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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The UK is Kind of a Foreign Country

Could False Prophet Ronald Weinland be getting ready to change to his third timeline? The Spokesman Witness was back in Cincinnati for Saturday's sermon after his European jaunt. He commented that only two in all of the UK are part of the "scattering", which is those who were in WCG before Tkach's apostasy of December 17, 1994. These two are the Milnes (which Ron has previously pronounced like "Milney"). So only two in all of the UK will be converted to spirit beings in three years when Christ returns. And it seems that the UK must be a foreign country because the English they speak is not quite like ours.

This is the last week for the first 4 trumpets to blow in order to fullfill Weinland's prophecy on the last page of his book that the US meets its demise by 8:04 EDT on June 21 (see the countdown clock on the right side of the blog). Ron has ignored that and promises this to be a special week for other reasons. It's the week during which he goes to ideaCity in Toronto. False Prophet Ron is scheduled to speak late Wednesday morning. Ronnie also mentioned a couple of interviews last Thursday -- perhaps these are promotional for the event.

Ron also promises a new post to his blog this week and a special sermon next weekend. Could this be a redux of last year? Last year on June 17, Ron posted "New Truth" on his blog as a setup to his change to the second timeline. Then the following Saturday, June 22, he announced that the first timeline had failed but that people would have to wait to hear the new truth until the Feast of Trumpets on September 30 . However, I published his new "truth" and timeline that same day and the following Saturday, on June 29, he announced the 50th "truth" and the second timeline in order to stave off the loss of his membership.

Ron alluded back to the State of California's receivership of WCG back in 1979. Then he mentioned that members had been contacted recently by "parts of our government". My speculation is that IRS Criminal Investigation has now expanded its criminal investigation of Ronald Weinland that began last year and that was exposed on this blog back in August to include interviews of members. Ron's advice was that they should tell the truth, saying it's a process that they have to go through. That is good advice, as it's against the law to lie to a federal agent. But Ron figures that they don't know anything anyway.

Ron went on to discuss prophetic events. He claims that attitudes are "starting to change out there", but people won't really be humbled until the fifth trumpet comes along. Hmm, I thought the humbling process was supposed to be the result an intensifying of the thunders that were to follow the two-day fast the membership suffered through back at the end of January. Ron added that "the two witnesses" won't "do their job" until the fifth trumpet and then will be doing their job in Germany and other nations in Europe.

Last year I was able to predict Ron's second timeline even before he announced it. Let's see if my prophetic skill are still intact. My speculation is that Weinland feels the feds closing in on him. Also the absence of the Great Tribulation. He has a scheme to hang on to his membership whether he's incarcerated or flees prosecution to Germany. He claimed in December that he was closing his Swiss bank account. But did he close all of his accounts or just a token account? Basically, he needs to come up with a way to spiritualize the trumpets so that he have have them blow whenever it's convenient for him. Also a scheme to Spin It Like It's 1979 should he end up in Federal custody courtesy of IRS CI.

My crystal ball is hazier than it was a year ago. But I think that he's getting ready to fine tune this timeline to give it some more duration. I don't expect the timeline to change before his Last Great Day sermon.

Ronnie stated that he's getting threatening emails, and he's glad that he has the protection of being a Witness. Sorry to burst your bubble, Ron, but you're not in a Witness protection program -- you're just as vulnerable as anyone else. But even though you issued a death curse against me 25 weeks ago, I am against violence as a way to stop your exploitation of others. Were Weinland to be killed, his followers would regroup and continue on. It's up to his followers to clean out their eyes and ears so that they can see and hear what a false prophet he is.

Ronnie. No. No one's going to think that you're the Great False Prophet. The Sixth Thunder will never sound and very few people will have heard of you before Christ doesn't return in 2012.


Dill Weed said...

I could let this go if Ron was just claiming The Great Pumpkin was coming!

He has a tight box to talk himself out of...

"And in the Last Half of their ministry my Two Witness will strike the earth with plagues as often as they wish..." LOL

God is going to have to speak into Ron's mind again. The question is how to string the sheeples along while maintaining credibility - made especially more difficult because of his specific claims.

I am looking forward to Ron's 'special' sermon... I think it might be a howler.

Just think, those still in his church have been counting down. You know they've been counting down. Heck, I don't believe and I've been counting down.

Buckle up everyone!


Dill Weed

Mark said...

Maybe you should seek a restraining order against him as his threats have been for your death, as well as the death of his critics. (what a HUMBLE CHRISTIAN SERVANT ATTITUDE I might add)

I've stopped eaves dropping on his sermons anymore. They are painfully boring and tremendously without any merit. They are just awkward reminders that his "days of glory" are behind him. He may try to change his timeline, and his sheeples will undoubtedly follow him. Creepy? Yes. Scary? Not hardly.
Honestly, I don't have much compassion for anyone who willingly submits themselves to the likes of Weinland. They are all as guilty as he is in the eyes of God.

Kirrily said...


I entirely agree with you - now.

I did willingly, and blindly follow Ron into the second timeline until January 2009 when I finally admitted to myself (swallow my pride) that I was following someone who was false.

It's been hard, would've been easier to stay there in so many ways.

I do believe (hindsight is always great!) that I gave myself and my mind over to Ron because I WANTED to believe.

That attitude I had was not reality - and dangerous.

I too, no longer feel sorry for those following Ron. I know that sounds mean, but come on, surely by NOW they would admit they were wrong?

Maybe I am becoming bitter?? Hope not.......

Dill Weed said...


Not bitter. Wiser.

The seducive quality of The End has a magnetic appeal. It's grasp can be hard to escape.

Dill Weed

Luc said...

Mike, I'm continually amazed that you stick to this Weinland debunking program. I guess it's a dirty job, but some one's got to do it.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Agreed that that Ron's sermons are boring and without merit. But they always have been so. He repeats himself a lot -- most sermons are about like every other sermon. But every once in awhile he says something interesting. The last half of yesterday's sermon was less boring than most. Looking forward to next weeks sermon. Ron, make it interesting this time.

Yep, it is a dirty job. I think I've made a difference for a very few.

But the only difference I make for anyone, whether PKG member or someone thinking of joining, occurs if they start asking questions.

As far as sympathy for the members, that has abated for me somewhat. They've had plenty of opportunity to recognize him as a false prophet, and don't need my blog to point that out, yet they persist in following him. And in giving him their money so that he can seek out more victims to "help".

So mainly, my blog is available for the benefit of those considering Ron but willing to ask a few questions.

As far as a restraining order, I don't think either Ron or I are into dragging this through the courts. He could probably argue successfully that the First Amendment gives him the right to call a death curse on me. And the first amendment allows me to criticize, if I do so accurately. I've emailed the false prophet asking him to point out any errors, which he hasn't done, so it must be accurate.

Ronnie, the offer still stands. Point out and document any incorrect fact, and I'll fix it.

Whisper said...

The poor sheeples that follow Ron are mentally self built to take the absurdities that Ron fabricates. But I for one have great sympathy for them, they are slaves. But to comlicate the matter they are giving power to Ron to not only keep them in chains but to entrap new, currently free, people and demeen them.
This is how sad and ugly EVIL really is in all its false glory. It makes the sheep worthy of being despised as they empower EVIL to grow and enslave even more...
What a truely ugly affair.

I pity them but they will meet justice sooner or later.
I pray for Ron's justice to come to him sooner than Ron's sheeples though...

RKPDRMR said...

Kirrily, you said you WANTED to believe. Just my opinion, but it seems like, as human beings, we are kind of "hard-wired" with a desire to believe in things that relate to the idea of God. We also
have a desire to give the benefit of the doubt when we see things that are inconsistent. It's just really sad that this desire we have will get played on and abused by those people who live on the dark side of things. I have a friend who was with me in WCG and UCG for a long time, and has recently joined Ron Weinland's group. The reason was because UCG wasn't preaching any "new truth", so he said. What a mess. He's just going to have to learn his lesson in the "school of hard knocks", like most of us had to do. The only other thing I can think of would be a forced INTERVENTION, along with a total "deprogramming" from Armstrongism. It's too bad that would be illegal.

Tom said...

Too bad you don't live in Connecticut.If you did,you could get the NUTmeg state to go after Weinland as they did to Hal Turner.