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Sunday, August 17, 2008

You're Just Looking for an Excuse

In Ronald Weinland's sermon of August 16, he implied that anyone having a valid reason to leave his church is actually looking for an excuse to leave, that their actual reason is more personal, perhaps sex.

At about 1:08 into the sermon, he said to go look at his critics' websites to see what his flaws are, but immediately backed off and said not to look. Then he characterized critics' sites as garbage. Appears that he's laying on more mind control for those who have and those who have yet to find out about his IRS problems. His point will be that if you leave his church over his lack of credibility, that it's really your fault -- you're just looking for an excuse.

At another point he talked about his house on a golf course, mockingly saying he's rich. He claimed to have a better rapport with the greens-keepers and other laborers than he does with more educated people. Well, Ron, I think you are rich. I suggest that you keep your word to stop preaching and abusing your members. Give your wealth to those you've victimized, and perform some honest labor with those you get along with.

To any members who've decided to brave the threat of disfellowshipment and check out the websites of critics: no, you shouldn't accept what we say without checking it out. At the same time, you should not require a greater standard of proof from a critic than you have from Weinland, who has no credibility. Don't accept at face value anything stated by Weinland, who proves himself to be a liar every time he stands in front of you and preaches. If you remember, Weinland promised to stop preaching if the First Trumpet wasn't apparent by Pentecost, and here we are 2 1/2 months later and he's still yapping away. No, you don't need an excuse to leave Ron and his mental and financial abuse. You've got great reasons. And leaving Ron is NOT leaving God.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious, how many tithe slaves does Ronald Weinland currently have in his membership? Do they even know of his IRS problems?

When Cristmas comes (ah, my favorite time of the year) and we ring in the New Year 2009 with Auld Lang Syne, let's remember to toast to the false prophet of 2008 and ring in a happy and prosperous new year for everyone! In doing so, let the blogs go black and any reference to him cease in this virtual world. Because without his critics, Ron Weinland would not have any material for his sermons!

But, who can wait that long? He obviously is trying to shift from "prophet" back to "minister" with his lengthy nonsensical sermons on 1 Jn. He is so TOTALLY ignorant of scripture, it is a wonder how he even became a minster to begin with. Oh, yes, he is an Ambassador College grad.

Of course, have you noticed a decidedly acid tone to his message? It's as if he was severely picked on at AC. It sounds like he is just "getting even" with aaa-llll those people who picked on him while he was a student. Sad, sad, sad. Does he need some therapy for his bruised ego?

Weinland Watch said...

No idea how many of "the faithful" still remain, and it's doubtful that those firmly-ensconced have even the first clue about the CID investigation, save that it's proof "they" are after the 2 witlesses (and it doesn't surprise me it's being spun that way). Even though NO ONE KNOWS WHO THEY ARE.

angel said...

Over on the Weinland Witness blog someone said they heard RW was in trouble with the "babylonian system", did anyone know what was going on - they ignored the question. The watchdog on that site said she just spent the weekend with the Weinlands so you'd think she could have answered that question; they obviously don't want their people "talking amongst themselves".

One person said they spent $2400 on food supplies, they're talking about water filters and wood stoves; I guess when he pushes the date back again at the end of this year they can still use that stuff, it's sad to see how these peoples lives are being affected.

I noticed the shift from "prophet" back to "minister"; I John is not a very long book and he "teaches" for 2 hours at a time - if he didn't spend so much time complaining about the mockers and scoffers he could have been done with it by now. I'm sure he wants to get back to business as usual so he doesn't have to deal with questions.