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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Death Cab for Ron

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in the UK today. Wayne and Chris Matthews have extended their vacation from unemployment yet another week. With no job, Wayne has time to function as the evangelist over Europe as well. Recently ordained elder William Milne was elevated to senior elder over the other UK elders Phillip and Benjamin because he has been baptized the longest. Seniority counts.

Ron went on at great length about being ripped off by a cab driver in Berlin but repenting of getting angry.

He also mentioned receiving an email that asked him why he didn't sue his critics. Ron's response is that we're being eaten up inside. But now it seems that it's in God's time. Guess God's time isn't speedily, since it's now 24 weeks since the Insane Liar pronounced his death curse on me.

Ron stated that his critics had a past with WCG or with Ron himself, having been put out for adultery and other sins. Ron, Ron, Ron -- none of the three bloggers actively criticizing you have been members of WCG. None of us have been members of your church either, nor any other Armstrongite splinter for that matter. Exactly who are you talking about? Make it clear or admit to being a liar. Otherwise, it's just a bogus ad hominem attack. Exactly which blogger committed adultery?

To whomever it was who suggested that Ron sue me: if I've said anything that's not true, then please provide the correct information. Unlike Ron, I do wish to be accurate. You may respond in a comment on this blog, or you can email me at the address on the picture of the mailbox in the right-hand column. But understand that you have a tall order if you want to convince me that Ron is not a false prophet. If you respond, then "Just the facts, Ma'am" -- no rhetoric or telling me that I don't have eyes to see or ears to hear or similar nonsense. As Ron would say "Delete, Delete, Delete". My goal is to put out accurate information, but it seems that Ron doesn't care as he never responded to my earlier email to him.


Anonymous said...

Wait, weren't you a member of Radio Church of God, Mike?? The only thing that changed, between RCoG and WCG, was the name. The name change was apparently before the failure of '75 in Prophecy, and the "get the church back on TRACK" days, but other than that (and the STP kerfuffle), it was the same church.

Hate to break this to you, but you were a member of WCG. Sorry! :-(

And methinks Ronnie is conflating the appearance of Audra's former Catholic (the horror, the horror) boyfriend in the early days of ISA with "adultery". Either that, or the commenter who showed up and alleged that Audra might have possibly been having an affair with a married man is the one Weinland is accusing......

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

No, I was not a member of the Radio Church of God either.

I have never been dunked. Being required to warm a hard metal-folding chair does not make one a member.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh I see where we've tripped up in the semantics, then. :-)

FWIW, I never got dunked, either. I was definitely a WCG believer though. Hook, line, and sinker, as they say. :-(

Mark said...

Sounds like Ole Ronnie mentioned that in his sermon because he knows you are listening. I bet he did it to try to intimidate you to stop.

Maybe one day his members will turn and sue Ron. I guarantee you that in 5 years these people will look back and see how wrecked their lives are and then turn on him. Of course Ron will show no remorse for his actions and teachings. He will be on time line #6 by that point.

Dill Weed said...

Ron's not gonna spend his retirement money on legal expenses. Well, at least not on pursuing his mockers...

What with his ability to strike the earth with plagues and all...

THAT wouldn't go over to well with the sheeples. He'd look rather impotent too - wouldn't he?

That someone brought up his mockers and called for Ron to strike them tells me we've got some readers in the flock! (Heh-heh-heh)The prohibition of going to THOSE sites (GASP!) - is an irresitable draw! Keep on jawing Ron! Keep on!

Time is indeed ticking down on Ron's Great Con.

Dill Weed

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Mark, I think that Ronnie likes having sites and blogs that criticize him. It gives him cachet, he's just like his idol HWA.

And what would he sue me for? Have I stated anything that's not true? If I have, I'm willing to correct it.

Yes, I do have PKG members reading my blog. Wayne Matthews came by a little while ago to check up on me.

Straight Angles said...

...'Wayne Matthews came by a little while ago to check up on me.'

Huh, what did he want? Did Ronnie send his lackie round to pay respect in case Ronnie could not control his anger? (a la the cabbie trip) Guess with no job, a very bleak outlook and even his wife losing respect for him he needed to feel like a man.

Perhaps he just wanted some more attention of his own. What with Ronnie hogging all the headlines.

Reckon 'wanna be Ron', Wayne, would be infatuated with Ron's authority. He'd be piss scared of Ron and biding his time. Learning how its done. Fantasising about how one day he too might have high priest authority of his own mind controlled flock. Talk about snakes in the grass, odds are that soon after the failed 2012 prophecy he'll gather enough balls - strike and take over the church. Or be real original and break-away and call it 'COG-SWKG'(still waiting for the kingdom of god)