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Monday, August 25, 2008

Swimming in the Cesspool

Yesterday's sermon might or might not have finished the book of 1 John as Weinland said he planned to do. Mostly he rambled on with a continuation of his mind control.

At the beginning he mentioned that his trip schedule was posted at places he wanted, and at places he didn't. Just trying to do a service, Ronnie.

Ronald repeated his bathroom comparisons of a few weeks ago, referring to the Internet as a cesspool and The Journal as "the urinal".

One message that the Insane Liar hammered on was that the members should avoid other sources with messages that conflicted with his. Ron, is your world view so shakey that it can't stand a little competition? I've been listening for months and haven't been converted yet. However, I do say "amazing" more often. But, hey .... Oh dang it, there I go again.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for having this site up. I can only hope that many people have visited this site and received the inside scoop on this charlatan.

As far as his recent sermons go, they appear to be just filler sermons because he thought he wouldn't be giving any more sermons after April 17th. He's honestly sounds like a scared little kid who's been bullied most of his life and he is taking his anger out on anyone who disagrees with him. Ron Weinland mocks everyone, including his OWN PEOPLE! This is a man with a severe inferiority complex. I think he's had it from his teenage years. I sincerely question his mental state. It appears that he has some chemical imbalance which is causing these delusions. His wife would know him best. Maybe SHE would agree to an interview since Ronnie can't face his critics anymore?

Anonymous said...

I wonder- Why is it that these COG offshoots have so much resentment towards "traditional Christianity" yet whole-heartedly accept its version of the canonized Bible? The New Testament was canonized in 375AD, some 50 years after the first Council of Nicea. One of the main criteria of what was included in the Bible was the worldview of who Jesus was, and his central message. Revelation was only included after much debate (it contained an Old Testament view of God, not keeping with the other books).

My question is, why do the COGs accept the authority of scripture from those that they ultimately despise and condemn as "satanic"?

Juan Rheinland said...

"Revelation was only included after much debate (it contained an Old Testament view of God, not keeping with the other books)."

Revelation was a Jewish Christian book written against the beast of Rome back then and PERHAPS the False prophet Paul in the Jewish Christian mind. It was written just before the fall of the temple and all the "was, is and will be" characters fit that time. It was written from January to Sept 70 and when the temple fell so did the book of Revelation and became a false jewish prophecy against the Gentile christian views.

The Ephesians were praised for trying those who said they were apostles but were not. Paul was a very big player in the Ephesian church. Even Paul said all in asia forsook him which is where the Ephesian church was.

The book of Revelation is past history and a failed one at that for the Jewish Church. The Gentiles won and it is that which we have been stuck with to this day.

How long could a COG last or Ron Weinland last should this really be the case? What a waste of time.

Purple Hymnal said...

And Ron has the unbelievers right where he wants them, thinking he's mentally unbalanced.

How many more times do I have to say it? Weinland's not crazy. Like a fox, maybe, but definitely not mentally ill.


jack635 said...

I agree with you purple. He did say he would stop preaching and declare himself a false prophet, but he's still preaching. He must have seen all that money coming into WCG and realized there will always be a percentage of the population that will follow blindly.....and tithe.

jack635 said...

and tithe.........and tithe.

Purple Hymnal said...

...and tithe...and tithe...and tithe...and tithe.......

Just like we used to back in the day. :-(

Mike (EkimKS) said...

Enough tithing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!