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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Ron and Laura.

It's been 33 years since the two of you were married. And in another 4 months you'll have been married a third of a century. And then eleven days later you'll again start your jobs as the Spokesman Witness and the Silent Witness.

But if the IRS Criminal Investigation Division is able to substantiate criminal activity, then you may have to swap roles. The Federal Bureau of Prisons puts severe restrictions on outside communications by inmates. They also limit a prisoner's property, so Ron, you wouldn't be able to bring in your laptop with the satellite modem and continue to give sermons. No sermons to others, unless you can convert your fellow prisoners.

Laura Weinland, you may have to step up to the plate for real this time. No Witnessing by witnessing your husband Witness. You may need to be the Spokesman Witness this time. You need to at least learn how to pronounce curses on your critics.

And while you're at it you should also get a crash course in timeline changing, when the second one goes down the tubes.

So again, Mr. & Mrs. False Prophet, happy anniversary -- enjoy the rest of the day as you have a lot of preparation to do. And don't worry, I haven't sent you anything with the scent of tiger lilies. Nor have I provided your address to anyone else to do that or anything else. As far as gifts, I'm a heterosexual male so I don't know what is appropriate for a 33rd anniversary -- sackcloth, maybe?


Anonymous said...

Just reviewed the upcoming travel itinerary for The Profit. . .Portland, Hartford, Dallas, London, Belgium, Netherlands, Hawaii, then Australia and New Zealand. Do they travel first class?

Anonymous said...

I briefly followed them. They had tremendous knowledge of the bible but the spirit in them was what didn't sit well - it contradicted what they were saying, and of course the part that got me interested - the prophecy, didn't occur.

Any pastor who wishes death on his own brethren (the leaders of the other remnants of the former WCG) has forgotten Christ's commandments.

GrimAbbott said...

Wondering if they have their airplane tickets to Israel yet...I imagine that they wouldn't want to be late to their own "martyrdom".