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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Am I a Trendsetter or What?

A few weeks ago I published photos of the front and rear of the Insane Lying False Prophet Ronald Weinland's "humble" abode, with the intent not to show where he and the Silent Witness live but rather how they live.

In the past couple of days Gavin Rumney's Ambassador Watch blog has shown a picture of False Prophet Roderick Meredith's house, and Stan Gardner has quickly followed up on his Ambassador Reports blog with a picture of Clarion-Call-False-Prophet-to-be Dave Pack's house, with even better geo-locating information than I provided about my subject False Prophet's location. Now we understand what "Get those assets here" means. Indication seems to be that False Propheting is a lucrative business, particularly if you set yourself up as top dog in your own CoG-let clone of WCG, elevating HWA to biblical character status. I guess I chose the wrong career path, choosing to pursue a technical degree as my house even in a non-deprived area is valued at less than half of any of theirs.

Could some other blogger please continue the trend? Perhaps a picture of That False Prophet Gerry "Six-Pack" Flurry's house? Might need a Ghillie suit or a black helicopter for that one though, as I understand That Prophet's house is well ensconced within his compound down in Edmond, OK.

And since I broke the story of False Prophet Ronald Weinland's troubles with the IRS, I'm hoping that I've started a trend in that arena as well. Let's hope that my "skillz" as a trend-setter are not just a flash in the pan. Wouldn't it be great if Ron, Rod, and all the other False Profits would end up sharing the same living accommodations in a gated community, with civil government impeding their exploitation of the gullible?

Any blogger up to the challenge should understand that Thielogical Bob will probably quote your story but will NOT provide a link since you're ANTI-COG, which ranks you somewhere near Satan in his estimation. He'll do this no matter which False Prophet you're talking about, even if it isn't his Favorite False Prophet you're talking about.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap (and I do mean that ironically), ILFPRW's house really does look like a shack, compared to Packatollah's and Iron Rod's!!

Still, ILFPRW paid for his little 400K "bonus" in cash. :-(

Mike (EkimKS) said...

No wonder Ron wants Rod and Dave to die. He's jealous :-D

Anonymous said...

LOL that was my take on it!