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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dueling Prophets

The Ambassador Watch blog has a post discussing the declining traffic at David Pack's web site. Since I'm blogging mainly about a different false prophet, I thought it would be interesting to compare their websites. So I went to Alexa and generated the graph, reproduced below.
(click on graph for an expanded view)
This graph shows that the Pack-man's traffic (thercg.org) began its decline as Ron Weinland's traffic (the-end.com) began increasing back in November. That suggests that they are dueling for the same demographic but that Weinland is throwing more money at his ad campaign.

But that idea is shot down when Weinland reduced his ad budget in mid-June and his traffic sharply declined. At that time Pack's traffic increased briefly but now is at its lowest level in months. In fact it's the same as James Malm's theshininglight.info. While Pack has a following from whom he has demanded money ("get those assets and get them here"), Malm informs me that his ad campaign is self funded. Perhaps Pack is investing the money in his building program instead of Internet ad campaigns. Or maybe it's being spent on expanding the payroll for family members.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed Weinland is sounding more and more nervous and sheepish in his sermons? It almost feels like he doesn't even believe himself anymore.

I would expect that he will announce that Ron Weinland is a false prophet, and not even think he is talking about himself.