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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ron's Total Resolve, Part 2

Ronald Weinland home frontFalse Prophet Ronald Weinland started his sermon of October 27, 2007 by asking what had changed since the Last Great Day sermon on October 4.

As discussed in my previous post Ron's Total Resolve, one thing that changed was that his bank account was several thousand dollars lighter from having taken Laura on a luxury 12-day Mediterranean cruise.

But his question was directed to his members, asking what they had changed in their lives to show Total Resolve for Ron's prophecies. He stated that they couldn't continue as before, that they had to change since time was short with the sealing of the 144,000 to happen in February, 2008 followed by the start of the Great Tribulation in April. No longer could one continue planning as under Armstrong for the end-time being perpetually 5 to 10 years in the future.

Ron claimed that he had been "running down the hill" since the Feast. This is a reference to the story of Gideon and his army of 300 who defeated Midianites, making noise by breaking their pitchers and blowing trumpets. However in Judges Chapter 7 there is no mention of Gideon's army running down a hill. Instead, they stealthily advanced to the edge of the camp and then simultaneously started making noise to simulate a large attack on the Midianites, throwing them into confusion.

Weinland stated that efforts to promote his prophecies would intensify in January of 2008, with members to show their commitment by beginning to proselyte their friends and family. The discussion soon switched to money. Since there was to be no organized Feast of Tabernacles in 2008, members were to send in 3/4 of their Second Tithe to finance his media campaign.

Ron started selling the idea that members should donate heavily, particularly those who were to be "sealed" as part of "the 144,000". In a discussion of whether or not to pay off your house, he said that it wouldn't matter if your house was paid off because your house could be taken from you regardless. He mentioned that he had a good deal of equity in his $381,000 mansion, and that he was trying to get a second mortgage to withdraw the equity for financing the promotion of his books. However he was having difficulty getting a loan because he was charging $35,000 to $40,000 each month on his credit cards -- that the church paid them off monthly did not impress the loan underwriter.

Ronald Weinland home rearRon mentioned that he was considering refinancing his mansion in order to get the equity. The following week (Nov. 3, 2007) he repeated his intent to refinance his house to get the equity. He mentioned this again in his sermon of Jan 5, 2008.

Tear a few more pages off the calendar, and in October of 2008, according to the web site for the county where he lives, Ron and Laura paid the annual property tax bill of $3715.13 on his $381,000 mansion directly to the county. Note that I said that Ron and Laura paid the property tax. Not a mortgage company. Ron and Laura paid it directly to the county. Daughter Audra did not pay the property tax on her house directly -- it was paid by her mortgage company according to the same web site. When I had a mortgage, I paid into an escrow account held by the mortgage company which then paid the taxes.

I did some research on mortgage escrow accounts. If your loan balance is less than 80% of your property value, then some mortgage companies will allow you to pay your property tax and property insurance premiums yourself, but may require paying an extra fee for the privilege. Otherwise, they require that you pay into an escrow account monthly. It does not seem to me that Ron would be allowed to avoid paying into escrow if he had refinanced all the equity in his house to spend on Google advertising.

Previously, I was rather skeptical of Ron's claims to be extracting the equity in his house to donate to his own church. This discovery pretty much confirms it for me that he did no such thing. Meanwhile, I wonder how many retirees showed Total Resolve following Ron's "example" by refinancing their house to give the proceeds to the church.

Money for luxury cruises. Money for equity. So much for Ron's Total Resolve.


jack635 said...

That certainly makes thing much clear-er to me. This explains why some of the PKG members are so tenacious in defense of their ideals. It's not that they don't want to let go of their beliefs, it's cause they have too much money tied up in their social club "fund".

I've often wondered why they refuse to debate in a reasonable manner. I would equate them to the twelve year old that still believes Santa Claus is real, and won't play with friends because: they lie, they LIE, it's not true!!! Santa Claus is real! Stop teasing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously, I can understand someone wanting to cling to that which he has given so much. It takes a long time to work and pay off a hundred grand.

J said...


That's a documented psychological condition known as 'confirmation bias'.

It's like a science experiment. In an experiment, an hypothesis is devised, and then is tested by results of the experiment. That hypothesis will either be proved right, or it will be proved wrong. Sometimes however, the experimenter will be biased towards a certain result, which will make them disregard conflicting results. Weinland followers inject so much of their time, money and soul into their beliefs, that they reject anything that could conflict with Weinland, including the Bible.

TODD said...

Look up “belief perseverence” on google.

Seeker Of Truth said...


Just wanted to say we appreciate all your hard work and the information you provide (which needs to be made known). I have great respect for your endurance.
Thank you.

Steve said...

Hi Jack, i want to thankyou for all your work and your friends with similar sites as i almost joined this piece of ____ 's group until too much just did not add up. Your site and weinland watch really really helped to solidify that what i was thinking was not just "lack of faith" etc etc (as rw likes to play mind games on us).

Speaking now as a "former" Christian i remember the scripture that says "God is NOT the author of confusion"..1 corinthians 14:33, and well ron confuses the hell out of me. God (whoever/whatever god is) does not try to trick us or leave us confused...remember that anyone reading.

It does feel good though (now i am not enslaved by his and other preachers antics), to have an open mind to learn absolutely anything and realise that i had closed my mind off to so much due to people like him who forbid such "open minds". And it has also propelled me to embark on a voyage of amazing discovery learning absolutely as much as i can about the mysteries of life...hopefully one day i will figure out why we are all here and our purpose and all that...but in the mean time, it is one hell of an adventurous ride, compared to constant depression when i was hoping rw was really the true prophet, but time after time he dissapointed me....well anyway it is sites like yours especially that played a very big role in loosening me from the chains of this deceiver.

Sorry my message was so long Jack.

Anyway friend, take care and continue to help spread the truth about his outright lies and blah blah...amazing....truly

steve said...

I am sorry about my message above....i meant to address "mike" the author of this site, not Jack....i was distracted by another name by the comments lol...sorry

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you made a correction before I got home-. Mike deserves the praise he gets. When I first heard RW I could tell by the tone of his voice what he is. I then googled RW and found this site.

We all joke around once in a while, but we still post the facts about what the ILFPRW is telling people. Most of what I learned about Ronald Weinland came from Mikes site and links on his site. He has scraped together more documents and evidence than any other that I know of. That's why I named him Dr. Mike, professor of Weinlandology.

I've often wondered if he is sitting in a chair in the PKG congregation, for insight. Then I realize he is the type that wouldn't last sixty seconds without being "disfellowshiped" to the sidewalk.

jack635 said...

hit the wrong button

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Steve: I don't mind your long comment, thanks for sharing your story with us.

I'm glad I could help in some way. But I think the biggest factor was that you started asking questions. Now that you've started, don't stop asking questions.

Seeker, Jack: Thanks for the good words. But it's really stories like Steve that makes it worthwhile.

And Jack, you're right. I wouldn't last long in a PKG group once they saw my eyes rolling in response to all the illogic. And a PKGer would never look for any evidence that ILFPRW isn't what he says he is, and will deny it when confronted with it.

jack635 said...

"But I think the biggest factor was that you started asking questions."

That's what it's all about, Mike. I'm already counting on my second hand the number of those your site has helped "snap out of it" since I started in Aug. There's probably many more who haven't commented about leaving PKG.

I cringe at the thought of you getting bored of this and stopping, (and deleting the site) like some before you.

bedtime goodnight

Anonymous said...

12/5/07 Dan’s and Weinland’s Interview on Edge Radio

Dan: Will you come in to the radio station in April 2008 and explain why your prophecies have not been fulfilled.
Ron: If it doesn’t happen, I am just false.

Dan: Will you come back onto the show, so others can talk to you about the accuracy of your prophecies?

Ron: Yes, I will come on any program.

There's not need for "explanations" or further discussion on the matter. Ron Weinland is an Insane, Lying, False Prophet. His wackadoodles have too much invested in him to deny him right now. It will come. They are just too weak at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I want to point out that most everyone who supports Weinland strongly on the Weinland Witness site is an elder of the cog-pkg church. So, if you wish to speak with someone in leadership you can go there.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Do you have some elders' names Vs their online identity at TWW?

But I don't think it would work for me to engage them. Even if I could get past John G's censorship. Given what I've read from ILFPRW's followers, their faith that he's a prophet of God trumps all the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

J said...

Eh, "Anonymous" there posted the same thing at DW's blog. It's just a shameless plug to bring in members.

It's not possible to debate there. I tried, and my post was deleted. Much like "Anonymous" back at DW's 'Feast for Knuckleheads' post, they don't debate. They insult, boast, and then shut out anything that contradicts their dogma.

We'll all just get the canned response "God has not opened your mind to the Truth....you must humble yourself and go to Ron's website....if you pray humbly to God, He will open your mind to the Truth given through His Prophet, Ronald Weinland." Why bother?

Seeker Of Truth said...

They need to turn away from the 'Gospel according to Ron.'

Mike Allen said...

All of this shutting out of any debate or cantradictions to their own way of thinking, in itself, goes against Christ.
Christ never shut people out for disagreeing with Him - He would debate them until He PROVED they would not understand it.
He would not tell them they do not understand from the start. That shows they haven't got the resolve to stand with their own belief - at least not enough to calmly and sensibly defend it.
Also, this making of Ron as a demi-god is nothing short of idol-worship! They (PKG) have moved toward speaking of Ron in bigger and better terms than Jesus. They will strongly deny this but if they would listen more closely to themselves, they would hear it from their own mouths.
Their speech in regards to Ron is as one would speak about Christ! Granted, one should never speak wrongly or in an ill manner toward any of God's prophets. However, God Himself has already proved Ron false. If God does not hold Ron in any esteem, then neither do I. Neither should anyone, for that matter.
I no longer feel sorry for anyone in PKG! That is a waste of my energy when I could use that energy to re-establish my spirituality with a proper focus toward God and His son Jesus Christ. I do not feel sorry for them because God has showed them their leader is false yet they refuse to see or hear that one truth which trumps all the "truths" Ron has brought to the picture.

Anonymous said...

You are right that you cannot discuss anything on the Weinland Witness blog because it is a front site for the church. I posted on the blog and it was moderated and deleted. Of course, none of us should be surprised. The elders posting on the site are from the US and reside in Ohio, and elsewhere.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Weinland has around 30 elders, but I rather doubt that any of them post on TWW. I think that the posters on TWW are a mixture of lay members and wannabees. Nor do I believe that it's a church front. Citizen X is not a member.