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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ron's Church, An Overview

In late 2006 and early 2007, False Prophet Ronald Weinland gave a 3-parter entitled "God's Church, An Overview". He stated that the sermon series was intended for new members and those who would come after them. Despite that, those sermons are no longer linked on the COG-PKG website. Nevertheless I was able to obtain copies and listen to them. It's somewhat understandable as to why he pulled them.

On Saturday December 23, 2006, Weinland stated:
To all of you listening, this is the second to the last sabbath in 2006 – we have one more sabbath for this year. Beginning in the month of January, I’m just going to state this, I’ve asked God that the seven thunders begin to sound, distinctly so, OK. There’s been some thundering in the distance, but now it’s going to get a whole lot closer. …. It’s time for things to begin brethren. We have a period of time where things can begin to take place and to follow suit with what’s written in the book."

The following Saturday, December 30th of 2006, Weinland was confused about the thunders he himself defined, mixing up the 4th and 5th thunders, stating:
some have asked about the death of different ones, they all go to the 4th thunder, …. There are those that want to jump ahead to the 4th thunder, especially when it’s about the churches, it’s like there’s a joy about certain ones dying. There’s no joy God says he doesn’t enjoy the death of human beings"
He then went on to speculate that the death of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin could be part of a thunder.

On the first Saturday of 2007, January 6, Ron ironically read from the last verses of Revelation (chapter 22) which reads :
18For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

19And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

Then Weinland talked about sending a copy of his book with a letter marked "Personal" to 3 of the 5 ministers mentioned in his book with plans to do the same for the remaining 2 the following week. For those not familiar with Weinland's prophecies, beginning on the bottom of page 107 of "2008 God's Final Witness" it states:
"The most notable deaths early on, which are yet to come to pass, will be the two remaining television presenters in the Living Church of God. The sound of this thunder will be intensified by the early deaths of the leaders of the Philadelphia Church of God, the Restored Church of God and the Church of the Great God."
and a bit later:
"How much more specific can one be to show that he is either of God, and indeed His prophet, or someone who has clearly stepped over the line to be dealt with by God in a speedy manner. Time will tell! And, you don’t have long to wait!"
Ron, Ron Ron. No one was looking forward with eager joyful anticipation to the deaths of these 5 ministers. They were looking for whether you passed the test you defined for yourself as to whether you are really God's prophet. By the way, all five of these leaders of competing splinters of WCG are still alive more than 2 1/2 year after you published your book. (The accursed five who've outlived their time are: Rod Meredith and Richard Ames of LCG, Gerald Flurry of PCOG, Dave Pack of RCG, and John Ritenbaugh of CGG.)

Toward the end Ron talked about how the book printing and interviews publicizing it were nearly 2 months behind schedule. In reality it was longer than that. On last page of this divinely inspired book it states:
"When this book is published at the end of summer of 2006, (with distribution in full swing in the fall), there will be a maximum time of two years remaining before the world will be plunged into the worst time of all human history."
The book was not published at the end of summer, 2006. It wasn't until almost 2 months into the fall, on November 14, when it was released to the printer and made available for download from Weinland's website the-end.com. Even though it was well after the fall of 2006, that hardly constitutes "distribution in full swing". And even though it's longer than 2 years after the delayed publication, we are not "plunged" into the worst time of all human history -- despite the difficult economic times, it's far from the worst it has ever been.

And Weinland made this ironic statement.
I’m so tickled that we have a very short work to do. Because they can’t come after us like they did Mr. Armstrong. They don’t even have time to get organized. Because they started lambasting him and the Worldwide Church of God as being a cult. And the government of California gave him a hard time, gave the church a hard time. They were stirred up in spirit, in a wrong spirit. We aren’t going to be around that long, to worry about all that. They don’t have time to even come after us. They’re going to be preoccupied with other things. Thank God. You’re going to come to understand that far more deeply as we go through some of this. You truly will."

Ronnie boy, not only have you had many critics (none of whom are deceased despite your death curses) but the government is coming after you in a more intense fashion than it did HWA. HWA had the luxury of fleeing a California subpoena a short plane ride away to a neighboring state. You, on the other hand, are facing the wrath of the IRS. And I suspect that you closed down your Swiss bank accounts after your attorney told you that you couldn't avoid extradition. Does anyone understand anything "far more deeply"?


Whisper said...

"How much more specific can one be to show that he is either of God, and indeed His prophet, or someone who has clearly stepped over the line to be dealt with by God in a speedy manner. Time will tell! And, you don’t have long to wait!"

Bless ol Ron, he was right, we didn't have long to wait.
But I rather guess that the word "speedy" has a differnet definition in Rons vocabulary than the English Dictionary (any one, pick one). For the "speedy" death of some (ay Mike?) did not exactly happen per the dictionaries definition of the word either.
Go figure?

Mel said...

This is not a message meant to be posted.
I'm glad you have done such good work on this, and I read and noticed a couple things at
"Ronald Weinland's False Prophecies"

it says:

Fifth Thunder: Death in 3 phases:
1. The early deaths of 5 specific ministers,
followed by the deaths of all other ministers in completing splinters of WCG
Maybe "completing" should be "competing"
And, under...
"Ronald Weinland's Theology"

it says:

"This ultimate doctrine derives from Herbert Armstrong, who changed Pentecost observance from Monday to Sunday."

Didn't Herbie change it from Sunday to Monday?


Just trying to help.

J said...

No, HWA changed Pentecost from Monday to Sunday.


Thanks for the investigative journalism, Mike.

I love reading about all the stupid stuff RW said in the past which then comes back to bite him today.

Last time I saw his site, he had everything on there, including the radio interviews where he gave his big "If by Pentecost" declaration, so I'm surprised that he has removed some of his own things after all. Self-censorship, that says it all. He knows he has lies to cover up.

Dill Weed said...

Inconvienent truths.

Dill Weed

Anonymous said...

"No, HWA changed Pentecost from Monday to Sunday."

Yup. Concur with J, although I never knew that: As far as we were concerned (post-1975), it had always been Sunday.

Now, that's not to say one of the old-timers didn't slip in a "when gawd revealed new truth to Herbie" at any point, they very well could have; it just would have flown right over my head, at that point.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Thanks for the updates, Mel. I can also be contacted via email. My address is on the picture of the mailbox in the right-hand column on the blog.

Whisper: Were I to live another 100 years, Ron would define that as "speedy" in the context of 6000 years of human history. Don't know how he'd explain it away if I got hit by a bus (I'm supposed to die from the inside).

And when I attended, Pentecost was always on Monday. Yeah, I know -- dating myself.

Mel said...

I guess I'm dating myself, too, on that one!

BTW, I found your piece to be an excellent overview of Weinland and his lack of integrity.


Frank said...

Don't know how he'd explain it away if I got hit by a bus (I'm supposed to die from the inside).

Well I guess that would be a case of internal bleeding as a result of an external trauma.

Anyway, I've been reading you since months now (I'm from Italy, btw) and just wanted to say good job Mike.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Mel, Frank:

Thanks for the good word.

Just curious. How did you become interested in False Prophet Ronald Weinland?

Whsper said...

...as an aside I still must be preceiveing this whole 4th economical thunder all wrong because the stock market just keeps steadily climbing thereby continually turning down the volume of Rons thunder... the job market is still depressing though. Where is the economic meltdown promised by Ron? Meltdown is a word with rather large conotations... like economic disaster, economic ship going under, massive inflation, jobless rates hitting 50%, food riots, anarchy in the streets... where is all this turmoil? Is it possible that Ron could que us into the specifics without the "it's happening spiritually" response?

On that note where has the 1st trumpet gone? Where is the 1/3 grass & trees destroyed? Why is America still here, in still good condition mind you, and why do we have a President?

Did I a-read incorrectly from Ron's book? Has my mastery of the English language, as written, deteriorated so much that I can not even read a book and get it even close to right?

Ron? Mind helping us out here?

Dill Weed said...


If you could get Ron to answer, he'd just gruffly refer you to the FAQ on his website. (Referal to the website is consider 'ministry')

Or..., you could catch a humorous sumary of his weekly sermons at my site Ronald Weinland - The Prophet Who Failed (kindly linked by Mike)

To catch you up...

Ron announced the 1st Trumpet blast occurred Dec 14th 2008 (since no one else could hear it but him {He's had a couple of false starts with the 1st Trumpet btw}) and Ron explained the burnt up trees and grass were... drum roll.... spiritual.

Dill Weed

Whisper said...


Oh man there goes my spiritual grass & trees... nuts!
what am I going to spiritually shade myself with from the spiritual sun or walk upon with my spiritual feet? Just when ya get a nice spiritual lawn going after much hard work, poof and its gone.
Oh well, what can you do? I'll order in some spiritual sod this weekend and get my spiritual irrigation system a-runnin again to spiritually water my new spiritual grass...

Ok, so the 1st trumpet is spiritual, shall the next one be as well? Maybe they all are spiritual including the end-game in 2012. That would rather serve ol Ron in that no one could prove him wrong on any of his statements like "There shall be no new president.... spiritually that is".
But when 2012 comes and goes what does Ron tell his Sheeples? That they successfully spiritually transitioned the Apocolypse and everyone else they see is but a dead soul with a body walking around doing, well body things... but the soul is quite dead or sound asleep...

How much can a sheeple swallow and still stay sane?

Dill Weed said...

I think Ron's sanity is definitely in question. And, I mean aside from his statement that 'he would be an insane liar if by Pentecost statement.'

Delusions, even powerful ones, can break down with repeated contradiction by reality.

Cons become impossible to maintain when the con man can't bring himself to keep up the facade anymore.

I believe that that point is coming for Ron.... a breaking point... and that it will be pretty spectacular when it arrives.

Dill Weed

Frank said...

Just curious. How did you become interested in False Prophet Ronald Weinland?

One year ago or little more I happened to stumble on this site: http://www.religioustolerance.org/end_wrld.htm (I won't hide that my interest on the subject was due to severe depression) I guess Weinland's case caught my attention mainly because of the freely donwloadable book.
I made some research on the man and his church and so I came to know Don't Drink the Flavor Aid, as well as Weinland Watch and The Weinland Witness.
Since I think you guys are doing a purposeful work I then kept checking you out and I guess I'll keep doing it, at least since Pentecost 2012.

Dill Weed said...

I found Ron's website online while doing some research, downloaded his books because they seemed interesting... until I saw that he claimed to be a prophet and one of the Two Witnesses of Revelation... My biggest regret was printing out one of his books... I still rue the waste of paper. So.. I've been paying him back ever since.

h, and I found Mike's blog and left long comments.... then Mike suggest a blog of my own... since I had somethings ;-) to work out. (Heh,heh,heh)

Dill Weed

Richard said...

So RW asked God for the 7 thunders to come.

It appears God said no -- so why hasn't RW accepted that answer?

At the risk of being tossed: did he "ask and receive not, because ye asked amiss"? As James 4:3 says?

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Looks like I have a number of good comments to catch up on.

Richard: No problem. I'm OK with a brief statement, so long as it doesn't turn into a sermon. But I imagine Ron would find another scripture to counter yours, or just blather around it.

Frank & Dill Weed: Glad you guys checked into RW a bit further before swallowing what he had. There are too many who buy into it without any research.

Whisper: RW has pointed out that money is green, so that's sort of like green vegetation. Never mind all the other countries whose currency is not green.

Anonymous said...

"Ron announced the 1st Trumpet blast occurred Dec 14th 2008 (since no one else could hear it but him {He's had a couple of false starts with the 1st Trumpet btw}) and Ron explained the burnt up trees and grass were... drum roll.... spiritual."

He said the same thing on March 22, 2008, shortly before April 17, 2008 failed to pan out as the FIRST start of "the Great Tribulation".

Of course, the start of the second timeline was just as quiet as the first one.....