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Monday, July 28, 2008

Jesus Who?

Gavin Rumney at Ambassador Watch has picked up my story on Weinland's hovel, both front and back.

Gavin wonders how one can qualify to be the collector of God's tithes:
"What I don't understand is just how you pick up an official accreditation for this kind of thing. Where do you collect an application form? Does Ron have a framed certificate on his wall, personally signed by Jesus Christ, authorizing him to function as His official tithe collector?"
He continues on, asking:
"Does Christ sign off on Ron's raises? Will Ron get a divine bonus this year despite seriously screwing up his prophecy about 2008?"

Gavin, how could you ask such ignorant questions? If you'd just listen to Ron's sermons you'd realize that Jesus is not a middleman in this, he's not in the chain of command. Ron speaks directly for God and Jesus is only the elder brother whose only job is to return and resurrect God's favorite son, Ronnie. Besides, God wanted him to put out his earlier prophecies to test the CoG-PKG membership, and train them for even bigger and better things (big surprises).

If you'd been listening to Ron (God), you'd also realize that God's Prophet has stated that his curse against his critics still applies, never mind that he's not the Spokesman Witness right now. You should have been more careful what you said about Ronald Weinland (God).

Feeling anything yet?


Anonymous said...

Exactly. Ron thinks HE is the center of the book of Revelation.

Anonymous said...

Since Ron Weinland didn't return to The Edge radio program to face Daniel Ott, they put up a post show reprise calling Weinland a fraud here:


RDussell Earl Kelly, PHD said...

The richest people in Africa are scam artists called preachers who are collecting tithes from people who live in grass huts and on the street.

According to the OT you must be either a Levite or a priest. And also according to the OT you must forfeti all inheritance rights to land or property. And you must kill anybody who approaches you to touch you. Numbers 18:20-28; 3:10. Russell Earl Kelly, PHD www.shouldthechurchteachtithing.com

Anonymous said...

He was asked on the Daniel Ott interview what differentiates his book from all the other end-of-time books written out there. Weinland's response? April 2008.


So many people are out there looking for a Messiah. They think Ron Weinland is it. Obviously he isn't even a prophet who can be trusted. As the saying goes: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Anonymous said...


They asked, and this a direct quote:

"Ron, will you come on the Edge in December 2008 and explain why your prohecies have not been fulfilled?"

To which he answered: "Well, let's put it this way, if we come to a point in time where what I said doesn't take place, the reality is that I'm just a false prophet, because that's the bottom line, and that's it. Uh, there'd be no other answer. I [unintelligble] cannot say that. There would be absolutely no other answer. I know that other religious people do when they say a certain time, if you want to look at Ellen White, if you want to go back and look at different time, and different people in history, the people who made prophecies, religious people and so forth, and they haven't come to pass, well, they give all these reasons why, uh, it's gonna happen in five more years, we were, God's led us to understand that, and so they go on from one point to another point to another point until they die. The reality is if it doesn't happen, then you're just false. There's nothing else to say, what else could I say?"

To reword that question is, will you come back on the program and so that the people can, who have been emailing in the show questions, can applaud you for your accuracy? I think that would probably be more to what you would want to...

Oh, ha ha, I'll go on any of your programs... Either way, I'll come on... I'll acknowledge my error, my wrong, if I'm wrong. I know I'm not wrong, but, you know, this is not a small thing that God gives you something to do. Can you imagine Noah building an ark for 100 years and someone coming out there mocking him on dry land."

OK, Ron Weinland, you are not being true to your OWN WORDS. Your timeline is not accurate. It appears you do not have the cahunas to own up to your own failings.

Anonymous said...

Ron is the Peter Principle exemplified. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Principle

Of course, he promoted himself to the level of prophet, but he is incompetent as a prophet, but cannot go backwards in his spritual hierarchical chain.

Here it is, Ron Weinland's interpretation of God's order of importance:

1. God
2. Ron Weinland
3. Jesus Christ (through whom, according to Weinland, God worked through at one time, and will work through again, but now is the time of Ron Weinland)
4. Evangelists in COG-PKG
5. Elders in COG-PKG
6. Deacons in COG-PKG
7. Men in COG-PKG
8. Women in COG-PKG (not single mothers or women married to men who aren't in Weinland's camp)
9. Children in COG-PKG
10. Family pets in COG-PKG
11. Family members of people in COG-PKG
12. Unclean meats
13. Pestilence and famine
14. The United States
15. Europe
16. The Pope
17. All catholic and protestant "so-called" Christians
18. Ministers in all the other COG splinter groups
19. Those who left COG-PKG in disgust over the heresies of Ron Weinland
20. Those who contribute to the Ron Weinland is a False Prophet" blogs
21. The owners of the "Ron Weinland is a False Prophet" blogs