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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rabid Weinland Haters

The Weinland Witness blog and associated forum is a gathering spot for Weinland followers and wannabees. Any dissent is quashed with the offending comment simply deleted. One commenter who mentioned hell was threatened with banning after one of the Weinland followers complained that it didn't fit in with Weinland's theology.

In contrast we have the Ironwolf Forum. A range of opinions is allowed there, though the Weinland followers are challenged by the majority who are critics. Citizen X, the moderator of the Weinland Witness sites has used the term "rabid Weinland-haters", apparently to include me and all the other critics on the Ironwolf forum.

Three weeks ago the story broke of the banning of Weinland's books in Pakistan's Sindh province. A poll was put up on the Ironwolf Forum asking for the opinion of the forumites on whether these books should be banned. Here are the results.

In this forum filled with "rabid Weinland-haters" the vast majority voted that the books should not be banned. (I don't know who was the one person voting for banning, I was one of the 9 voting against banning.) Seems the Weinland-haters are not so rabid that they're willing to allow their hatred to overcome general principles. In contrast to Citizen X (who has also posted to the Ironwolf Forum as "John G") who simply won't allow any criticism on his sites.

"Rabid Weinland Followers"? Seems so to me. They've followed him into one timeline change, I just wonder how many more. I suspect as many as he'll put out there with as many silly explanations as he can muster. I hope that if Ronald Weinland is guilty of criminal behavior then the Feds will be successful at putting him away for awhile.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I posted there under the pseudonym "Curious", but I was quickly quashed, and the forum locked down, because I asked too tough of questions which they didn't want to answer.

The contributors can barely write coherent sentences and talk mostly about the amount of physical supplies they are storing up for the tribulation. So much for their trust in God. It's all about saving themselves.

angel said...

I made a few comments too, and even though I didn't make any negative comments about Weinland, the fact that I didn't say anything positive made some of them uneasy.

I got the feeling that some of them are afraid to have an honest dialogue with anyone about him, and others think that if you're not willing to accept him lock, stock and barrel, you're not called by God and not even worth their time.

In either case, to consider everyone who doesn't agree with Weinland "hateful" gives them an excuse not to listen or talk to anyone who might make them question what they believe.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes wonder if Citizen X is not Ron Weinland himself, or one of his cronies.

So many of them on there are convinced the end is near. They believed that before they found Weinland and just happen to find Weinland and buy into his strategy to escape. If it wasn't Weinland that they believed, they would have found someone else to cling to.

angel said...

Having an end time belief is one thing, I can understand people not being happy with the mess this world is in and looking forward to a better time and place, but to be willing to believe someone with this kind of blind faith I really don't understand.

I have a hard time when someone expects me to believe something but won't or can't answer my questions. It's not that I expect them to know everything, if you don't know, just say so, but when they refuse to face and answer the difficult questions; that doesn't work for me.

They seem to have a real problem with anyone who is trying to use their brain. You're immediately directed to read something, or listen to something; makes me want to knock on their head and say helloooo...

Purple Hymnal said...

"...others think that if you're not willing to accept him lock, stock and barrel, you're not called by God and not even worth their time."

This is typical church of god attitude, and was prevalent back in the WCG/Armstrong days.

Anonymous said...

If you want to get a feel for the type of people that follow ILFPRW, all you have to do is look at theweinlandwitness forum.
1) Their main concern is making sure they survive armageddon. (look at how much they talk about storing up supplies).
2) They are not all that literate. (I think it is easier for them to *hear* what to do through his sermons, than to read it from his books).

Mike (EkimKS) said...

I don't think that Citizen X is the ILFPRW. He posted a few times to the Ironwolf Forum as "John G" and claims to be in his early 20's.

His literacy is a bit above the average for a Weinland follower/sympathizer. And I don't think he's posted anything since late June either.

angel said...

I thought that too, about Citizen X; he seems to be aware that things aren't looking good for RW, yet because RW made excuses, C-X still wants to give him more time to prove himself.

It's a head scratcher.

I didn't see any comments on the Weinland Witness blog about the IRS situation; do they not know or do they just not want to know?

Mike (EkimKS) said...

Take a look on TWW forum. Their spin on it is that I'm a bitter ex-member and a stalker -- neither of which is true. Basically, they're going to "Spin it Like It's 1979" (see my later post with that title).

Seems to me that Citizen X has not taken an active role since late June. Maybe John G is purely in a wait-n-see mode.

Mike (EkimKS) said...

******* off topic comment moved here **********
does anybody know if this is weinland?


i thought weinland told church members not to blog? if so, who is this?

I'd guess you've already read his blog and know that Citizen X is not a member. But members do comment there.

Mike (EkimKS) said...

***** off-topic comment on another post moved here *****


I just updated my blog on Ronald Weinland. Thought you might like to know.

-Citizen X


Citizen X is the blogger and forum-meister for The Weinland Witness where the rabid Weinland followers hang out. I am simultaneously amused and amazed at the distorted thinking that goes on there.

Mike (EkimKS) said...

It appears that milieu control has won out, with two COG-PKG members departing TWW on the instructions of their elders.

Looks like the remaining posters there are firmly on the fence.