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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fear Ron

Ronald & Laura WeinlandFalse Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Erie yesterday. Ron was assigned there as a minister by WCG in the 1987 to 1994 timeframe. He commented that few from that area are in his church. He sometimes talks about the trials he experienced there, and was even transferred from his normal Feast site in '92 or '93 to Hawaii because of them. Could there be some substance to the allegations of his financial dealings while in Erie?

Weinland indicated he likely would accept an invitation to speak for 20 minutes at a forum of a now not-so-eclectic group of speakers. He thinks that he will get something more out of this. But I imagine that he thought the same when he was interviewed by Australian TV in January of 2008. In that program, he was portrayed as a deluded idiot and the closest thing to a promotion of his book was a passing mention of its title without any details on how to get a copy.

Planning is underway for an organized half Feast of Tabernacles, this despite not knowing the timing of the 2nd trumpet. Despite that uncertainty, there will be fewer locations this year which will require people to travel further. For example, Detroit, Cincinnati, and Louisville are to meet at the same feast site near Bowling Green where they did in 2007.

Ron threw out a few gems during this sermon. Turns out that "golly" and "gee-whiz" are worse than the F-bomb. He seemed to create a doctrine of inheritance, implying that COG-PKG members were there because of a faithful ancestor. He's promoting yet another YouTube video that someone has put up. Herbie's flip-flopping on the make-up doctrine was all about Government and whether people would respond to it, turning left and turning right. He also said the thunders are in the Bible, and that he did not invent them. Hmm -- even the one that's of your own choosing, the deaths of competing GOGlet ministers? Is Rod Meredith mentioned in the Bible? I imagine that "Doctor Bob" Thiel would be interested in that.

A number of COG-PKG members are losing jobs and having a difficult time of it. It's too bad that they didn't hang on to their assets instead of giving their money to the false prophet, as the dollar is still worth more than toilet paper. That money is needed by them (and Wayne Matthews who's looking for a job) since great favor won't be given by the beast power until after the 5th trumpet is blown. And since the Insane Liar doesn't know when the 2nd trumpet will blow, it could be quite some time -- long after the June 21st deadline given on the last page of his book for the demise of the United States as an independent nation.

The mockers played a role in his sermon. The numerous web sites critical of the false prophet were likened to "the ten" who contradicted Joshua and Caleb, who ended up being the only ones to see the promised land. Maybe Ron and Laura are analogous to Joshua and Caleb in addition to being the Two End-Time Witnesses.

The main point of Ron's sermon was directed at the thousands of people who listen in to his sermons on the Internet but are not members. He can't understand why they reject what God has placed before them, the chance to live into a new age. It blows his mind that they would not buy with their tithes what God is selling. His current set up sheep must have given up all their fleece and he needs a fresh set of yet unshorn.

Friday was the first anniversary of the first time Ron and Laura began their jobs. Yesterday is the 28th anniversary of Weinland's ordination and the beginning of his reign of terror over the deluded. And today is the anniversary of the first time that Ron pronounced a death curse on me. And it's also 17 weeks and one day since the second time that he pronounced a death curse on me, to die speedily.


jack635 said...

You jogged my memory about the Australian ABC documentary on Ron. I still haven't seen it. Time to take a trip to the search engine.
The thousands of people listening to Ron who haven't join his church are the ones who listen to the "delusions of an idiot" for entertainment. There are also those who listen to compare what he is saying with what is written in the bible.

He always weighs up in the scales as false.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting- As much as Ron spouts off about church government, he hasn't been a model example of following that government model when he was a "lowly elder". In fact, none of the splinter CoG's leaders have followed their own peaching on the matter of church government. I guess they feel it applies to everyone BUT THEM.

RKPDRMR said...

Hello Mike,

I was in WCG, and then UCG, and have just recently escaped from UCG. During my time in "church", I wasn't very familiar with Ron Weinland, and I first looked at his website about a week ago, as well as just discovering your blogspot about five days ago.

So forgive me if my question has already been asked a couple hundred times, as all of this info is brand-new to me.

RW says he can't understand why people would reject Gods' offer for them to live on into the new age. Well, I'm looking at a pretty serious warning in Rev.22:18-19 for adding or taking away from the words of the book. And I'm looking on "the-end.com" where RW says that the Seven Thunders are revealed in his book, even though the apostle John was restricted from recording them.

And my question is: Wouldn't that constitute "adding to the words" of the book of Revelation?

It scares me just to think of being in this mans' shoes.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

RK: My family members, who are in UCG and various other CoGlets, weren't familiar with Weinland either when I asked them. I imagine these other groups are embarrassed by the Spokesman Witness.

Yes, your point has been mentioned a time or two. But no telling when the Rev. 22 penalties apply, after all Gerry Flurry did the same thing with his "little book". And it could be argued that HWA did the same thing with his 19-year-time-cycle nonsense. Or for that matter anyone who attempts to interpret Revelation.

Also to be considered is Deut. 18: 20-22. I'm not expecting Ron to be stoned to death, even though he has prophesied in God's name and his prophesies have failed, such as the early deaths of Rod Meredith and other Herb-lets which were to occur before the Seventh Seal opened back on March 18th of last year and then again on November 14.

Curious as to what brought Weinland to your attention. Are you looking for another splinter to join up? If you're still considering Armstrongism, let me suggest that you read the "Escaping Armstrongism" blog which I link over in the right-hand column.

RKPDRMR said...

Hello again Mike,

To answer your question(s), I'm not looking for another splinter group to join. After being "held captive" by Armstrongism for years, I finally saw the light, thank God. It started with a doctrinal thing, which led to me leaving UCG. Not long ago, I googled "Herbert Armstrong false prophet" and all the websites (including yours, xHWA's, ect.) started coming up through all the links.
Since I'm still in the process of unraveling all of the HWA nonsense, I'm blown away as I learn the degree of delusion this man was under. And just when I was thinking it couldn't get worse, I started learning about RW, from your website. This immediately became important to me, since HWA is gone, but RW is happening now. And I have a feeling of empathy and concern for those in RW's grip. Inspite of how much I wish I could change it, all the years of the HWA experience is part of my life, and I guess that's why I identify with and feel for those in PKGCOG, needless to say.

I won't go on and on with this, but I want to say "Thank You" for your blogspot, as well as xHWA, Seeker of Truth, and others. You're doing a great service that I believe will really come into fruition as time goes on.

To access all of the info on these sites has been very therapeutic in helping me come out of the whole mess started by HWA and continued by RW. And I know that many more will be able to say the same thing in the future.

One more quick comment: The more I look at this whole situation, the more I realize this kind of thing isn't cured by coming to understand correct biblical doctrine only. It's much more than that. And I've got to say, I don't quite understand it all yet. But I am seeing that delusion is somehow contagious. That is, when a person like RW can get others to believe him, they somehow become infected with the same delusion that he is under. I just wish I knew what the correct "potion of truth" was. That is, to say the right thing in just the right way that would open their mind and enable them to see what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Who in this world knows what is exactly the real truth of God? No one in this world understands who God really is, but everyone assumes the worst of RW because no one wants to admit to themselves, WHAT IF RW IS SAYING THE TRUTH? WHAT IF HE TRULY IS GOD'S FINAL WITNESS? Who out of everyone can say for a fact that RW is a false prophet? Because he claims to be God's witness doesn't mean he's not human and is without making a few humanly errors. Not one human being is perfect and that includes God's witness.

jack635 said...

anon 1:41pm

Who out of everyone can say for a fact that RW is a false prophet?I can.
He wrote a book which clearly outlined specific timings. They did not come true.
He changed the timing of his prophecies. Again, they did not come true.
Citizen X, who defended his right to claim prophetship and patiently waited through his second timeline, has now declared RW a false prophet. Citizen X is a guy who banned anti-Weinland types from his blog, not even allowing them to post comments.
If someone like that can declare RW false, after supporting him for such a long time, then Ron is a false prophet.
And of course there is the testimony of Jesus Christ which condemns Ron as a false prophet and a heretic.

I can say for a fact that Ronald Weinland is a false prophet.

Dill Weed said...

Betcha Anonymous there is actually.... Drum Roll.... Laura!


Dill Weed - making trouble!

Anonymous said...

You are so deluded. The only thing that is false is the false Jesus you serve. You think you know it all. You know nothing. Your testimony of Jesus Christ that you like to spout off is meaningless because you don't obey/know God or His son. You're the heretic. Actually, Satan has you just where he wants you; mocking God's true servants and His true church. Nobody in God's true church has to fear anything you or your mocking buddies have to say because you're just clueless, lost, under Satan's influence. To quote your good friend Dill Weed, " Tick, tock, your time runs short Jack".

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

RK: Glad to hear that you've made your escape from Armstrongism. I feel lucky that I made mine long ago. While I can't pay HWA back for the misery he caused, I can pay REW forward to some extent. And give those willing to question this false prophet a few facts to consider.

I appreciate your good words. And suggest that you pass them along to xHWA and Seeker on their ABD blog.

I echo your closing comments "I just wish I knew what the correct "potion of truth" was. That is, to say the right thing in just the right way that would open their mind and enable them to see what's going on."

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Anon 5:52 Whatever happened to Weinland's admonition to love your enemies, which is what you perceive us anti-Weinland bloggers to be?

And why do you protest that you don't fear us? When have we ever threatened you?

Agape, agape, agape.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Anon 1:41
Some good questions. My answers here.

Anonymous said...

You know nothing of agape, God's love. God's love is truth. Obviously you can't accept God's truth, so no matter what I say, it isn't going to be percieved by you as being said in a loving manner. Ron is God's prophet and minister, yet people lie about him being angry and full of hate. Nothing but lies and more lies. And yes, you do threaten God's church spreading your hate and slander. But go ahead while you can, you're only showing others who visit your site what an obsessed liar you really are. If God is truly opening up someone's mind to the truth, it matter what read from your website. Of course those who drink your flavor aid have already sealed their fate as well as your own. Goodbye Mike.

Whisper said...

Rationalization: I don't have to be nice & loving to those I deem are unable to precieve that I am being nice & loving to.

Woof... thos PKGers can be down right nasty contrary to there stated beliefs...

Ron is not so much a prophet and minister as a false prophet and possibly a insane one at that.

If Mike is a threat to Rons Church then surely Ron will use his Witness powers and lay a curse down upon him to die, and swiftly from the inside out.

To state another knows "nothing of agape" and then spew out such poison and vitriol... whew but Delusion is a heady cup is is not?

Anonymous said...

You said, "To state another knows "nothing of agape" and then spew out such poison and vitriol... whew but Delusion is a heady cup is it not?". I guess you're an atheist since Jesus did the exact same thing by your rationale.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

O Anonymous Hateful Weinland Follower: If you understood the meaning of the word "slander", you would realize that there is none on this blog.

You seem to extrapolate a lot. Nothing in what Whisper pointed out in the least suggests whether or not he's an atheist.

Where's the proof that Ron speaks for God? Let's start by listing any prophecies that have come true, other than the obvious one that he would be mocked.

Anonymous said...

Ron has God's truth that God is continually revealling to him. That is all the proof anyone in God's church needs.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Prove that what Ron says is the truth, and that God is revealing it to him. Give three examples.

Whisper said...

"Ron has God's truth that God is continually revealling to him. That is all the proof anyone in God's church needs."

Proof of a person comes from ones opinion that they are recieving Gods Truth?

Uh... I think that it's supposed to be the other way around? First you get Gods Truth and THEN you put forward some PROOF that, in this special case, God would easily put forward for you as he is the one making all this happen and will WANT for people to see Ron as his prophet of the end of the world.

We have a president in office today, he was inagurated into office this year, 2009. This is in direct, absolute contradiction of RW's prophecy.

How did Ron ever rectify or excuse that prophecy? It was flat wrong I think!

If Ron has the Truth of God then how did this little gem get tossed out into the world by Ron? Why did the 1st timeline fail? Why did the 2nd timeline fail? Why do we still have a country here in America? Why do we have a president? Why have the 7 thunders not coalesced? Why has the 1st trumpet not appeared? Why has the 2nd not appeared?

If one is a prophet of God then one can not get one prophecied prophecy wrong, not one. There are many out thier around Rons neck like a necklace. Why?

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Please note that I've put in place some commenting rules which will be displayed above the comment entry block. No More Anonymous Comments allowed. Choose a nickname and use it consistently (no sock-puppets allowed).

Mike Allen said...

To: the Infamous Anonymous,
You say Mike knows nothing of truth, you say Jack is deluded when, in fact, it is you yourself that is deluded and knows not the truth.
You say Mike knows nothing of truth but Mike is not the one who is following a man which has been proven by Almighty God to be a false teacher and prophet.
You say that no man can know for sure whether or not Ron is true. Well, you are right! So, for that reason, we turn to God's Inspired Word! The only truly Godly Word in the world - the Bible. Have you ever read it? Or do you only blindly follow what your deit ron says?
God provides the definitions of, the criteria for, and the punishment of a false prophet. In fact, He makes it quite clear and easy to distinguish a false prophet from a true prophet. Therefore, you have no basis other than your own blind ignorance for calling Jack deluded or saying Mike knows nothing of the truth.
God makes it clear in Dueteronomy, Jesus makes it clear in Matthew, Mark, and other places. There are mentions of this by the apostles. I suggest you take more time to read the Bible and get off your soap box until you do because speaking with little knowledge only makes you look ignorant. Remember the old addage? It is more wise to keep your mouth closed and allow people to assume you are ignorant than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Happy reading anonymous!

Mike Allen said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

I'm reposting Mike Allen's comments with a bit of editing. I'm trying to reduce the temperature of the exchange a bit. The rest of it will remain as Mike Allen's statement including an allegation.

Another thing I wanted to mention about Ron but forgot to because of the rambling of one 'anonymous ####', was that of his (alleged) drinking.

At the FOT 2006 I met up with his daughter and some of her friends in the closed dining area of the hotel. They were the only ones there and were all drinking. Well, I was too but at least I will admit it and was not hiding it.

This came to me when I read about how Ron doesn't always keep to the things he teaches. He has taught for some time about not drinking more than two drinks. At the FOT's we always had our happy hour which was actually two hours. There Ron, Laura and everyone else had at least two drinks - most had much more than that.

Their daughter mentioned how her mom (later on in their hotel room after happy hour) was heading to the liquor store so if anyone in her family wanted anything they better speak up.
Before this day Ron always would stand at the podium to speak for sermons. I could not help but notice that on the morning after that night, Ron sat at a card table, was very tired, and openly said he was not feeling too well so the sermon would be difficult for him. Ron has pretty much sat for all sermons since that time.
I suppose after sitting during his (alleged) hang-over he decided it was easier and since no one complained, why not keep doing it?

Stephanie said...

Ok, SO I need to respond! Mike is NOT making anyones's life a living hell Anon! I have distanced myself from COG and the saturday sermons, because I want a life. A life that I belive GOD Wants me to have. HE wants me to fail, suffer, and succeed,and Love so I can learn. Had I kept listening to this "MadMAn, Ron Weinland" I probably would have committed suicide! I do believe in God's Love, BUT that's NOT what RON is preaching!!! Don't you all get it!!!!! He is all about fear, and fear, and FEAR!!!!
I cannot even believe what all of the COG followers are thinking right now!!! They are waiting for the END! What a terrible way to live; AND I don't belive GOD, nor Jesus wanted that for us.