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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Weinland Prepares the COG-PKG to Turn Left, Turn Right

On July 5 the false prophecy road show was in the Toledo, Ohio area but across the border in Michigan. Most of the interesting parts were in the last half-hour of the sermon. Later on we figured out what the interesting parts were really about.

At one brief moment, Weinland seemed emotional talking about all the people he prophesied to die. But he recovered quickly.

A number of members have left COG-PKG since the timeline reset over the last couple of weeks, but a number also remain and Ron Weinland continues to tighten his grip on them. He announced that big surprises were coming, and they should be prepared to "move left" or "move right" on a moment's notice, like in the military. Supposedly these instructions would come from God, but of course we know they'll be conveyed to them by the False Prophet. He said that an epic spiritual war is taking place right now in the angelic realm.

He mentioned that god had revealed something to him the night before, but everyone would have to wait -- and "everyone" includes Laura.

I could speculate on where this might be headed, but I'm reluctant to do so for fear I'd be right again. Anyone who hasn't left the COG-PKG by now will probably stick with Weinland through the next dozen timeline changes and do whatever Weinland claims is an instruction from God.


AMAZING said...

It seems to me something was different with his last sermon, like in the other sermons you could tell that there was a room full of people just by the noises that a room full of people make, people coughing, hearing kids in the background. This last sermon sounded like a very small room someone coughing in the background on purpose lol, it just sounded like a small room setting. Another thing is I KNOW he reads what is on the internet and now he knows that we all know, I find it AMAZING that he didn't talk about what all the people are saying about him, HE'S IN DENIAL........He made it real clear "crystal clear" that if things didn't happen the way he said it would in the James Whale interview he would step down and stop preaching and admit he is a FALSE PROFIT well RONNIE? You need to go back and listen to that James Whale interview again. I think you need to do what you are always telling other people to do go back and listen to what you said in that interview, remember NO WAVERING. You always did say that everyone was going to know you, that is one prophecy that you where right about. We all know what a FOOL and CON man you are and people are doing alot of talking and it's all about YOU. Do you MARVEL about that? Hey give yourself a HUG!

Anonymous said...

I listened to his last sermon and believed at the time that Ron wasn't just right. He seemed less "powerful" in voice or something. Maybe sad even. I thought when he spoke about being willing to turn left or turn right....he would soon tell the membership they should all pick up and move somewhere together. He'd blame it on the economy. He'd also not have to worry about all this "outside" interference so much. If the membership is CLOSER to him, he'd have more influence over them.

Anonymous said...

Well, Ron Weinland summed up his own prophetic nonsense on the James Whale show (don't think he will be a guest on there any time soon due to his own lying tongue).

There really isn't another chapter to Ron Weinland, because he has jumped the shark.

BTW, does Laura wear a head covering like is taught in 1 Corinthians? I mean, if you are going to live by every word of the Bible, you can't overlook this scripture.

Anonymous said...

There's a pro-Weinland blog/forum out there (I won't link to it because I have integrity) that is just used as a propagandist vehicle for Weinland supporters. My guess is that it is run by Weinland himself in an effort to combat the logical forces against him.

Anyway, IF the people who post to that are real people, then it is safe to say that those who want to believe this unholy, unscriptural, heresy, will continue to do so in the hopes that they will escape their version of the great tribulation. If they continue to believe this guy (who has utterly lied to their face without any condemnation), then there are fools who will continue to support his ministry.

For whatever selfish reasons, his followers, however small (and I think the numbers are REALLY small), continue to believe his lies even in the face of his own self-delusion that he DIDN'T LIE in AAAllll-THose interviews that he gave. Come on people! Wake up! Get your head out of the sand! Ron Weinland is a Liar, a LIAR! He lied to you so many times and you bought it hook line and sinker. You believe LIES! Do you know that? Are you aware of that?

Where do lies come from? The father of lies is none other than Satan himself. Why would he want a few hundred "chosen" ones to believe these lies? Because it MASKS the reality that is Jesus the Christ. If you have a hardened heart towards Jesus (the ONLY one who can save you), then you will believe someone who comes to you as a sheep in wolves clothing. Satan is the deceiver of the brethren and is looking to DEVOUR you. That's right. Ron Weinland, and his false ministry, will devour your heart, mind, and soul, in the end. Just what Satan wants to happen.

Yes, it is THAT important for Weinland's followers to reject the heretical teachings of Ron Weinland. If you just look into your own Bible, accept the gospel, the one given by Yahweh, the one given by His Son Jesus Christ, then you can KNOW for sure that you are eternally saved through his SON. That's it. Don't believe me, believe your Bible. When you understand this, the scales will fall from your eyes and you will understand the depths of God's love for you. Jesus Christ is your Messiah and you can count on his promises, something that Ron Weinland will NEVER point you to, because it doesn't sell as many books.

Anonymous said...

If you are in Weinland's church, especially if you are new, I'd suggest you watch this video about Herbert W Armstrong.

You can see how Ron Weinland's stuff isn't new, but rehashing of the heresies of Herbert Armstrong.

Anonymous said...

"You can see how Ron Weinland's stuff isn't new, but rehashing of the heresies of Herbert Armstrong."

Called to Be Free was an excellent video. You can learn a lot by understanding where Ron Weinland got his teachings. Of course, Ron Weinland spins his own doctrine, but you can't deny where he got it from.

Anonymous said...

That video is so inspiring. It shows that EVEN those in Ron Weinland's group can come out of it and believe the truth of the Gospel!

Anonymous said...

Don't make me puke. Called to be Free is a farce, and does not address the fact the WCG still practices church government from the top down, and the brainwashed sheep are still lining Tkach Jr's pockets with ill-gotten gains.

Richard said...

"Turn not to the right hand or to the left: remove thy foot from evil." -- Prv. 4:27

Your quote from Mr. Weinland reminded me of that verse -- and of the religious radio program where someone sings part of that verse every day.

The show's title: "Walk in the Word." May people in COG-PKG really do that.