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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weinland Says We're "In", Part 2

Since Weinland's curse against me did not take effect even though it's now the 12th week since he imposed it on me, I'm able to post the remainder of ex-PKG- member Mike Allen's response to Weinland's blog posting of last Friday. As in Part 1 of this post, Mike's response follows excerpts from Weinland's post.

----------------------- From Mike Allen -----------------------------------

The petitions that went up before God were not for the purpose that the destructive power be lessened (as this cannot be changed), but that the period of time of the actual physical suffering from it will be lessened, and that through this very process more people will potentially be able to be saved.

AGAIN, Ron is thinking so haughtily! Ron wants to think he and his followers are so powerful before God that they can change the decision He made at creation! They are so favorable before God that they can make Him decide to change even though God says about Himself, “I am the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow”.

it also includes an offer of saving many more who were part of the scattering in the Church after the apostasy in 1994 (who otherwise would not have been given such opportunity and blessing).

The haughtiness takes another step! Ron says here that he has the ability to convince God to go ahead and accept those who He wouldn’t normally accept into His Kingdom. Can a thinking person truly believe that a man has control over God’s decisions as to who He will or will not accept into His Kingdom?

Foolishly there are those who are quick to find fault by saying we are wrong or that I am a false prophet since physical destruction did not come at a time I had previously stated. It is easy to see, that without the understanding of “why” some matters of timing have changed, that some would doubt or ridicule what is true. Yet the time for the final 3 1/2 years has not changed at all. We are in it! We are in the countdown before the actual day Jesus Christ returns to this earth as King of kings. There are those who unwittingly and ignorantly seem to wish that destruction was already occurring and that great suffering was already here. But that will come soon enough!

To be honest, I know of no one who was quick to find fault with you Ron. You were not called a false prophet openly and on any kind of recognizable scale until your prophesies did not come true. Well, by God’s own definition of what makes a false prophet, you are a false prophet. If you have a problem with that then take it up with God, not me. He is the one setting the standards here, not I. As to the understanding of why timing has changed, we all have that understanding. I refer you back to my previous statement - God is setting the standards here, not I. God says that if a man prophesies in His name and that does not come to be in the time he says it will be then those were not God’s words. This is why you changed your timing - because it simply was wrong and not from God. The rest this statement of Ron’s deserves no comment.

It’s the economy, stupid!

The quote, “It’s the economy, stupid!” has been repeated much in recent years. When the economy is down, it does get the attention of people. This is the very tool God is now using at the beginning of this 3 1/2 year period that will help begin to humble people and prepare many more for greater humbling once the Second Trumpet has blown.

I have listened to the news religiously since hearing of Ron’s predictions so I could see if these things are happening or not. I have yet to hear or get word of anyone anywhere using the term, “It’s the economy, stupid!” Yes the economy is bad. Yes banks and other institutions are seemingly falling left and right. However, when you listen only to the bad side you come out thinking like Ron Weinland. The fact is that the economy and unemployment is nowhere near what it was during the Great Depression. In fact, I believe now that our unemployment may be (I am going by last figure and being generous on the low side) about 8-9%. Yes that seems bad but during the Great Depression the unemployment rate reached 20%. Remember the scripture I posted earlier?

Matthew 24: 21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

This first phase of destruction is one that hurts people financially and affects every facet of personal life, from food, clothing, housing, transportation, livelihood, etc. It is all encompassing in the daily lives of millions. The collapsing financial system of this world is only the beginning of a humbling process for mankind. This is why there are Seven Thunders that will continue to sound and increase in power and frequency. This is why there are Seven Trumpets to be blown. It takes much to humble the nature of mankind!

This is the first phase of destruction, Ron? How is this? Shouldn’t the first phase be the first and second trumpet? Should you not state these as the first phase? That is what you said in your book which you claim to be God’s inspired word - I’m just wondering. See, according to your God-inspired book, this would actually be the fourth phase. So, I ask, which is it? Should the silent witness correct you on your facts again?

We are witnessing the collapse of the United States, followed by the complete collapse of all governments of mankind. It has already begun. Nothing can change the course of what is happening. The merchants of the earth are beginning to mourn for what they see collapsing before them.

Nothing can change the course of what is happening except that which changed the fact that there was a new President when you said there would not be one. Yes the merchants are mourning at what is collapsing around them - of course they are! They are losing lots of money. This was predicted to happen in 2008, by the way, before you started prophesy hopping.

----------------- End of Mike Allen's analysis --------------------------------

Mike, thanks for sharing your thoughts with my blog. "It's the economy, stupid." was a statement James Carville used when conducting Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign for the presidency. I remember it from then, and I imagine it may have been recalled a few times during last fall's election season. Of course Ron will hammer on the economy, to divert attention from all the other six thunders that are silent. The economy, bad as it is, has nothing to do with Weinland's failed prophecies.

Ron, let's talk about the non-existing increase in all the other thunders since your followers endangered their health several weeks ago in your ridiculous 2-day fast. Let's talk about your ever-sliding and vague prophecies for the second trumpet, and the lack of evidence of the first.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mike Allen for coming forward and pointing out the false teaching and prophecies of Ron Weinland. I wish more and more people that believe his false teachings would have the courage to challenge him and take a stand for the Lord. Good job. You are truly an inspiration.

son-of-a-follower said...

Have you ever asked yourself WHY the "Lord" needs any of US to take a stand for him?

Apparently, he is going to do whatever he wants, irrespective of what ANY of us may think, so who exactly is Mike Allen making his stand for?

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

I would say that after too long, Mike Allen is making a stand for himself against a false prophet and deceiver.

Wish more would. Like your father.

Anonymous said...

What I mean is that Mike Allen is siding with God on this one and declaring that Ron Weinland is a false prophet, based on the wisdom of scripture. That, in my opinion, is taking a stand. I hope many more can get out of his grip and do the same.

son-of-a-follower said...

Anon...I was being facetious. I'm Atheist.

Mike...Good point, I agree. Thank you for your wish (and this blog)he is still a pretty solid follower of this clown, however, I am beginning to see small cracks in his resolve and am doing my best to make them grow. I'll keep you posted.

todd said...

It is guys like RW that create more guys like you: A proclaimed Atheist.
That is what angers me the most about RW.

son-of-a-follower said...

Perhaps it was guys like him that started me on my current path, and if that is so, then I owe them a debt of gratitude for inspiring me to open my eyes and see the world for what it really is, and not through the perspective of a fairy tale that was created by frightened and power hungry individuals to control and manipulate the superstitious masses of days gone by.

Science is my "God" now.

It does not provide me with all the answers but at least the questions I'm left with are honest ones.

todd said...

you are ofcourse entitled to your opinion.
just an fyi, there are some of us that developed our faith in God not out of fear, but personal experiences. Many of which could not be explained by science.
Maybe you will have one some day. Untill then, keep seeking the truth.

Anonymous said...

you are ofcourse entitled to your opinion.
just an fyi, there are some of us that developed our faith in God not out of fear, but personal experiences. Many of which could not be explained by science.
Maybe you will have one some day. Untill then, keep seeking the truth"

I echo these thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Blaaaarrrgh. The failure of the 2nd timeline is bad enough, Mike (eKimks Mike, not Mike A). Can you please dispense with the idiots making the altar calls already? :-(