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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Fiftieth Truth: All About the Mockers

Ronald Weinland put up one of his rare posts on his blog, entitled "Thunders Grow Stronger". He starts out by stating that he had added the Fiftieth Truth to the church website. He uses a great deal of Fiftieth Truth writeup to address his critics and mockers, quoted below.

God could have revealed this truth at any time, and it has always been solely within His own power and prerogative to do so whenever He chose. God had given the Church most of the understanding concerning the meaning of the Feast of Trumpets, but not all. God has now given the Church to understand some of those reasons why He has chosen to reveal this great truth just before Trumpets of 2008.
1) This is part of a continuing process to make a distinction in the Church (the actual physical organization where the spiritual body of the Church is being nurtured and led through whom God is working) and all other organizations who were scattered from the Church (where God is no longer working).
2) This was reserved until now because there is a continuing spiritual battle against Satan and his demons. Satan and the demons know their time of reign is nearly over and then they will be removed from the presence of mankind for 1,000 years, but they have not fully known what that exact timing involved. God is about to expose Satan and the demon world for the true evil they are.
3) God is also going to reveal the perverted attitude and spirit of all who mock Him, His Church, and His servants. Those who scoff, criticize, ridicule, and mock God’s Church have used the occasion of this revelation to find fault with God’s Church for changing doctrine (as they see it) and timing in order to better suit their own false needs. Such critics foolishly and unwittingly put themselves in a position of judging God. The very thing they mock is the very thing that will end up being used to mock them. God is revealing the kind of hatred that has existed in the hearts of men and women toward Him and His people for nearly 6,000 now.
4) As part of a direct relationship to the previous point, this very thing that scoffers and mockers try to use to discredit God’s end-time prophet and two witnesses is one of the very things that God will use (in a far greater way) to prove who it is through whom He is working. In reality, the fulfillment of the 50th Truth will be great evidence of God’s true servants and the events that reveal the fulfilling of this truth will put mockers and scoffers to shame.

The scoffers and mockers are not scoffing at God, His Church, or His Servants. We're scoffing and mocking God's False Prophet, Ronald Weinland. "2008: God's False Witness". Got it, Ronnie? Oh, and by the way: my insides are still doing fine.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like his church is in shambles now. His post was just a nonsensical rambling of wagging his finger at his "mockers". You are right, we are mocking Ron Weinland because Ron Weinland is a fool. According to his *own words* he should have stepped down a while ago and declared himself a false prophet. Now he is just, as he put it, insane for not doing what he said he would do in AAAALLLL those interviews he gave.
I don't even recall what his so-caled "50th Truth" was. But, that's neither here nor there since I can't name even one of the first 49. I would bet that once Trumpets comes and goes without a bang, that he will then declare a "51st Truth", ad-nauseum.

Juan Rheinland said...

Mental illness wrapped in the guise of religious zealotry is both sad and frightening.

When Ron speaks of mocking God, he really means "mocking me."

How soon he forgets... "If not by Pentecost we see...then I will stop preaching...to do otherwise would be quite insane."

Someone needs to send God a holiday calendar so he can figure out which ones he wants to really reveal new truths on. He keeps getting them mixed up and jumps His own gun.

Anonymous said...

Weinland is a fraud,of course,but that doesn't that a lot of things he mentions aren't going to happen.The webbots are predicting 5 month period similar to 9/11 starting in October.

Purple Hymnal said...


Give it up. You were posting about the webbots being in line with Weinland's first timeline, too.

Are you going to change it up again once he gets started on a third?