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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weinland Says We're "In"

It had been several months since False Prophet Ronald Weinland posted anything on his blog website. But early Friday morning he put something up.

Recently exited COG-PKG member Mike Allen has taken time to provide his analysis. So I'm turning the remainder of the post over to Mike. He quotes Weinland and then responds.

------------------------------- From Mike Allen ---------------------------------

The petitions that went up before God were not for the purpose that the destructive power be lessened (as this cannot be changed), but that the period of time of the actual physical suffering from it will be lessened, and that through this very process more people will potentially be able to be saved (who can indeed live on into the millennial period that is rapidly approaching). This not only includes the possibility of many more people of different nations being saved, but it also includes an offer of saving many more who were part of the scattering in the Church after the apostasy in 1994 (who otherwise would not have been given such opportunity and blessing).

Ron is saying here now the opposite of what he originally taught by saying that God will now save more people than what He himself stated in His word, the Bible.

The prophetic destruction manifested in 9/11 was followed by a temporary shut down of Wall Street and the plunging of the Dow. It truly takes a lot to humble people, for how soon we all forget. People were shocked and horrified by those events that shook the economic world. Before 9/11 the Dow had been fluctuating between the 10,000 and 11,000 level.

Though there is no argument that the economy is in trouble, Ron is using here the same wording for what happened for what he calls the sixth seal as he did for the seventh seal where nothing happened! He said that the world will be shocked and horrified on the day that the seventh seal is opened - nothing happened on that day and no one was shocked or horrified! Now he is saying that people were shocked and horrified when the sixth seal was opened. The world was indeed shocked and horrified on 9/11 but it doesn't mean that it was the opening of the sixth seal. Perhaps it was only the first seal - or perhaps it was just a horrible occurence!

Much of the world of traditional Christianity, and even God’s Church, have long believed that this final time would begin with great destructive events that would immediately lead to the death of tens of thousands of people and then continue to escalate throughout the final 3 1/2 years. This period of time has often been referred to as “the great tribulation,” although the Bible makes no such statement regarding this final 3 1/2 years.

Ron, people believe that the Great Tribulation will immediately lead to the death of many people for two reasons. One is that the Bible says specifically what will happen at the opening of the seventh seal in Revelation 8. Therefore their thinking is well founded! Moreover, this period of time HAS been referred to as “the great tribulation” and the bible DOES make a statement about this 3.5 years. It just doesn’t say 3.5 years and “great tribulation” in the same scripture. However, if you want to play a semantics game with God’s Word - it’s your funeral, not mine! Here is what Jesus said about the 3.5 years coming at the end of this age.

Matthew 24:20-22 (King James Version)
20 But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the Sabbath day: 21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. 22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

Notice how Jesus said that this time will be like NO OTHER TIME IN THE WORLD’S HISTORY?

In regards to the days being shortened in verse 22, even Ron has said in previous sermons this means that it will not be allowed to continue past the point of total destruction. He now makes it sound as if this means that God is cutting shorter the 1,260 days of tribulation into a more suitable number for the sake of those who fasted on January 31st and February 1st.

The reality is that the Seventh Seal of Revelation was opened on November 14, 2008, and then 30 days later the First Trumpet sounded. This trumpet is prophetic in nature, yet it will also prove to be very physical in its complete fulfillment. It is prophetic in that it reveals the kind of literal, physical destructiveness that will follow in the fulfillment of the six trumpets that are yet to sound.

Ron, you have already gone against your own word on this two fold. The first time was when you failed to keep your promise of going back on the radio shows to admit being a false prophet when your timeline didn’t work out. The second time was when you changed your prophesy - you first said that all that is said in Revelation 8 regarding the third of the trees and all the green grass means just what it says though it only meant in the area of attack. Now you say it is some foolish spiritual meaning which no one can make sense of unless they have it from God. Ron, we already have it from God! It is called the Bible!

We now find ourselves three months into that final 3 1/2 year period of time, but thank God that these massive powers of end-time destruction have not yet been unleashed. The kind of suffering that will finally come to pass is horrific beyond comprehension. God is being merciful by temporarily holding back the day when the Second Trumpet sounds and massive physical destruction begins. As always, it needs to be understood that God is not bringing that destruction upon mankind, but mankind is bringing it upon himself (it will be caused by man). God is now holding back that time of massive physical destruction by not allowing man to start this process for a few more months.

Now this one baffles me a little - even coming from Ron. Ron says, “Thank God that these massive powers of end-time destruction have not yet been unleashed”. While I do thank God that these things have not been unleashed, the fact that they are not unleashed proves we are not where Ron says we are! God already stipulated at the printing of the Bible (most likely at the founding of the world) what things would happen at EXACTLY what time. So are you telling me, Ron, that God is a whimsical God who can willy-nilly change things set for thousands of years just because a couple hundred people go without food? HOGWASH!!!

This is all the result of God’s will and His purpose that is being worked out for this world, and although God has granted to offer mercy to more people in this end-time by bringing more to humility, the choice of repentance is still in the hands of those whom God humbles and grants mercy.

See, this goes right along with my previous statement. God did establish just how many He would pull through this Tribulation time at least from the writing of the Bible. If one believes this is true, how could the same thinking person believe that God is going to suddenly change the amount of people who he will allow to survive? Also, how can anyone know what God has granted mercy for until after the fact? If anyone can, it certainly would not be a man who’s prophesies have been wrong 100% of the time!


I expect to post more of Mike Allen's response later. That is unless Ron's curse on me finally takes effect and I die from the inside speedily.


Anonymous said...

He's just trying to buy himself more time in order to stash away as much cash as possible since he will not have an income after his ministry ends. No other COG will ever touch Ron again as a minister and Ron will have difficulty finding employment, at least employment that brings in as much cash as he is currently.
Thankfully we are rational, reasonable human beings and can see through the thin facade of his fanaticism.

Anonymous said...

Mike Allen is so jaded that if a dog crossed his path the wrong way, he would somehow blame it on Ron Weinland. I feel sorry for you Mike. God called you into His one true church and you just threw it all away. Being in God's church isn't supposed to be easy. You have a problem with God not Ron. Now you're just like these other mockers influenced by Satan and his demons. Plus, your post has so many errors in it it's not even funny. But then again, you've now been cut off from God' spirit so you're spiritully blind like the rest off these mockers.

todd said...

you RW followers seem pretty twisted...everyone is cut off except you?
It's easy to see from the outside that your god is RW and not the God of Abraham, creator of heaven and earth.
We pity YOU!

Anonymous said...

Wow Todd..., now there's a surprise. Like I really thought you would say something else. How original! NOT!!!

Anonymous said...

"But then again, you've now been cut off from God' spirit"

It actually sounds like Mike is actually now listening to God's Spirit and responding to what he is being convicted of- that is that Ron Weinland is a false prophet. Anyone continues to believe Ron Weinland is a prophet is being disobedient to the Word of God. It's in your Bible, but you reject its wisdom and council. Having rejected it, you will feel reap what you sow.

V W said...

Oh come on RW followers, anyone can plainly see, if they truly seek to prove it, that Gerald Flurry is God's man. No, wait, it's Dr. Merideth, he out ranks GF and RW.

Seriously, Jesus said "I (Jesus) am the way." He did not say to look through a cloud of confusion for that one true prophet at the end time and only by him would you be saved.

Mike Allen said...

Anon number two, Hi! This is Jaded Mike LOL
Do you really want to spend your blessed days pittying me? God did not call me into His one true church as I have not yet been in His one true church!
I am not like all these other mockers! I am so much more handsome lol
If you say my post has errors, you should also be kind enough to point them out. Perhaps we would all learn something from your vast knowledge.
If I have been cut off from God and so have other bloggers, why are you here listening to our posts? Are you special so that you can listen with no affect to your spiritual strength?
Oh, by the way, I am not blind. In fact, my vision is almost 20/20. I know it isn't pefect but it isn't bad at all. Thanks for mentioning my vision.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike.
I could point out your flagrant errors but you don't even believe you came into God's one true church; that's how far gone you are. As for me, my faith is very stong. No one (including all the mocking and lies that people write here) is going to convince me that what God has called me to is anything but the truth. But since you mentioned it, and whether you believe it or not, I was actually going to make my next post (this one) my last one. I just had to see for myself the kind of mocking that was out there that Ron mentions during his sermons. But you're right. It's absolutely pointless talking to you people as only God can awaken someone from spiritual sleep. But one closing comment. Thankfully, after Pentecost 2012, none of you (and by that I mean all you mockers) will be around anymore. God will make sure of that.

Mike Allen said...

Anonymous who is too scared to give his/her real name...
You saying you could point out my flagrant errors yet not doing so is an easy out. I am sure that all who have read your words actualy would love for you to follow through with your statement.
You say your faith is so strong! In fact, you go out of your way to make the point that you have strong faith. If this is true then why are you even looking at such a sight which you call demonic?
My closing comment... If you need to wait til 2012 to see that Ron is a false prophet then shame on you as an individual! Shame on you as an apparent self-proclaimed smartie!

jack635 said...

Anon 9:39
"Thankfully, after Pentecost 2012, none of you (and by that I mean all you mockers) will be around anymore."

I thought the big day was supposed to be Pentecost 2008....no it's December 14th....no wait, it's March 14th....hold on its Trumpets 2012....no you're right, it's Pentecost 2012,... or whatever date Ronald Weinland comes up with next.
I wonder what will be the real date he gives us in September 2012?

Mike Allen is a higher calibre of preacher than Ronald Weinland is, and he isn't even a pastor. You can't just make up your own bible stories. They have to come from the real Holy Bible.

Here is a news bulletin for you:
The new testament replaces the old testament

Why would anyone use a phonebook from 1975 when we get a brand new updated directory delivered to our homes every year?

Ronald Weinland denies Jesus existed before he was born of Mary. Therefore he is an antichrist and leads others astray of the TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

We are not mocking Ron Weinland, but MARKING him. Rom.16:17-18 “Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.”

Weinland is a false teacher. He teaches things that are contrary to the Bible and will not repent of his lies and false teachings.

Titus 3:10 “Reject a divisive (heretic) man after the first and second admonition.”

We reject and mark Ron Weinland as a false teacher and heretic. If you continue to follow this man, you will share in his fate.

jack635 said...

anonymous 3:08

I don't know who you are, but I agree totally. RW is either a con artist for profit, or a deluded religious zealot (false prophet).

son-of-a-follower said...

Is any one else concerned about the fact that our buddy Ron keeps referring to how the coming destruction, I think it's his second trumpet, is to be man made and not from God?

"it needs to be understood that God is not bringing that destruction upon mankind, but mankind is bringing it upon himself (it will be caused by man)."

He is a man. A delusional megalomaniac who thinks he is a character from the Bible. A man who shortly will have very little to lose. What if he is somehow able to mobilize even a small segment of his flock into "action"?

'Perform acts of terrorism in service to your God.'
[Someone started the fires in Australia.]

He has already empowered them by convincing them that not eating for two days has caused God to grant a brief respite from the inevitable destruction. What else are these sheep capable of believing?

I know it sounds outrageous, even laughable, but it's not like there isn't precedence for that kind of action.

todd said...

correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't the fasting supposed to make the tumpets sound more loudly..(i.e. more destruction)
but now he's saying that it helped to keep the trumpets from sounding?
Let me know please.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

todd: With Weinland, you need cheat sheet, it gets confusing. Don't feel bad, even Ron sometimes gets them mixed up.

The fast was so that the thunders would (finally) happen and humble people so they'd join his church to be spared the great tribulation. So far, it doesn't seem to be working.

angel said...

“Thankfully, after 2012, none of you (and by that I mean all you mockers) will be around anymore.”

Now THAT sounds like a Christian attitude! NOT!! And you must be a prophet, too, because you’re saying none of us will be around. Come on now, how do you know where any of us will be in 2012?

I know what it feels like to have an end time belief that others ridicule. It’s not fun, but what I would never think of doing is get mad at them because they don’t agree with me, or condemn them. I look at it this way, the Bible tells us what will happen in the future. People disagree on whether to allegorize or take it literally, the timing, the sequence of events, etc. One thing is true, though, whatever is true is going to happen, or not, regardless.

I’ve been told I’m a complete idiot for taking any of Revelation literally. Does that bother me? It did at first, but I’m not a complete idiot so it wasn’t hard to figure out that’s not a valid argument. It’s not my job to change anyone’s mind, so I’m fine just sharing my view and letting God change whoever’s mind needs changing.

Your claim that God has shown you the truth does not find a receptive audience here because you’re listening to a prophet whose prophecies have failed.

Tom said...

Of course Weinland is a con man,but he's right about this being the end.Look what's happening in this country.Freedom is speech is coming to end.The USA used to be a place to where dissidents could flee.Now our own people are being attacked by the long legged mack daddy Indonesian usurper.For the first time in history,you cannot make money while inflation is raging-a plan by the NWO.This all adds to the world dictator.Open your eyes.

Anonymous said...

"Thankfully, after Pentecost 2012, none of you (and by that I mean all you mockers) will be around anymore. God will make sure of that."

Funny, the Witless followers on the old IW blog discussions were saying the same thing before Pentecost 2008.........

Anonymous said...

"He is a man. A delusional megalomaniac who thinks he is a character from the Bible. A man who shortly will have very little to lose. What if he is somehow able to mobilize even a small segment of his flock into "action"?"

These very same misgivings were expressed during the first timeline. Clearly, they didn't come to pass, the first go-round.

I will say it again, Weinland is not insane. Crazy like a fox, maybe, but in full possession of all of his mental faculties. They are only in it for the money.

Anonymous said...

"Open your eyes."

Todaysfate, I thought you said on the IW forum that you had changed your ways?

Bugger off. Your fear-mongering eschatology and panic-enabling served no good purposes during the first timeline, and it won't serve any good purposes during the second, either.