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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Run Ron Run

In his sermon of August 9, Ronald Weinland continued in his series from 1 John, along with generous heapings of mind control for those who still follow him. He talked about the thousands who "hate God's way".

At about 14 minutes into the sermon, he referred to a "spirit world out there right now that is stirred up mightily." He went on to say that he hadn't seen a time like this before, the only thing remotely close to it was during the 1979 receivership imposed on WCG by the California Attorney General. Then he related the tale of HWA's flight to Arizona, and that tithe checks were sent to Herbert W Armstrong, A Corporation Sole. He mocked the CA AG for not realizing that the tithe slaves would do what the head of the church required, without question, with great desire.

He tried to relate this to any adversity the membership might be facing. "We're at the height of a battle right now." He talked about some hardships he's been going through in the last month. Of course Ron is facing a significant adversity on his own with an IRS criminal investigation breathing down his neck.

Could the Insane Liar be getting ready to run to some foreign country safe from extradition? After all, he can upload his sermons from his laptop with the satellite modem from anywhere in the world, and collect tithe checks by mail. He wouldn't be able to give a tax receipt so that the tithe slaves can deduct them on their income tax returns. But hey, that's just another adversity that the demons have stirred up. Only time will tell, but it could be telling if the False Prophet takes additional opportunities in future sermons to further remind his followers of the 1979 receivership episode.

His admonitions to his followers to be tolerant of others who don't believe in Ron were more that offset by statements about looking forward to the deaths of critics and mockers when Christ returns. I did not get the sense that the death curse against me has been lifted. I'll be losing about 2 nanoseconds of sleep over that -- or less.


Weinlandtranscripted said...


Do you think Weinland has pulled out Stan Rader's book, "Against the Gates of Hell" and is reviewing his work?

Is Weinland preparing his "Flock" for a time when they will have to stop sending tithe checks in the name of the church-pkg and start writing tithe checks in the name of "Jeremy" in Germany? He probably is already think about how he can filter the money out of the country.

Anonymous said...

I tried to listen to the sermon, but I just couldn't. This man (1) gives me a headache, (2)annoys me to no end, and (3) makes absolutely NO sense! He contradicts himself repeatedly and I am (if you will pardon the expression) AMAZED that anyone can listen to an entire message.
Sorry the "death curse" hasn't been lifted from you yet. However, if Ron is as accurate on it as he is on the other things, you will live a long, long life. =)

Anonymous said...

I guess the death curses were spiritual just like every other one of his prophecies of 2008. Only Ron could see it happen.

Seems to me ILFPRW has a 12-Monkeys thing going on.

Mike (EkimKS) said...

WT: I don't think that ILFPRW is going to be able to pull off what Rader did for HWA.

Differences: HWA was up against the State of California, his imitator is up against the feds. HWA had more resources than RW. When Radar struck out in court he was able to go to the California legislature and win there. RW doesn't have the resources.

As far as having the tithe checks sent somewhere else, I'm thinking that it could be some variation of what you suggest. Guess we'll wait and see if he returns to the US after the Feast of Tabernacles.

Anonymous said...

I believe the spirit world is stirred up quite a bit. There has been all kinds of ghosts running around the house here lately, making alll kinds of noises

Anonymous said...

I too tried to listen to his babble but he makes me want to puke. I cannot fiqure out for the life of me why my husband would listen to this man!! This guy sounds like a complete crazy person who makes no sense!!

Richard said...

If the "two witnesses" head for the place of safety, how can they do their required work in Jerusalem?

weinlandtranscripted said...


Weinland denounces the idea of a "place of safety," - everyone including his fellow members must endure his end-time timeline for the second time. That is tribulation enough. Ronald also claims that the two end-time witnesses do not need to do their work in Jerusalem for 3 and one-half years. Weinland asked anyone to give him text proof that he needs to be there for the duration of the tribulation. We quoted Revelation 11:2, but that doesn't count. Weinland claims that there is not a holy city and it is only when Ron and his silent Laura enter a city that it becomes "holy." So technically, whatever city they enter will become "holy" until they depart.