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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Doing a service

At one point during False Prophet Ron Weinland's sermon of June 28th, he said "They think they're doing a service" in reference to his critics.

Several weeks ago I had a email exchange with someone who had downloaded the Insane Liar's book "2008 God's Final Witness", read it and was terrified as a result until deciding to Google Weinland to find out more. The question to me was whether I think Weinland is really a false prophet.

Here is my response, edited slightly to keep the anonymity of my correspondent.

___, I don't just think he's a false prophet -- I absolutely know that he is a false prophet. His second book "2008 GFW" does not give specific dates, but he has given them on radio talk show interviews, sermons, and on his own and church websites. The Seventh Seal was supposedly opened on March 18th, and the First Trumpet signaling the start of the Great Tribulation supposedly blew on April 17th.

Read the bottom of page 23 of "2008 GFW". Were you in shock and horror on March 18th? Without Googling the date, ask yourself what significant event happened on that date? We still remember "September 11" seven years later, but do we remember March 18 only 3 months later?

I could go into other specific prophecies which have already failed, but these are well described in my blog and other blogs I link. It only takes one failed prophecy to make a false prophet -- Weinland has numerous prophecies that have already failed.

Weinland has made a very extraordinary claim which is that he and his wife are the two witnesses of Revelation 11. Don't you think that an extraordinary claim requires extraordinary evidence?

You are googling him now, earlier might have been better, but now is still better than later after you've already made life altering changes that would be necessary to join his cult. Better now before you send him money that you could better use to deal with what the future throws at you.

Yes, there are difficulties in the world: flooding in the US Midwest, oil well over US$100 / barrel, cyclones and earthquakes in Asia. But Weinland didn't predict them. In fact in recent sermons he has made statements indicating he doesn't know the future.

Yes, it is natural to be fearful for the future of our children (and grandchild in my case). But to rely on a False Prophet such as Ron Weinland to lead us would be a serious mistake. If we look to him to lead us it would be like looking to a blind man to lead us across a busy street.

Weinland has relied on Google Adwords to provide links to his web site promoting his false prophecies. The Adwords he's chosen for generating sponsored links to his website tend to be pessimistic in nature, such as "stock market crash". I suspect that you may have been hooked by a Google search on search terms such as this or other pessimistic ideas. Or you may have visited a web site discussing pessimistic ideas. If this is the case for you, I'd be interested in what the web site or Google search words were.

Try to strike a balance between living for today and living for the future. Spend time every day enjoying watching your childre grow up, but also spend time every day making reasonable preparations for what the future could throw at you and your family recognizing that you won't be able to prepare for every possibility. But to let every negative future possibility overwhelm you today would be a mistake as you will lose today while you might not lose tomorrow.

Best Wishes,

How did my correspondent get mousetrapped by Weinland? By Googling "Good Christian Parent" and ending up on a website with an ad to the toxic web site which promotes his books.
Also responding with "You're doing a really good thing with your blogs. Thank you." So Kudos also to my fellow suffers of Weinland's death curse (i.e. blogging critics of Weinland).

So Ronnie boy, I don't just think I'm doing a service -- I absolutely know that I'm doing a service. If this correspondent is the only one I've helped extract from your grasp, then it was worth the efforts. But somehow I think there have been others.


Gary said...
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Seven Star Hand said...
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Mike (EkimKS) said...

I've been fairly tolerant about what comments I'll accept on this blog. But now I have two posts to delete in short order.

Gary, although you are amusing you don't have any constructive on topic points.

Seven Star Hand, please don't spam my blog with your theological notions, which are off-topic besides.

Richard said...

Only four days left as I write this for the nuclear bombs to start going off in U.S. port cities.

Or is that postponed until October as well?

Anonymous said...

If that nuke goes off in New York on Tuesday,are they going to postpone the All-Star Game?

Mike (EkimKS) said...

Richard, the Great Tribulation has been rescheduled until after December 14 (see the sidebar on my blog).

Anonymous, I hereby prophesy that the All-star Game will not be postponed due to a nuclear explosion. Nor a nukular explosion for that matter.