doesn't match any of the above qualities, and can only be described as being extremely aggressive.

[The two witnesses]"...have power to shut heaven, so that no rain falls in the days of their prophecy..." (Revelation 11:6). We should challenge Ronald and Laura to show some compassion and stop all devastating rain storms and thunder storms during the three and a half years. If they can't do that, we can only assume they are not the two witnesses, and therefore they are false prophets.

If the test of a false prophet is that the prophecies don't come true, Ronald Weinland can only be a false prophet, and any back-pedaling, back-tracking, spiritualizing, or other excuses won't make any difference.
"Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their 'fruits'." Matthew 7:15,16. (Fruits = bad deeds, bad predictions, un-biblical doctrine, and threats to critics and mockers.)

"A person speaking in the name of God is to be tested by the doctrines of scripture." (Nelson's Study Bible.)

Anonymous said...

"Even if time were to go on..."

Translation: "I don't care what the Bible says about "testing the spirits" and false prophets. I will believe what I am going to believe, whatever proof you give me!"

Thankfully, we have been given a brain that is to be used to "test the spirits". God expects nothing less of us and warns us TIME after TIME in the Bible about it. However, Ron's followers don't want to see or submit themselves to the authority of scripture. They are led away by deceiving spirits. All you have to do is look at the fruits of COG-PKG and you will know that Ron is not of God.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 2:09
Again, you have no proof to offer. You're the one who is deceived by Satan and his demons. Keep trying to convince yourself that you know the truth. You're only fooling yourself.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Anonymous Hateful Weinland Follower:

It's ironic that you characterize what I say as "meaningless garble" when this post essentially is quoting Weinland himself.

I haven't seen any proof coming from your direction. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Where's the proof of Weinland's claim to speak for God?

Anonymous said...

Hateful Mocker Mike:
No wonder you're well liked by your mocking buddies.., you have a thing for twisting people's thoughts to validate your delusions. Talking with you is pointless.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Your thoughts clearly need twisting.

So where's the proof?

angel said...

Every time I hear the comments of a Weinland follower I'm amazed at how they can never answer legitimate questions or provide any logical rationalization for continuing to listen to him. RW rants and raves about mockers who listen to his sermons only to criticize, then his mockers show up here only to criticize.

This one's practically foaming at the mouth.

A word to anyone who is contemplating becoming a Weinland follower - don't let this happen to you!

Anonymous said...

Foaming at the mouth? With comments like that, you're the one who should be avoided like the plague. You should change your nickname or real name to demon since that is who is influencing you. By the way, Ron has God's truth, the only truth. That is Ron's proof that he is God's minister and prophet. God will keeping calling more and more people into His true church and your comments will do nothing to prevent that from happening.

Straight Angles said...

Anon 5.25 has so much venom in his words. He chooses not to answer simple questions about his belief in a false prophet. To do so would be extremely difficult as it would require a strength he no longer able to access. This is to be expected by someone suffering mind control. Deceived and bitter, he is the only one who can not see how un-christ-like he is behaving. Anger and bitterness is blinding him from using the ability to use the logic and reasoning that God has given him, even to follow God's own clear instructions. The consequences of following man and not the bible has taken its toll, he is filled with a crippling tunnel vision.

Now his own worst enemy I fear this man can not be saved before he has hit rock bottom.

Anonymous said...

Please, if you really are a member of God's Church (and not someone who is pretending to be in order to cast doubt on the integrity of God's people) think about what you are doing. Silence is usually the better choice.

Anonymous said...

Please, if you really are a member of God's Church (and not someone who is pretending to be in order to cast doubt on the integrity of God's people) think about what you are doing. Silence is usually the better choice."

Me thinks the great false prophet himself has spoken.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

I don't think that Anon 6:33 is Weinland, just another follower.

While not hateful like the other follower, he has not jumped in with any answer. The delusion is necessary to follow Ron, but the vitriol is not. I do not believe the vitriol typical of PKG members, but the response otherwise with its circular logic is typical.

Whisper said...

RW was all about himself being a "witness" and gaining these wonderful new powers via God, but none are used to date? Many have "attacked" ol Ron & Laura textually (verbally) but no damage has befallen them... odd. RW has some competition in the WCG splinters and nothing has happened to them... odd.
Ron now has power over the rains & weather of the planet but does not state that this land will get rain or that one will not... odd.

Ron is one powerful dude right now but will not stop or start the rains? Rons curses of his mockers have not caused one mortality or afliction?

Why does Ron not strike them down? If he would simply state that Flurry or any single unique mocker would simply curl up and die on a specific date and specific time, and it did indeed happen EXACTLY as spoken, then the COG-PKG would have a huge influx of people as Ron would seem to have inherited his witness power and be God's Witness. I assume Laura would simply have to think hard about her curses as she can not speak, but Ron could decree hers as well I guess?


butjust41day said...

Both sides seem bitter to an outside observer. Making the entire situation very disappointing for those who really just want to find a little truth.

angel said...

I’m finding it hilarious that some of RW’s followers have such a reaction to my name; on the Weinland Witness “think differently” actually DEMANDED that I change it! As if that would ever happen.

Anonymous RW follower, you’re offended because I said you’re practically foaming at the mouth? You do realize that was a figure of speech and I don’t actually think there’s foam coming out of your mouth, right? What I was referring to was the irrational hatred in your tone and remarks.

Let’s look at some of the accusations you’ve made on this thread:
1. Puny, physical thinking.
2. Your words are meaningless garble.
3. You can’t accept God’s truth.
4. You’re blind.
5. You’re deceived by Satan and his demons.
6. You’re fooling yourself.
7. You’re hateful.
8. You’re mocking.
9. You’re twisting people’s thoughts.
10. You’re delusional.
11. You should be avoided like the plague.

It doesn’t appear to me that your intention in saying these things was to draw people to God, in spite of your remarks about God drawing people to COG-PKG; so you’re merely here to insult and mock us, right? I don’t take your remarks seriously, because you can’t substantiate any of them, but let’s at least be clear that you’re behaving just like the mockers RW is always complaining about.

If anyone is fooling themselves, my friend, I’m afraid it’s you.

jack635 said...

Now his own worst enemy I fear this man can not be saved before he has hit rock bottom.
That struck me as profound. Perhaps Weinlandism is like alcoholism. A person has to hit rock bottom before making changes.

I honestly believe RW will still have a significant following in November 2012, a full six months after Jesus does not show up.

I am sure Ron will have received an important message about the gracious delay given to mankind.....or whatever excuse he can dream up.

RKPDRMR said...

To Mike, Jack635, Angel, Whisper, and others

Your comments are so right on. Being new to this, I'm learning a lot from reading here. When I look at those who are partakers of RW's delusion, it reminds me of myself. I once had that same zeal and delusion for Herbert Armstrong, and NOBODY was going to convince me otherwise. It took quite a bit of psychological damage and financial loss to wake me up. And when I finally saw the light, I said "God, why did you let this happen to me". It wasn't until later that I realized, just like Anonymous 2:09 PM said, that God gave us a brain to test the spirits, and that we are warned time and time again in the Bible about this sort of thing. So true.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Please note that I've put in place some commenting rules which will be displayed above the comment entry block. No More Anonymous Comments allowed. Choose a nickname and use it consistently (no sock-puppets allowed).

Whisper said...


I've learned alot from sites like this, but after all the facts (to date at least) have come to the surface I must say I still don't know with any asurity that RW is not what he states he is. He could possibly be.
It's just that I find that a remotely small chance as way to many predictions have not come to pass. I rather think God is no push-over and is pretty bright on the ball as it where. God being so righteous and so powerful would not allow prophecy to fail if HE indeed gave it to Ron to state. It would make God look rather shabby to have human kind, in this case RW, state incorrect prophecy when God picked him personally as is using Ron as his conduit to humanity as Gods Final Witness. God would not make any mistakes and Ron would trasfer Gods word to humanity without error. That would be the kicker, without error! Not one little error would arise and that would show the hand of God in all this. For God is the only being without error and if RW would predict things to happen, to show the word of God, they would not have even the slightest bit of error in them, not even 0.000000000000000000000000000001%, none. That is the showing of a Witness and Prophet of God, the prophet may have errors in him in the form of sin, but the words of God Almighty who gave the words to the Prophet through absolute and direct revolution, would be perfect and 100% correct in all ways, thereby revealing the God that speaks through them.

I suggest that this is not what is happening with RW & the PKG.


Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Whisper, I'm not sure what you're saying. First you say there's a possibility that Weinland is a prophet of God. Then you say there's no chance that a prophet of God, while possibly with other faults, would miss-prophesy.

Doesn't Deut 18:20-22 absolutely define Weinland as a false prophet?

Whisper said...


Deut 18:20-22 most certaintly does define Weinland as a False Prophet, no doubt. But Deut 18:20-22 is not my personal be-all end-all take on whom God chooses to be prophetic. IE God is bigger than the bible, God's will can (and does in my experience) take strange ways to manifest, but that is because Gods Will is so much greater than ours (I'm sure children are just amazed at the things we parents know at times, and how we can seemingly predict the future with such clairty).

I'm not 100% sure of anything, just 99% in RW's case. RW could be anything God wants him to be and CAN be a lesson to us all of what God does not want us to be like (that in effect would make Ron helpful to all the rest of us at the behest of God), odd is it not?

But I do know that Ron simply can not be a 100% true word of God kind of guy. I mean honestly, we have a president in the USA in 2009, that kinda cuts RW off from ever being 100% correct in giving others Gods Prophetic Word (I guess that is why there are so very few prophets...).

God can be using Ron to forward some really good ideas on what "not to do" and God can be using Ron to forward on some "prophetic" ideas, but what Deut 18-20 and common sense tells me very clearly is that Ron is not a full blown 100% Gods Word End Time Witness, he's already failed that test.

In effect I'm not 100% sure RW is not what he says he is because I do not 100% understand God, only what God allows me to see. I would like to err on the side of caution here and not define RW in Gods eyes but in my eyes.

:-) Whisper

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...


So you don't believe that the Bible is infallible. No argument there.

If a weather forecaster had the accuracy track record of Weinland, people would stop watching him. Could some of Weinland's predictions come true? Probably. In the next 3 years there's a good chance there will be a major earthquake, weather event, or terrorist incident. And Weinland will claim credit for having prophesied it.

I'm guessing that while you're holding out a slight possibility that he may be right in something that at least you haven't rearranged your life and turned over your money to him. I hope not anyway.

Whisper said...

Hey Mike.

The Bible is a book with some really good ideas...

If Ron where a weather forcaster he would have been fired by now. A major Earthquake or storm front does not a world wide crises make though, simply a local one... Ron will take credit for anything the help his sad prophetic state...

I hold a slight possiblity for anything, even Ron. Ron will have to proove world wide destruction & tens of millions of deaths before I will give him dime or a minute of my time.
I assume that is what Ron prays for, world wide calamity and tens of millions of deaths all so that he can be Gods Chosen Witness and Prophet?

It goes to show you the depths some deranged people will go to go gain a pound full of personal glory, regardless of the blood of others that they must treck through...