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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Government, Government, Government

The title of Insane Lying False Prophet Ron Weinland’s sermon of yesterday was “Feast of 2008”. But it could have had a different title more similar to the title of this post.

Ron did talk about plans for the Feast of Tabernacles this fall. No one is to travel long distances for the feast, and no one is to assemble for more than four days. Not even if they are able to. Some people might even work some days during the feast, listening to a sermon in the evening. The False Prophet is spending the first part in New Zealand and the second in Australia. Because of the time zone differences the sermons will be available as downloaded files for those in the US. I imagine that Ronald Weinland will deliver each of the sermons himself including the one for the day that he will be travelling between New Zealand and Australia.

It’s doubtful that anyone would be able to travel long distances. It seems that members were instructed to keep only one-fourth of their second tithe for attending holy days and then to send the remainder to Ronnie to help push up Google’s earnings with his Adwords campaign.

There were two underlying themes Ron Weinland put out in yesterday's sermon. One was fear, with the message that the situation could deteriorate so that people could not travel – so this year would in any case be a dress rehearsal for the Great Tribulation. He suggested that people get MP3 players and load them up with sermons so they could listen to them for feasts during the Great Tribulation should the Internet go down.

The second theme was government. Ronnie asked how God places his name on the site for the feast. The answer: “Government”. “The Feast of Tabernacles has everything to do with Government.” Several times he reiterated “Government, Government, Government” or “Order, Order, Order” to emphasize his point.

There is still some question as to whether Ron is drinking his own Flavor Aid or just handing it out. Here are my thoughts on the just-handing-it-out idea: Weinland has planned the scenario out in advance, including the timeline change. If world events had seemed to support the first timeline he would have stuck with it. Since events didn’t support the first timeline, he had the second timeline ready to go. Where he has miscalculated is that he expected a greater response to the Google Adwords campaign, but it hasn’t resulted in the number of people he expected. Also, I think the ones it has attracted tend to be disturbed people who may not have the asset sizes that he was expecting to be able to plunder. If this is the scenario, I look for him to continue to mold his followers to blind obedience to God in the form of Ron, followed by a big push for more money this fall and into next spring for some type of media campaign, and then a move to Europe. From Europe he can continue to produce sermons and shear his dwindling flock. At the end it may be just his elders, who despite some speculation to the contrary do pay tithes. And if they leave he simply retires in place.

One the other hand, if Ron Weinland is drinking his own Flavor Aid, I have no thoughts on what to expect. Just-handing-it-out may be preferable to the alternative.


Anonymous said...

I listened to the sermon, and was shocked when he began talking of the Feast and how they would keep it in their homes and said, "Some of you might have the ability to come together for the full 8 days in a large group. I am telling you, you are NOT to do it. You need to experience this." All I could see was $$$$! Look at the huge amount of unspent second tithe -- "Excess Second Tithe!!!---that will be left over for these families who will not have air fares, hotel bills, restaurant meals, rent cars and gas, theme park trips, etc. And what was the command with excess, unspent second tithe in earlier COG years? SEND IT IN TO HEADQUARTERS. By controlling their spending of second tithe, he no doubt stands to profit from a large influx of cash post-feast. He also revealed in this message that since last year at Feast time, he had asked everyone to send 25% of their second tithe in to HW "for one final push," and they have done it faithfully for this entire year. I guess that was for Christ's return that has been pushed back yet even farther. He spent great time and care developing this, setting the stage for all of it by starting with the Days of Unleavened Bread. He reached back into the 60's when the Texas folk came to Big Sandy for all 7 days of the Festival. Interestingly, his wife's family remembers those days, she kept all 7 of UB. He asked for a show of hands to see if anyone in the congregation had as long a history as that, if they could remember that time when they kept 7 days of Unleavened Bread AND 8 days of Feast of Tabernacles. Laura was the only one in the group. Even Profit Weinland doesn't go back that far. His local followers don't have a very deep history. He continued to develop the framework for their future obedience by saying things like, "There are times in life when our response to God needs to be quicker--to God, to the church, to the ministry, to me. That's just calling it what it is." He used the example of a parent with his child, telling him to do something and expecting him to do it NOW, with no questioning or discussion, uncontested obedience. He used language like, "Rejoice that you can set aside 8 days to learn. Plan ahead. A maximum of 4 days can be spent together, that's all. . . there are reasons for this. . you will understand over time." In the anouncements, he outlined his and Laura's up-coming trips and then mentioned in the sermon that they would be in Austrailia and New Zealand for the Feast of Tabernacles. . . "I guess we won't be following the rules," he mocked, and then laughed it off. How pathetic to hold your people to such a rigid standard and you publicly don't adhere. It made me sick to hear him begin to program these people, already in July to manipulate their use of their precious second tithe (when the Feast of Tabernacles is the only vacation the average church person ever has because he can't take his kids out of school or leave his job more than twice a year to accomodate both a vacation and festival observance). When the sweet closing prayer man thanked God for "this prophet" that He had given to them to share this information with, I just wanted to weep.

Mike (EkimKS) said...

Actually it was 75% of "2T" to ILFPRW, and only 25% held back for the member to attend the holy days.

You have to remember that it's the Great Tribulation. Not for the rest of us, but it is for the members.

I actually attended DoUB for the full 7 days in Big Sandy, and it was TWO sermons EVERY day, not just the holy days. So I have more seniority in Armstrongism than the False Prophet -- except I was starting my exiting process when he was joining up.

Anonymous said...

Has ILFPRW made any more bold statements since he adjusted his timeline to fit his plan to keep the money coming in? Has he said anything to the effect that the world will be in shock and horror on this day in December like he did with April 17? Or, is it just given that everything he said up until this point just needs to have a redirect to different dates.

So, Weinland's big final push to preach the gospel before the end of the world is Google Adwords?? Just saying that makes me chuckle. I guess if you don't use the Internet, or specifically use Google, you are out of luck. I guess only techno-savvy people are fit for the Kingdom of God. How asinine.

Mike (EkimKS) said...

No, no bold statements on that order since the Insane Liar revised his timeline.

Boldest statement he's made is that big surprises are coming that he can't even discuss with the Silent Witness, i.e. his wife.

weinlandtranscripted said...


You must have been sitting right next to the "Silent Witness" at Big Sandy, but didn't even know it!! Ha, Ha!!

The extra 2nd tithe money should just be rolling in after the feast this year. Weinland will have to rent a "Truck" to bring all of those bags home from the post office.

By the way, generally speaking, Weinland usually is very tired, weak, exhausted after the feast of Tabernacles, because of the "work load" that he has over the course of a year’s work and the extensive preparation that he has to go through in preparing for all of those sermons during the feast. So, he probably will be taking another vacation following the feast of Tabernacles. I believe that last year, the "silent witness" and Weinland himself spent a week on a Mediterranean Cruise. That could have been the year before, but he does have a history of taking vacations after the feast. So we can only assume that the excess 2nd tithe will provide for a delightful trip to another exotic vacation destination. Australia and New Zealand are probably not enough considering these locations are "strictly" business.

Mike (EkimKS) said...

If I ran into the Silent Witness in Big Sandy back in the 60's, it didn't register. Maybe she was silent back then also. Actually, IIRC there were also feast sites at Lake Tahoe and Jekyll Island back then.

My impression was that PKG members were to have been sending in 3/4 of their second tithe all along this year. If so, then Ron won't get a large haul of excess 2T right after the feast.

Maybe he'll pull a Pack -- "Get those assets and get them here." But Pack's Internet presence has been declining since he did that back in November.

weinlandtranscripted said...

Yes, the PKG members were suppose to send in 75% of their 2nd tithe to Ronnie during this past year. I am sure that he has records of how much each member earns and is sending reminders or delinquent notices, if some of his faithful, brainwashed followers have not sent in the required 2nd tithe. I wonder if delinquency is grounds for dismissal. If Weinland's followers are sending in the cash, then Weinland will not retire anytime soon. Why should he, Ronnie doesn’t have a conscious. Is Ronnie convinced that he is doing a great service for God? Is he drinking his own kool-aide? Back in January, Ronnie was talking about how difficult it was to obtain a second mortgage on their personal home. He was going to take out all of the equity and generously donate it to the church. I wonder if that happened.

Mike (EkimKS) said...

Maybe he took out the equity. And maybe he didn't donate it to the church. Is he drinking his own Flavor Aid, or just handing it out?

Weinland Watch said...

My vote for handing it out. I hadn't heard that information about the 2T, and I was wondering what was up with the funds for the cancelled Feast.

Of course, now that the Feast has been "un-cancelled" (even though it was never really cancelled to begin with), that just reinforces the fact that ILFPRW is only in this little shell game for the money.

Well, that, and the fact that the elders have to pay tithes too. Yowza.

Richard said...

Maybe this explains why crude oil prices suddenly dipped the last couple of days.

None of the offshore oil rigs or coastal refineries were bombed.

Buy on the speculation -- be hung out to dry on the LACK of the news.

Seanna said...

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