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Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Half a Time

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Toronto yesterday. His sermon went off as scheduled at 3:30 Eastern time since he was not held up at the ideaCity luncheon. It turned out that Ron did not break the sabbath by partying at ideaCity after all.

Ron will be thinking about the cold winters of Winnipeg well into the Millennium. Ron was amazed that everyone could assemble this far into the Great Tribulation. COG-PKG membership must be popping in Florida since Ron ordained a second elder for the sunshine state, making sure the new one was all the way across the state on the Atlantic side.

Ron had a hard time fitting in with all the intellectuals at ideaCity. His talk was delivered on Thursday morning instead of Wednesday morning. The audience was mostly in stunned silence during his presentation, but a few let their mirth escape. One of them is indeed fortunate that Ron does not really have Witness powers -- Ron was so offended that he wanted to strike the offender dead on the spot. Nevertheless, Ron compared himself to his spiritual idol, Herbert Armstrong, as being unique among all the other Armstrongists by being able to address such a large group of non-believers.

Ron, let me repair some misconceptions you have.
(1) The handlers at ideaCity were nice and respectful to you because they were being paid to with hold their laughter until out of your presence. Same for the radio interviewers.
(2) Don't confuse intelligence and reasoning with haughtiness and pride. You're not around intelligence and reasoning much these days, are you? Hanging around your followers quite a bit, huh?

A week ago last Thursday was a prophetic day. It was 180 days into the not-so-Great Tribulation, or "half a time", and the earthshaking events for that milestone were a couple of interviews on local radio stations in Toronto.

After Ron's talk, he went backstage for a post-presentation interview. Meanwhile the next speaker had a different opinion and was speaking heresy about the Bible. Looking over the bios, the following presenter was Tom Harpur, author of "The Pagan Christ". Tom's CV is a bit more impressive than Ron's, whose main talent was being able to swallow British Israelism whole on a mention from his father, no further investigation required. Tom Harpur's heresy was too much for Ron to tolerate, so he left ideaCity. Now Ron, Tom sat through your nonsense -- or maybe he was the one who laughed at your mention of BI. How much longer does he have to live?

The morning of my posting is also prophetic. With the publication of this post, yet another of Weinland's prophecies is false, as it's now six months after the fall season of 2008 and yet the US exists as an independent nation despite what is published on the last page of his book. After Ron changed his timeline a year ago, he assured us that nothing had changed in his book "2008 God's Final Witness", not even an iota. And it's also half a year, an actual 365-day year, not an imaginary 360-day year, or 182 and 1/2 days since Ron cursed me to speedily die from the inside.

Update: In which the False Prophet may have rubbed off on me.

As "Observer" has pointed out in the comments, an agenda is available on the ideaCity website hidden away here. It shows Ron speaking first in that session, followed by Tom Harpur, and 4 speakers later is Rick Miller, a standup comedian who includes in his repertoire a comedic routine that Ron would consider blasphemous. I'll have to listen again to Saturday's sermon later on to see if Ron, as "Observer" points out, mentioned the offending speaker as 4 speakers later. And if, as I recall him saying, he spoke on Thursday instead of on Wednesday as is listed on the agenda.

So I may have been presumptuous, though not in the prophetic sense as Ron. Thanks for pointing out my possible error. And if I've made any other errors, such that as we're not an independent nation over 6 months after the end of the 2008 fall season and that we don't have a new president, or that "nukular" weapons were detonated in US port cities last July, or that Rod Meredith, Dave Pack, and Gerald Flurry really did die before the 7th seal opened (either time), please let me know.

Update 2, maybe I wasn't quite so wrong.

I listened to the sermon again, and clarified a few points. The timestamps given correspond to the version of the sermon with the announcements only available until next Saturday after which they'll redact the announcements.

At 15 minutes, he states that he gave the talk on Thursday as I remembered. According to the website agenda, and his announcment the prior Saturday, Ron was scheduled for Wednesday morning. Perhaps they switched the days for an agenda, because his description otherwise matches the time.

Beginning at 1 hour and 1 minutes into the sermon MP3 file, he begins talking about the presentation. Afterward, he had an interview during which someone spoke about Biblical contradictions and the authors of the 4 gospels. This person exhibited great stupidity. This is consistent with Tom Harpur. Ron did take great exception and wanted to speak out. The next two speakers he said were interesting, which seems reasonable given the bios for John Geiger and Richard McDonald. The fourth speaker following is the one he took the greatest exception to and probably was the one who offended Ron the most, and that person according to the agenda was Rick Miller who has a comedic routine, Bigger Than Jesus.

So I wasn't totally wrong. Still wondering if it happened on Wednesday or Thursday. As Gavin Rumney pointed out, Weinland was a warmup act for Tom Harpur. As far as blasphemy, to turn a phrase "that's in the eye of the beholder". Ron has his definition of blasphemy. My definition of a blasphemer is someone who delivers swill and trash on a weekly basis and takes advantage of the gullibility of others to sell his own delusions damaging their finances, family relationships, and psyches.


Dill Weed said...

Ron really stirred things up with his idea city appearance.

Dill Weed

Anonymous said...

If I was still living in the Big Smoke, I would have begged, borrowed or stolen the $4K to see Harpur in person.

ROFLMAO talk about OPPOSITE ENDS OF THE SPECTRUM I can just imagine the audience going "Phew, that guy was crazy, let's listen to Harpur tell the truth about the Christian religion now, kthxbai False Profit Fail."

Tom said...

Note: I moved this comment from the prior post since it pertains to the comment of this post. Mike (DDTFA)

What do you think of Weinland and his most recently stated numerology? In his last sermon he made claim that “half a time” has elapsed and exactly 7 days later he was able to speak in front intellectuals, and somehow in his mind this confirms that he is indeed one of God’s witnesses. Remember the 40 week event that plunged the world into the end-times according to Ron (J., Tkach. Sr dies exactly 40 Sabbaths after telling the membership that they no longer need to keep the Sabbath according to Armstrong thinking). Now, if Tkach did die exactly 40 Sabbaths latter, then it would be advantageous for Ron to verify the exact time of his death and compare that time with the exact time that Tkach delivered his infamous speech. Now, if this would be verified and confirmed, then this probably would give Weinland additional confirmation that he is doing the work of God. I am speculating that the 40 week Sabbath, and the time of Tkach’s death has not been verified, if it has, then I am unaware. Another of Weinland’s numerological event was the 40 weeks that elapsed from December 25, 2007 to Trumpets 2008, and this was supposed to be God “Mocking” Satan. I am wondering if 40 weeks from December 14, 2008 will be when all of us mockers will die from the inside out. I predict not, but I am no prophet.

It was interesting to note in Weinland’s latest sermon that he claimed that he had to cut his trip to Toronto short, because some of the content and ideas of the speakers, were in his opinion, a mockery towards God and Christ. Ron just could not believe that the organizer of Idea City would have such people in his program, and he claimed that he would have to send a letter stating the reasons for his early departure. Weinland even stated that this individual who was mocking Christ was probably demonically influenced and was sharing events about the death of Christ that were not verifiable in the bible. Interesting, if one believes in demons, then it was probable that one of these demons that had experienced Christ death had a story to tell, and Ron got an earful and probably issued an instant death curse immediately, but nothing happened, and this individual finished his 20 minute speech and received a standing ovation. Ron claimed that the entire audience was in complete silence as he delivered his presentation about end-time. It wouldn’t surprise me that Weinland was angered that he did not get the standing ovation, which he so desperately desired. I would have liked to have seen the expression on Ron’s face when this individual did not collapsed dead at the podium. Just another reminder to Ron, that he does not have his Witness powers. His God does not trust him, yet, because of his hot headed temper.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

ILFPRW issued his curse on us mockers December 20, 2008. Forty weeks later is September 26, 2009, which is two days before Atonement. If he keeps the same itinerary as last year, he'll be in Australia. I wonder if the distance will make his curse less effective. No, I don't wonder. His curse could not possibly be any less effective.

What do I think of Weinland's numerology? There are liars, damn liars, and false prophets with math minors from unaccredited institutions who use whatever they can scrape up to control their deluded followers.

Every event is 40 days or 7 days or 40 weeks of days or some other number of days before or after some other event.

Observer said...

Hi Mike,
I don't think it was Harpur's speech that was the reason Ron left Idea City. Harpur spoke right after Ron and, although he made comments about inconsistencies in the Bible etc., Ron may have been frustrated that he couldn't correct the errors brought forward but was not overly offended. This kind of thought was to be expected. The next two speakers after Ron were also listened to by him and were OK. It was the 4th speaker after Ron that caused such distress and rightly should have for anyone who would claim to love the Lord. You might want to check out this speaker before you make such sweeping judgments about Ron's lack of mercy or tolerance for that matter. He did the right thing by leaving. It demonstrated a high level of self control, integrity and dignity.
Tom, Ron was obviously not expecting a standing ovation after his speech since, before he began, he asked the audience not to even clap because of the nature of the subject matter.

Anonymous said...

"ILFPRW issued his curse on us mockers December 20, 2008."

Actually, the first time he issued a curse on us mockers was April 19, 2008, in his sermon titled It Has Begun (That link may/may not work; I know one of my fileshare accounts died, but this one should be OK.) At 0:17:05 in, we had this wonderful little gem.

"0:17:05 RW Sermon April 19, 2008 "It Has Begun"

"My first exercise in use of power is to you mockers. It begins with you. You will be the first to experience [it]. You don’t have to wait long. For those who mock from this day forward, by what you say against god’s people, for what you say against god’s truths, you will suffer from sickness that will eat you from the inside out and you will die. Your death will not be quick."

(Tip: You can also navigate back and forth through the pages on the WW blog that I posted prior to/during the height of/ Timeline One, by clicking on the link names, just above the comments. "Take a journey back in time with me, brethren!" AHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Anonymous said...

Also see my post from April 18, 2008: "Next Year in Jerusalem!"

Crap, that makes ME a true prophet....I've got too much to do, I don't have time for that....Well, plus, the dental plan sucks. (Breathing fire CAN'T be good for your teeth, and I've already had two root canals.)

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Observer, do you have specific speaker lineup? If you do, please share it with me. Was it the 4th speaker after Ron or the 4th speaker of the day, with Ron being the 3rd?

Perhaps I should have said "a following speaker" instead of "the next speaker" but it's really a minor point. If I find out for sure it's not exactly correct, I'll fix it.

Observer said...

Hi Mike,
Ron didn't "name names" in his sermon but if you follow the flow you will realize that the speaker that he was refering to was the 4th after Ron. It does make a big difference because this was not Harpur that he was refering to. It was a stand up comic who openly mocked and blasphemed our Lord. The response from the crowd was one of amused acceptance whereas Ron was sickened to the core of his being and rightly so. The man was given a standing ovation! Ron was not upset at any mocking that may have been directed at him, but the flagrant mocking against the Lord and everything that is to be esteemed as holy demanded a response.
If you check out the Idea City website you can find the schedule by typing in "agenda". This is what I did after the sermon on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Well, I still think Gavin got it right: Rotten Ron was the warm-up man (comic relief) for Tom Harpur.

Weinland Observer said...

Has anyone considered the fact that based on Weinland's description of the significance of him speaking at Idea City seven days after the first half a time (which is 180 days) that maybe the witnesses wil do something significant every seven days after a half a time with the exception of the seventh half time in which it would occur a little earlier with death and reserection? Don't be surprized if something Weinland-significant happens on Dec. 16, 2009! Also, I wonder whether Ron will have something to say about the guesses i have been posting and say something about the fact that "When the time is right, God gives."

Whisper said...

A stand-up comedian mocked the Lord -or- made jokes (as comedians are apt to do) with the subject matter being God?

I rather guess that this is a judgement call on what is and what is not mocking vs. making jokes. When does one cross the line? Who makes the "line"? Whom has authority to make the "line" for others?

Well I guess Ron has his line if this is so. But it would seem that Ron did not make any disciples from Ideacity but did get to get on several inerviews before-hand and make a statement, so he is trying hard to get the word out.

Well if no one is really listening to his speaches and comments it may very well be that he himself is seen as "mocking" God by calling himself a prophet and a witness (even appointing the other witness), making prophecies, demanding money, demanding obediance, demanding respect, etc... If one does all these is one not "mocking" God if the demands in question are not in reality directly from Gods mouth through the prophet? This all, to some, makes Ron a "mocker" of God.

Aint irony fun?

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

I'll have to go back and listen to that part of the sermon. I took away that his presentation actually went off on Thursday, as opposed to the plan on Wed. Wondering if there were other line up changes as well.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Weinland Observer, every day is 7 days after or before another day which in turn is 180 days after some another day.

If some pair of events happen to have some type of numerical relation, we'll hear about it. But I'm still puzzled: did his talk really happen last Thursday, or did it happen last Wednesday? Someday we'll probably find out for sure.

If you're looking for kudos from your spiritual idol, recent history suggests that the way to do that is to make a YouTube video featuring your spiritual idol. Or one about his spiritual idol, Herber Armstrong.

Observer said...

Hi Mike,
The point that I was making had nothing to do with which day Ron spoke or the order of the speakers. This makes no difference whatsoever. The point is that in your latest blog you went to great lengths to say that Ron was terribly offended by Tom Harpur's speech and that this caused him to walk/run away from the conference. Others of the mockers would go even farther with their insinuations about him being bad tempered and spineless in his decision to leave. As I've mentioned before, the speaker and speech that so sickened Ron was Rick Miller who ridiculed and blasphemed the Lord in his stand up comedic act. Ron had no option but to distance himself from such a disgusting display of man's arrogance towards God.
Google "Idea City agenda" and you will find the schedule of speakers as well as a write up about each one. It shouldn't be hard for you to figure out the rest.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Observer, I believe I addressed your points in the updates to the post I made yesterday evening. As my updates said, it was probably the comedian who ultimately led to Ron's early departure.

But Ron did take great offense to Tom Harpur's presentation, wanting to argue with him right there.

Now a debate between Tom Harpur and False Prophet Ronald Weinland --- that is something I'd pay money to see, although nothing like $4000.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Whether Ron spoke on Wed or Thur makes no particular difference to me either. But it seems to be significant to Weinland Observer.

Was Moses Znaimer inspired by God to rearrange the conference schedule so that Ron would speak 7 days after the 180 days on which he was inspired to have Ron give a radio interview? Or was Ron inspired to think it happened on Thursday?

Did he find a flight on Thursday afternoon, probably paying additional fees to the airline in order to fly back to Cincinnati so he could spend one day there and then drive for 8 or 9 hours back to Toronto on Saturday? Possibly so -- after all he claims to be a witness and a prophet despite all evidence to the contrary.

Whisper said...

"...so sickened Ron was Rick Miller who ridiculed and blasphemed the Lord in his stand up comedic act. Ron had no option but to distance himself from such a disgusting display of man's arrogance towards God."

Mr. Miller blasphemed the Lord?
Really, how so? I'm intrested.
Ron had no option but to distance himself from such a disgusting display?
Really, why does one have no option? Politness to a fellow speaker then has boundaries? Did the fellow speaker listen to Rons whole speal?
Mans arrogance towards God?
Whom is identifying "arrogance" here and whom is interpreting it toward God? Why is it arrogance to makes jokes with God as a sujbect manner?
Who's making the rules that state Ron has to disrespectfully flee a conference that he willingly chose to attend and be apart of?
Is Ron a bit "thin-skinned"?
Did his world get upset?
Is Ron more of a hermit than a people person? If one is to evangelize then one needs to get ones hands dirty, not run away.
How can you bring the lost home if you will not go into the world where they are?
If memory servse, this is exactly what Jesus did and with great class and moral righteousness.
But Ron leaves?
Is there a disconect here?

??? :-(

Tom said...

"Ron had no option but to distance himself from such a disgusting display of man's arrogance towards God."

Wrong, he had other options. After Miller finished it was time for lunch and the "spirituality topic" was now over for the conference. This topic would not come up formally for the rest of the conference. Maybe there were those who were interested in talking with Weinland during a dinner party in the evening, but Ronnie skipped and did not make himself available. Was he afraid that people would "mock" openly to his face by simply asking questions about the validity of his unique ideas? Weinland had an opportunity to stand and address "non-believers" and he blew it. Shame on him! Even Christ fielded question of non-believers and taught in their synagogues. Christ was not afraid to answer their questions, even if the questions were perceived as mockery to others. Remember “mockery” is in the eye of the beholder. So, Weinland did not have to distance himself by leaving the conference. He could have remained and conversed with the people with a gentle heart. Ron could have had an attitude of humility and shared his beliefs with any who may have been willing to listen. Ron got caught up in the moment and was offended that a presenter could “blasphemy” God – at least in his own opinion. This did effect Ron emotionally, and he did make comment that he wanted this man to be “strike down dead” immediately, but commenting that his is not the way of God. Well, thankfully this is not the way of God. It wouldn’t have surprised me by the least if Ron tried to use his “witness powers” and strike this man down dead, but only to find out that his “witness powers” were not fully powered up yet and that he had no power over the words of this speaker. Again, through Ron’s sermon, he does allow us to see what is inside his mind, his attitude towards non-believers, and it appears that if you do not share the same set of beliefs as Ron than your life might be snuffed out. Ron even claims that death for some is the best solution. Thankfully, God has not given this man the power as his end-time witness.

todd said...

In reference to your last post:
One may ask if RW is any different than the Islamic Extremists.

Dill Weed said...

Ron was wondering what purpose(s) God had in mind for his invitation to idea City.

Well, he's got to be choking on the answer to that one - he may have to resort to it being an example of how 'wicked everyone is', or he may have spiritualize up some sort of reason. God's prophet looked weak.

Egg on the 1st Witnesses face:

Ron had no option but to distance himself from such a disgusting display of man's arrogance towards God.

It would have been a great time to pull out those ole Two Witness Powers and mop the floor up with some unrepentant unbelievers. I think Ron tried to breath fire, but just threw up a little in the back of his throat.

How does he explain his running away 'all offended' WHEN HE IS GOD'S PROPHET!!!

Is that what God wants of his The End time prophet?

Tick Tock

Dill Weed