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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ron Googles Himself

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Orlando, Florida today. Ron blamed the difficulties with the Internet connection last week on his webmaster son. Jeremy was doing some maintenance on the church website at a critical time when the live sermon was getting started. Jeremy lives in Germany, so his sabbath was over when it's 2:30 on Saturday afternoon in Cincinnati.

I noticed that the sermon from two weeks ago (March 7) is still not posted. So I wonder whether that means strike two for Jeremy or that Jeremy has already been fired. And maybe strike three is the web site is not set up to allow Ron to be able to post a recording of today's sermon on the church website.

In reality, the "live" sermon audio is streamed from a different server, not directly from the church website. The church website only links to the streaming audio server, which was up and running at 2:30 PM EDT last Saturday. The church website problems had nothing to do with that.

Weinland cautioned his members against contacting others who left comments on the YouTube video he plugged a couple of weeks ago. According to Ron, some of his members encouraged others to get baptized.

The sermon topic was how to observe the upcoming Passover for all the new members Weinland claims to have. It might be interesting for all the different areas who meet regularly to compare notes and see if any have experienced a tripling in attendance as Weinland has claimed.

Ron did take an aside during the sermon to mention that he Googled himself. Apparently he ended up on the "Who Was Ronald Weinland?" blog post put up over a year ago by another blogger. He took great exception to that post giving the wrong birth year (our False Prophet was born in 1949, not 1950). He also claimed it stated that he was born and raised in North Carolina. Actually it doesn't say that he was born there, just that he was converted to Armstrongism while there. In reality, Ron grew up in western Kansas, attending college in Hays.

Weinland spent even more time rebutting the allegation (which is clearly characterized as an allegation) that he had his house in Erie built partially using free labor from church members. Ron claims that everyone was paid. I don't know whether or not the allegation is true, but I'm not accepting Weinland's claim that it's false. Just as I didn't accept his Total Resolve claim that he was refinancing his house. As far as I'm concerned, the verdict on his financial dealings with his Erie congregation is still open and the statement on the other blog remains an unresolved allegation.

I'll take this opportunity to plug my Ronald Weinland summary web page. On that site, I also have a biographical timeline for Weinland. While I can't guarantee it to be error free, I have tried to get reliable sources for what I put there. For example, it has been reported to me that Weinland was born in Colorado but since I couldn't confirm it independently I haven't published that information. Can anyone point to information confirming where he was born?

Ron, you claim that "they can't get things right". While I can't speak for others, I've done my best to be accurate, using WCG publications and your own statements. But if you have documentation showing that I'm incorrect then please provide it so I can be accurate. I'd also like to fill in a few more dates -- for example, exactly when was it that you were ordained as a prophet of God?

As far as your feeling validated because you have web sites critical of you as does your idol Herbie -- well, I'm ready to live with that to make information available to those who are willing to question your apocalyptic nonsense. Still doing that even though it's now 13 weeks since you cursed me to die from the inside, speedily.


Steve said...

He googled himself because his ego demands it....period.

How can a prophet who is supposed to be so busy annoying the Pope find time to google himself lol.

I hope the Pope does take notice of him...and lock him up.

Anonymous said...

All Ron DOES every day is sit at his computer, Googling himself, coming up with different key words to put in the ads, checking his bank accounts, transferring funds to his offshore accounts, reading the blogs to see what others are saying and what he has to defend in his sermons, figuring out his tax returns, responding to e-mails, booking his travel all over the world.

This guy has never done an honest day's work in his life. He's a leech off of the weak minded. He knows it, but his weak minded don't know it.

Look at all his past controversies with UCG, the Eerie church, etc. It isn't about doctrine, but about money. Ron wants to control the money, that's why he gathered a few people who were willing to follow him. Money, money, money, it's all about the money. Ron follows it like a dog follows the smell of bacon.

Anonymous said...

"Money, money, money, it's all about the money."

Thank you! That's what I've been saying all along!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ron Weinland is completely in it for the funds.

Tomm said...


It's interesting to note that Weinland defended the position that there was no wrong doing when he had various church members working and building his home in Erie. He simply made the claim that everyone was well paid. Ron did make the allegation that many ministers did hold work parties and milked the membership, but he took the higher road and would not think of behaving in such a manner and taking advantage of the expertise of the membership. However, he failed to defend that he was untruthful with the membership about his departure and that he would be selling his newly built Erie home and moving to Toledo. I was a member in the Erie church and Weinland did have work parties and would ask for volunteers to come on Sundays while his house was being built. There were many who volunteered their time cutting timber in order to clear the lot for his home. My father helped with the clearing of the lot and was paid nothing. My father wouldn't have accepted any money, but there was not even an offer. Weinland wanted volunteers and asked people during church services for their time and participation. Many members would not accept money for their labor considering that Weinland was their pastor. If the people would have known that Weinland was leaving the Erie area, their probably would not have been the urgency to help with the construction efforts of Weinland's home.

I have only one question, why would you sell your current home and build a much larger home, if you knew that you were being transferred?

Equity! Equity, and more Equity. Weinland has even boasted in various sermons that God has blessed him with the tremendous amount of equity that he has received from selling various homes over the years.

In my opinion it has always been about the money.

Ron Weinland even sold a church minivan with high mileage to a family in the Franklin church for
$10,000. Remember Ron, it was a blue Dodge Caravan.

Ron do you remember the time in Franklin when you were very angry with the members who were talking during service and not listening.

Do you remember the location?

You rented a hall in Franklin called the Knights of Columbus for the weekly Sabbath.

Remember that you were so angry that you lost your temper and stormed out the entrance nearest the podium and slammed the door. Afterwards you re-entered at the rear and returned to the podium to finish your sermon. Weinland, you can call us liars, but there was 300 people there that day that saw you angry and storming out of the service.

angel said...


While I can sympathize with the people who were talking during RW’s sermon (he is SO BORING!), what a horrible example for his church. Instead of succumbing to a fit of temper, he should have learned that you lose people’s attention when you talk and talk and talk and talk…. He may love listening to himself, but obviously not everyone else does.

Thanks for sharing your experience, it must have been rough.

Deb said...

'Tis not surprising to read of Ronald Weinland's habit of angry outbursts in the past- for me, that was the first Red Flag that he wasn't God's Final Witness, as he said/wrote.

I recall the one time I was at a PKG Sabbath service where he was present. He was having some techical difficulties getting the up-link. He was sweating profusely and fuming - you could see the 'smoke coming out of his ears'. I thought at the time, that the thing to do would have been to ask everyone to pray for God's intervention - thus becoming more calmed & centred. He got so overheated the windows at the front of the room had to be opened - this was in mid-winter and the weather outside was below zero.

Then there were all those sermons when he starts ranting and raving.

I have no doubt that RW is in this gig for the fortune & fame. A while back, I had wondered why Ronald made such a big deal of 'promoting' Laura over the elders. I am thinking it's cuz he's either added her to the PKG payroll or he gave her a hefty raise.

Mike, you are a great detective. Any idea how many peeps are on the PKG payroll??

jack635 said...

Tom and Deb,

Thanks for posting your insightful comments. My first gut feeling when I heard his voice, and your testimony proves what Ronald Weinland is.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Other people (besides Ron) I THINK may be on the PKG payroll -- this is all somewhat speculative.

Audra Weinland
Steve Dalrymple

At one time I thought that Wayne Matthews is on the PKG payroll since he quit his job over a year ago to become a full-time evangelist. But recent information suggests that while a full-time evangelist, he is not on the payroll.

I wonder if Jeremy is or at least was drawing a salary as the church webmaster.

jack635 said...

I guess a con artist would put those closest to him on the payroll, but only if they spit out the koolaid and start asking questions.

Anonymous said...

I read Ronalds STUPID book cover t6o cover. What awaste of time, except to remind me how STUPID and DECIEVED people can be. This guy is a LIAR and FALSE prophet. Being a believer in Christ I do NOT fear him. He can send all the curses he wants. Since it is JESUS who decides who is saved and who isnt. I am only 45 and am amazed at how many false prophets I have seen in my lifetime!! How STUPID can people be?? Satan doesnt even have to try with these morons. Theses people want something that is available to all freely. It makes them feel "SPECIAL" and "CHOSEN". As soon as the see that any and every sinner can be redeemed the better off they will be. This WACKO and his wife are a joke. How can 1000-1500 people be that stupid?? I guess a SUCKER is born every minute. I blame the people who follow this nutcase. If they spent as much time relying on JESUS as they do another human they would clearly see this guy is nuts and a FRAUD!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!