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Monday, March 9, 2009

God Gives a Bit More Time. Or Not

In this weekend’s sermon, False Prophet Ronald Weinland continued with his series on the origin of Christ. He took time to address the issue of the mention of “great tribulation” in Matthew 24:21. His explanation is that Matthew 24 refers to the period after Tkach’s apostasy of December 1994 and the breakup of WCG, and not the 3 & 1/2 year not-so-great tribulation we're in right now.

On Friday Weinland was a guest on Cincinnati radio station WLW’s Mike McConnell show (3/6/09 hour 2). During his introduction, McConnell stated that according to Ron we’re in the final 3 ½ years and it has nothing to do with the economy or politics. This statement was soon shown to be false -- with the economy being the only one of Weinland’s many predictions that could be twisted to be true, he spend a good deal of time discussing it.

McConnell referred to Weinland‘s promise in prior interviews to acknowledge being a false prophet and quit preaching. Ron’s response was that God gave us more time. According to Weinland, God didn’t “bump dates” but rather provided further revelation. Ron stated that he can’t admit to being a false prophet. Everything is going to plan.

Weinland said that the economy has already collapsed. Mike pointed out that you can still buy gas to put in your car and go to the mall. Ron responded that it’s a “prophetic collapse”, whatever that is. Hmm. How does a prophetic collapse differs from an actual collapse? Must be the kind that only Ron and his followers can see.

McConnell asked how God's revelations came to Ron. Ron tried to evade the question saying it wasn’t pertinent. Then he said the revelations came from God’s spirit directly into the mind. When asked how we can distinguish his revelations from the different revelations of others who make the same claim, here is his answer: “I guess we’ll have to wait and see if what they say comes to pass, won’t we? That’s the proof of a prophet, whether it comes to pass or not.” There we have it, indicted by his own words as a false prophet.

Ron credited the 2-day fast with delaying the onset of the Great Tribulation to give people more time to repent.

McConnell asked if Ron would come back on at a later time to discuss the economy. “You can call me anytime you want, and I’ll tell you exactly what’s going on in the world at that point”. Ron will listen to CNN that morning and then put his spin on current events, but no stake-in-the-ground prophecies will be provided. Ron learned his lesson during the first failed timeline.

The second trumpet was discussed. Ron said the 45 to 90 day period was out the window, and several times said that it could be “up to a year” later before “nukular“ weapons are exploded in US port cities. At the end of the interview, McConnell asked what was the next event to look for, and Ron said it would be "nukular" weapons going off. McConnell offered up “Within a year” which seemed to offend Ron: “I’m not going to give you a time frame.” McConnell reminded him of his prior statements, and Ron temporized that “ God might give you as much as a year, he might give you a little bit more. It depends on your response.” Mike stated that he was going to do nothing. Ron: “when they happen, they happen. Maybe you‘ll listen then.”

A theological discussion degenerated into a discussion as to whether or not God is a hairsplitter. Ron took this occasion to put down Catholicism.

McConnell asked “What if they’re living God’s way and they’re miserable?” Ron: “Well, that’s their choice.”

At one point during a heated exchange, Weinland let slip his primary doctrine: “Let me finish the statement. Everyone wants to pin me to the wall, without listening to what God has to say.” Ron, while your deluded followers think your words are God's word, no one else does.

At the end of the interview, McConnell gave out Ron’s URL over the air: “endtime2008.com” which redirects to “the-end.com”. Mike asked Ron if he’d given any thought to updating that to “09”, which went over Ron’s head as he didn’t answer.

In his sermon, Weinland claimed to have another revelation as a result of this interview. It seems that now 10% of all 3 of the thirds of both “the scattering” of WCG, and also that of “modern day Israel” will be saved from the Great Tribulation. He stated this in a confusing manner, and then followed up that people might not accept it. Then he repeated a point that God knows people’s minds and how they’ll react. But if they don’t react the right way the 2nd trumpet could be much sooner than a year. His statements are very confusing and contradictory. To get the full impact you’ll have to download the sermon and listen yourself. It’s about the last 10 minutes of the sermon.

Weinland posted a link to a YouTube video in which someone spliced Ron's blather about UFOs over some stock footage of war games. Weinland suggested that the members go there to rate up the video. A number of them have joined YouTube just to do that. There's a peer rating war going on in the comment area with a former prospective member who saw the light leaving comments which are promptly down-rated while the PKG members rate each other's comments up.

It's now 78 days since Weinland cursed me to die from the inside speedily. And only 6 more days of the 90-day period for the second trumpet (second time around). Citizen X has a blog post holding Weinland to this, we'll see whether or not he really will declare him to be a false prophet or give him another pass as he did when the first timeline failed.


Anonymous said...

Weinland thinks he is unique in his unitarian doctrine (that Jesus did not exist prior to God creating him). A quick look here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unitarianism will show that he is not unique in his understanding. I guess ALLLL these people had a better understanding of God before Weinland did just a few short years ago? If Ron is just now understanding who God is, and is conforming his beliefs to those others, like the Jehovah's Witness and Unitarian Universalists, who hold this doctrine, how can he be a prophet?

Anonymous said...

One more thing. I know this is almost an impossibililty, but if his followers would have the freedom to study this subject from other sources, I am sure that they would come to a different conclusion. I can't believe that the old WCGers in his church could accept this heresy. For instance, when Jesus said "I Am", he is declaring that he is God. If you believe Weinland's view, then what Jesus said would be blasphemy.
The truth is, Ron Weinland, wanting to put God in a box and understand him on physical level, denies the deity of Christ.

Dill Weed said...

Great post, Mike. I don't think I could stand listening to the interview.

Dill Weed

Anonymous said...

Do Ron's followers understand that other "prophets" exist? How about Yisrayl Hawkins who was highlighted on ABC television. mms://

Watch and learn. Why is Ron any better than this prophet? At least Yisrayl makes the national news, unlike Ron Weinland.

jack635 said...

"His statements are very confusing and contradictory."

Sometimes, even Ron doesn't understand some of the babble that comes out of his mouth.

Anonymous said...

I watched that video on YouTube and it was atrocious. Was it supposed to illustrate Ron's sermons to "inspire" people? The creator of it has some other wacky videos on YouTube as well.

Ron certainly inspires a certain type of follower. I can't say that they are really religious/Christian type people, but those who believe in conspiracy theories. I think of the movies 12 Monkeys and End of Days when I see Ron's work and read postings from his devotees on the Internet. I don't think Ron really cares about whether his followers are Christians or not, as long as they can send him money every month. That's all he really cares about.

Atrocious said...

I wonder how much money he gets every month. And, when he's away on his "travels", I wonder how much "work" he gets done. Seems all his "work" consists of thinking of ways to get his ninnies to send in more money.